Cataclysm Cooking Daily - Sell the Meats!

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Here we are, post shattering, pre-cataclysm. People are going nuts trying to find ways to exploit ways to get the new Cataclysm meats, fishes, ores, herbs, leathers and such, but I have a way that you can obtain Cataclysm meat before Cataclysm hits, no exploit required!

As many of you know, the cataclysm cooking dailies are out, and they can be done by anyone, even your level 10 alts ( It is level 10 )! You earn 1 cooking daily token per day, per toon. You can turn in two of the tokens in for a crate of tasty meat. At the current moment you can earn up to 5 crates of meat every 2 days per server. There are huge profits to be made here!

The dailies take 5 minutes to complete, some even take less, the gold per hour here is insane if you manage to sell the meat inside of the crates at inflated prices. So far I've personally made about a 900g profit from four crates of tasty meat over the course of a week, think about how much gold you'd be making if you got 5 crates every two days!

Where is the quest located?
The quest is located by the Stormwind stockades if you're alliance,while the horde quest is to your left as you enter "The Drag", in Orgrimmar. There are a number of different quests, Kaliope has made a wonderful post regarding some of the cooking dailies, it outlines some of them, and tells you what to do. The quests are rather simple to do and take little to no effort.

Go out there and do those dailies before Cataclysm hits! You've only got a couple days!

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  1. You might want to check the forums before you do this! there is people out there getting the meat removed and 24hour bans simply because they are not able to tell if you got it by exploiting a zone or from the daily. Granted after talking to blizzard you could reverse this but is it really worth the hassle?

    BTW Great job Mageshadow on taking over and running with the new articles! I enjoyed yesterday article immensely!

  2. Awesome tip, will have to see how this plays out on my server.

    By the way, anyone looking to do the dailies with their bank alt as well, you have to be at least level 10 to access them.

  3. You cannot do this quest unless you are at least level 10 and have obtained the cooking skill (1 will suffice).

    There is at least one quest that nets 2 awards, so if you're lucky you can get up to 10 Crates of Tasty Meat a day (that would be 10 characters, obviously).

    Anyway, since many people are doing these quests, it is often annoying if you do not own a mount (or even a slow one), which is why I recommend doing them with level 40+ characters if possible.

    Also, being a herbalist will help with 2 of these quests (apple cider, Alliance and prickly pear fruit, horde).

  4. The cooking dailies (alliance at least) have a level requirement of 10, I just tried it.


  5. Hehe, I posted about this exact thing this morning! I was doing my cooking daily shortly after the dailies reset, and realized the fortune to be made from the meats! I was thinking it could also be really profitable if you added the meat to your snatch list and were lucky enough to catch some of them posted by people who don't realize what they are used for. The types of meat from the crates are Basilisk “Liver”, Snake Eye, Dragon Flank, Delicate Wing, Crocolisk Tail, Blood Shrimp, Toughened Flesh, Monstrous Claw, and Giant Turtle Tongue, if anyone wants to keep an eye out for them!

  6. Dammit!
    I wasted my first 10 tokens buying new recipes that I can't use anyway because my mage is not 80 yet.
    Thanks for the heads up.

  7. @Subsailor
    No, people got banned because they were FISHING in cataclysm waters before cata came out which is a big no-no. I have not seen a post where people got banned or had their meat removed from doing the daily (unless you show me one).
    Why else would they make crates of mystery meat available to player now knowing that players may want to buy them? Please get your facts straight before you fear monger

  8. Great Tip, I already have some meats in my inventory. I am going to put my level 21 bank alt to work making money.

  9. Thanks for helping me get my blog started mage, so glad im able to message you in game lol. i had seen a lot of ppl on our server buying these things.. good thing i was working on them every day :)

  10. How much would the Blood Shrimp make?

  11. Your alt has to have a certain level in Cooking already, too. It's not available at 1 Cooking.

  12. To the Anom that posted at 8:49

    You can do this at level 10 and 1 cooking skill. For a while I was making a toon, getting it to 10, training cooking and doing the daily. If you do this and delete the toon on the second day, that one character slot does the daily twice.

  13. It is indeed available at 1 cooking. It's not available below level 10.

  14. you only need to learn cooking 1 to get the quest ... tried it on my lvl 20 banker alt

  15. I posted about this a few days ago as well, heh. Personally, I've been saving the meat I get from doing the dailies on two alts, and buying recipes with my main -- I'd rather have the cooking skillups than the gold.

    Gold is a means to an end -- sure, I could sell the meat, but then I'd end up needing to fish for my cooking skillups, which is not exactly something I want to be doing the first week or so of the new expansion. :]

  16. Another thing: these dailies are also an excellent thing to do for people who'd like to get started cross-faction trading and need some gold to get started. Sure you can just put a grey item up for a ridiculous amount on the neutral AH and buy it out, but why pay the AH tax?

  17. Heh, I posted about this on Friday.

    To whoever said to be careful because someone is getting banned . . . that's bizzare; I've been doing it on 13 characters since the day they came out. (Have made about 10k off the meat. :D) I haven't had any trouble from GMs or people reporting me.

    Also, your math's a bit wrong, Mageshadow. Both factions have a twofer; Alliance have Feeling Crabby and Horde have Everything Is Better with Bacon. (Ally get crabs, Horde get tasty, tasty bacon. I can see a bias.) These are each worth 2 tokens each, and considering you have a 1 in 4 chance of getting it, it's a good bet you'll get more than 7 tokens a week per character.

    Each player who's buying these meats for these prices is probably going for server first 525 cook. Some will indiscriminately buy all new meat (not many) but most will buy a recipe or two on their main and only buy the meat for that recipe in order to be able to focus on one or two meats. Watch who's buying yours and once you know who it is you can make a deal. I have deals with four different characters on my realm; they pay me extra per meat but in exchange they are guaranteed all that I get (and I get a lot of each kind, usually) and it never hits the market so it's kept out of competition's hands. They like this because it supplies them and deprives the competition; I like this because I often charge them ridiculous prices. :P

  18. Thanks for the heads up. I had been doing these since 4.0 came out and I had 10 tokens saved on 2 toons (20 tokens) so i made about 3k. Woot.

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