Cataclysm Farming Spots Nerfed

Several key cataclysm farming spots have been severely nerfed, all of which have been talked about on this site (sometimes the day of the nerf!).

  • Volatile Fire Lava Pools in Hyjal
  • Bats in Deepholm
  • Crazed Engineers in Uldum

These were all sensational farming spots until they were nerfed, and you can bet your ebonsteel belt loops that blizzard will continue to nerf any farming spots that yield more than average results per hour.

How can you possibly make gold in an environment where farming is frowned upon? Perhaps now is the time to turn to the auction house...

Every single person reading this post has their own view point, their own playstyle and most importantly, their own gold making problems. The single most important failure of gold guides out there is that they do not understand this. They believe that writing a guide which solves the most generic and frequently occurring problems which auctioneers face will be successful. What's worse, they assume that your problems must be those of the generic and frequently seen kind.

Perhaps you have been upset with your inability to make gold. Maybe you are super frustrated as well. Case in point: I recently had an ongoing discussion with a buyer of 20k Leveling who was having a lot of trouble figuring out how to put the strategies within it to work. He mentioned that he didn't feel "smart enough" to apply the content of the guide but when I showed him some of the easier and surefire methods for making gold he said that he was beyond them. What he needed was a very unique solution for his particular problem. After some prodding I began to realize that his problem was a fear of using addons to make gold. I couldn't teach him to use them because of this fear, and he wanted a way to make gold without them and without farming. Due to this player's unique situation I decided to start developing a baby steps chapter for the guide, which will go into showing you how to make gold with very simple methods that slowly ramp up to the bigger stuff. I thought that I had already done this but apparently the step up from the earlier sections of auctioneering to the "Identify, Diversify and Automate" chapter was too big for some. By making a chapter which looks more like a series of homework assignments, I think that I can get those too timid to try the strategies some much needed help.

I was also recently asked for a spreadsheet of all profession crafted items and materials... so I spent 5 hours putting one together. You'll find it in chapter 9 - page 5 of the guide and it is down-loadable and I will be updating it frequently throughout cataclysm. Just enter the market value of the materials and the rest is done for you!

Unlike any other guide writer out there, I understand that your gold making quandary is unique. Yes I try to solve the most generic issues that every auctioneer has to face, but I also recognize the fact that you will need your own personal solution(s). Sometimes you can come up with this on your own thanks to the detailed concepts in the cataclysm gold guide, but every once in a while you will be that one unique snowflake who needs a new angle on the same problems that others have solved using the gold guide. That's the difference which 20k Leveling brings that no other guide comes close to providing.

Do you find that you are struggling to understand the concepts for auctioneering? What are you struggling with or did you struggle with at one point?

PS: Are you interested in selling 20kleveling? Even if you don't have a blog or website, you can make money spreading the word about 20kleveling and helping other auctioneers learn to play the ah with my guide's help. You can learn more at the affiliate area of 20kleveling.

4 comments: on "Cataclysm Farming Spots Nerfed"

  1. I am loving your guide and would highly recommend it. Your material has helped me to increase my gold making abilities substantially over the last few weeks.

    I am really excited about your spreadsheet that you referenced in this post. I downloaded it from the link but cannot seem to get it to open in excel. Am I doing something wrong?


    Zywrath - Mal'Ganis

  2. The volatile fire can still be farmed about every 6-10 minutes. This is especially easy if you have mining and no one is camping the pools--fish them, then mine around Hyjal and get some obsidium. By the time I make one pass, I almost always come back to some new pools for me to fish.

    On a side note, I am a JC and I was wondering what patterns do you think I should focus on my daily getting to make the most profit come a week or two?


    P.S. Really really considering buying your guide. I've heard good things, and I'm loving the site.

  3. Some people had to change the .zip to .xlxs

    Depends on how your pc downloaded it. Also, you need to move the file out of downloads and open with excel 2003 or higher

  4. Love the blog and all the great information....and this spreadsheet of yours sounds like something i've been working on as well (taking a vba angle on the project). Kinda wish "Wow sales report" still worked so i could automate the whole market price input instead of manually inputing several market prices daily.

    Any suggestions on a replacement for the old sales report?

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