Auction House Server Database: The Undermine Journal

The Undermine Journal, have you heard of it? If not, I suggest you start using this awesome website right now. It's made me thousands upon thousands of gold in a matter of minutes.

What the site is, is basically a mobile Auction House. You can see the prices of items during the past two weeks, It will show you the prices of items on other servers, and it will even show you how often and at what time certain items are posted. This is an excellent resource that should be used daily, by everyone. Seeing that it's free, there is no reason not to be using this tool.

One of the best things about the site is that you're able to log in, and put notifications on items, so when they pop up at the Auction House, you get e-mailed instantly. This is an excellent way to watch out for those rare recipes. So far, I've been able to snag 20+ rare recipes all for under 500g total. Schematic: Arcane Bomb, Schematic Lifelike Mechanical Toad, Enchant Chest: Greater Stats, are some to name a few.

I will show you how to properly set up notifications so you can receive e-mail alerts.

The Process

Not many people notice the top left hand corner of the website, you can create an account here. You can sign in with many different accounts, from Gmail, Twitter, Blogger, Facebook, and many more. Create an account and input your e-mail and have it verified. The whole process takes under 2 minutes.

Once you're signed up, find your server. Please do note that at the current time not all realms are supported and there is only support for the US, no EU support. Once you've found your server and faction you're ready to start setting up notifications. Type in the name of some rare patterns into the search box, and scroll down about half way down the page, you'll see Market Notifications for [Name], such as the image below.

 Set the cheapest cost to buy to 1. The price is under is a personal opinion, I normally set a 5000g, or 10,000g limit. You can set it to 100,000g if you'd like, this way you can track the specified item every time it's posted at the Auction house. You can also scroll down a little further and see what the price of an item is on another realm. After you've set everything up, hit the create button.

After you've set your notifications, you will get an e-mail alert every time an item is posted below your threshold. The e-mail looks like the image below, it tells you how many are posted, and at what price.
If you have the mobile auction house, you can set this up and basically snatch up rare recipes almost 24 hours a day. It's a very handy tool to have, I suggest you go sign up and start using it today.

But that's not all!
It sounds like an infomercial, I know, sorry. But seriously, that's not all the site can be used for. You can also have the site scan through your professions and tell you what items are best to craft, which items are going to yield you the best profit. This is especially useful on professions such as Enchanting, Blacksmithing, Leatherworking and such. If you're a gatherer, you can see which herbs are yielding the best gold, this way you know what herbs or ores to go out and farm.

You can even track the top sellers on your realm, see what they're posting and at what times. This is simply amazing, you can basically monitor your competition 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without even being online! 

Please do keep in mind that the prices that The Undermine Journal can sometimes be wrong. There are sometimes outliers that make the value some items incorrect. This isn't a sure-fire way to check prices on items, but rather compare them to what other people on other servers have them posted on.

By not using this excellent resource, you're only gimping yourself of those thousands upon thousands of gold, so what are you waiting for!?

18 comments: on "Auction House Server Database: The Undermine Journal"

  1. Sad this gets posted right as the site is pretty much breaking and becoming unreliable due to the changes. :(

  2. Too bad there isnt a eurpean version of it :(
    Or maybe you know a similiar site für us europeans?

  3. Except that since the changes to the Armory launched, UJ has pretty much been killed and is looking like it will have to shut down.

    Follow the latest on that at their blog:

  4. I have no desire for this on my server. I am just glad it isn't there. I have a number of niches that remain untouched and hope it stays that way

  5. Really nice site. But if you check their blog, you'll see that they're going to shut it down soon due to blizzard royally screwing up their xml feeds.

    BTW< that problem will probably also affect a lot of other sites we depend on....

  6. Fantastic, really gives me a scope on my competition.

  7. Except that it's closing down in a few days :(

  8. When i wrote about The Undermine Journal and Market Notifications in October it was working properly and WAS an excellent tool to use. Not anymore though.

    Now TUJ is not working anywhere near what it should be. The entire site is pretty unreliable and your going to be missing over 60% of your items.

    As TUJ posted on Dec 8th:
    "Since December 3rd, the Armory has been failing to return results during many of our scans across all realms. Depending on the time of day, only 40%-60% of our scans are completing, which is well below our previous rate of 98%. This delays Market Watch events and affects how our live and sold auctions appear, as well as making our historical data for the affected times a little more imprecise."

    The future of the site is up in the air.

  9. Ouch, guys try to support them, it's a great resource that should be used everyday, by blizzard removing XML from the feed, it screwed up the entire site.

    Let's seriously try to support them, how about making a thread on the forums about it?

  10. Post a link and I'll bump it- I've posted on the forums before, though, and got pretty much ignored.

  11. Nice article, Mageshadow. I'd be nice to see some more about the trouble the site has been having.

    Erorus has poured a lot into the site, and has been actively petitioning Blizzard for pointers and help as they transition from the XML feeds.

    We all stand to lose a valuable resource if Blizzard doesn't give the community some help.

  12. RIP TUJ.
    AWESOME idea. So much so was backed up by the owner's own cash. Good job guys.
    Nice little summary of top blogs as well.
    Great place to keep an eye on comp.
    Happy to support some bumpage, go for it magey.
    & btw, good idea to check relevancy of some of those old post idea's

  13. good



  14. The site is now closed as of a few minutes ago. so sad

  15. Sad news, the site no longer works as intended. Maybe put an UPDATE for this article? I thought I could still use TUJ until I just visited it.

  16. Just wanted to pay my respects. RIP Undermine Journal. We barely knew ye.

  17. As of february 2011, site is still running.
    Do not know why it's RIP'ed in this thread?

    Too bad no alternative for european servers is out there (or is it?).

  18. Site seems to be running fine now. Have been using it successfully for a couple days now. GREAT resource for your gold-making needs!

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