Bag Supply & Demand In Cataclysm

Literally can't keep up with the number of bags selling.  People who say this doesn't work are crazy and just don't believe you can get rich 6g at a time. On my server, I am still at this minute buying up netherweave at 3.80 a stack and selling them at 9.8~ each faster than I can get the cloth over to my tailor and back to my banker.  Same is going for frostweave bags as well.  Have been buying frostweave  at less than 8g a stack for past 6 weeks meaning bags were roughly 34g for me and have sold dozens today in the 70-80g range.  Even the cloth on the AH now at 10g a stack turns a nice profit.  Only thing not moving is the abyssals but I think I'll just cut them loose for 100g and take a slight loss to make sure I don't get stuck with them.

Guide member & big fan,

Excellent tip Brandon! I too have run out of stock, I had enough cloth for 800 bags and I'm completely dry, and so is everyone else. The market is empty as of right no on my server, there is 0 cloth and bags at the Auction house, so those who have stock will be making heaps upon heaps of gold!

As far as frostweave bags go, they too are completely dry, I tried to buy some for my worgen alt, and there were none. Start making these guys! You can make huge profits from them, buy those cheap abyss crystals and shatter them for dust if you have an enchanter.

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  1. Hell yeah. I've been waiting for this the whole time. I knew all goblins will throw most or all their stock in within fist week or so. Now i'm sitting on two full guild banks of nether bolts and one of imbued frost bolts... wrostweave bags are going for ~190g ea on my realm and netherweave bags for 17-20g. just on bags i'm making about 40k a day now and i tank all of you for drying the cloth market for me^^

  2. Now's the best time to be unloading your bag stockpile, as everybody who posted theirs right when Cata hits has now run out, and most of them are out exploring new content rather than worrying about making gold.

    You should check out the prices, too. On my server netherweave bags have gone from 10g pre-Cata to around 15g when Cata released to 30g now. I've been making a ton of gold with bags lately.

  3. I need a better server then.

    NWB are still hovvering around about 8g each, every time I look at the ah there are 50+ listed, I'm still sitting on enough mats to make about 1000 of them.

    Price has shifted from 7g pre cata to 8g rarely 9g now so not the best time for me to unload my stock yet.

  4. I had enough bolts of Netherweave cloth to make about 250 bags when Cataclysm dropped. I'd already unloaded about 75 when the patch with the new character/class combos was released. I'd made sure to only buy stacks of cloth under 4g in the months leading up to Cataclysm and I've yet to sell a bag for less than 15g since the xpac. Fantastic profit! Plus I keep checking the AH for stacks vs bag price. Usually I find a stack is about 8-10g cheaper than the bags so I've been crafting away merrily watching my gold rack up. :)

  5. I've managed to pull Netherweave Bag prices up to 30g each.

    For the first week, the AH was flooded with cheap bags below 8g. I bought out all of these whenever I remembered to do so, but they kept coming.

    Then I figured out one guy was the big player here and I posted 60 bags at a 5g wall. He bought them out instantly and relisted them at 8g.

    So then I bought out all the Netherweave Cloth up to 8g/stack. The next day his bags are up to 16g.

    Now, I've got hundreds of bags and hundreds more bolts, so I put up a couple hundred at 30g, and off they go! Out of 200 listed for 48 hour auction, nine came back in the mail. This despite my competitor lamely trying to sell at 16g, still.

  6. I see bags listed from 8g and up but I ignore that. I list about 100 of them at 12g and they all do sell. Usually the most on weekends which is no big surprise there but since the cost is roughly 4-5g for making 5 at a time, it's great. Only thing I wish Blizz would do is reduce the craft time.

  7. This was an excellent tip fielded about 2-3 months ago so I got to work buying up stacks of netherweave at my threshold of 6g per stack. By the time 4.0 came round I'd pretty much set myself up as the main buyer of netherweave until stack prices were hitting anything between 10g and 150g! I created over 1000 bags in preparation for Cata but started getting a foothold on the market. I found the sweet spot for pricing to be 14.52g, listing around 100 at a time. For a few weeks I was the sole supplier on my AH, but now someone else has started to muscle in. Thing is, I have more stock than anyone where I am so I can either keep buying cloth to run them dry (or make them farm when they have better things to do), undercut them with a scary wall or just sit it out for his 20 bags to sell while my 100 will sell in the same period. Thanks for this tip, it's been a steady source of gold for a couple of months now!

  8. This was one the best tips ive got. On my server i tried out a few to see what it would do. Auctioning only 20 bags at 15g per. They sold immediately. I then posted a wall of them, maybe a pages worth at 15g per and they all sold within a day or so. I had hard time posting more because i didnt have a tailorin alt :( Anyways I finally made more and auctioned a massive wall of 5 pages of bags at 18g per this time. They were gone within 2 days. I posted 3 more pages at 28g per now because i have no competition and they are going like hotcakes. I literally can't keep up. Thanks for the great tip.

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