Cataclysm Gathering Professions Will Make You Thousands

Many people don’t know this but, during the first few weeks of a new expansion the new ores and herbs go for insane prices, especially when you have people going or trying to get that Realm First! Feat of Strength.

A gathering profession can make you thousands upon thousands of gold, especially if you are one of the first people to get those materials out on the market. We can compare the stats from the previous expansion, and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about….

Why Gather?? I want to Level!

There are many great things about gathering before leveling, the main one being gold. You will be bringing in piles upon piles of gold if you choose to gather for the first couple hours of Cataclysms release. When Wrath of the Lich King was released, Cobalt Ore was going for 300g/stack on my server and when Saronite ore first hit the markets, I saw the prices rise to 600g/stack and then slowly but surely drop in price. The prices dropped as more and more people leveled and had access to the ore. The people who posted the first stacks of Saronite ore, were making thousands of gold per hour. The trick here is, that you have to be one of the first to post the new ores and herbs and leather, that way you call the shots, you can name the price.

You’re going to be targeting a specific audience during the first couple hours, the people going for the Realm Firsts, and trust me, they’re willing to pay anything to obtain them, they have the gold, it’s just a matter of who will be supplying the materials. After the first couple hours, you will be targeting the main audience, prices won't be nearly as high, but they will still sell fairly well, I can easily see stacks of herbs and ores going for 100g+.

During the first couple hours of Cataclysms release, I will be on my shaman gathering herbs and mining nodes. Cataclysm can wait, Leveling can wait, that’s not going anywhere, this opportunity will only happen once, and that is precisely why I will be gathering instead of leveling.

You only have one shot to sell the ores and herbs of Cataclysm at insane prices, after that, the chance will be completely gone. This is your opportunity to become that millionaire that you’ve been dreaming, by simply going out and gathering!

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  1. How is the whole not being able to get to all the recipes until 84 thing going to effect the mat prices? What professions can be leveled to max without them opening day of Cataclysm?

  2. So far I've really liked your posts. However this one seems just too obvious and previously discussed. maybe it's just me but I think this is already known by at least 95% of your readers.

  3. Why Gather?? I want to Level!

    Don't forget you'll still be earning experience while you're gathering with the changes Blizzard made for Cataclysm ;)

  4. This is exactly what I plan on doing right out of the gate. As a side note has anyone notice the profession bags that are being sold in stormwind and I would presume Ironforge as well? They go for 20-37g and are 20 slot.Example("Carriage - Going Green" Herb Tote Bag) They are also BOE and I have not seen this being sold but am wondering if it is indeed worth trying to sell these for a profit, no one in my guild knew about them, so, I will presume not many people do. your thoughts?

  5. Just a reminder- the vendor price for a stack of ore could be as high as 60g, so I assume the actual prices will be much MUCH higher than we're all expecting.

  6. I used to be one of those people that always had less than 6kg and never less than 1kg. But ever since i started following your tips and strategies ive been doing quite well. I'll be ming ad herb gathering as well for the first few hours. I'm going to mine until i need to sleep, making trips to the auction house about every hour.

    Here are mining maps for Mount Hyjal, and Twilight Highlands.

    Mount Hijal Mining Map

    Twilight Highlands Mining Map

  7. woops. Credit on those images goes to

  8. Are you sure it's just the first few hours? It makes sense if you're talking about the "realm first" people. I mean they would do their thing during the first few hours.

    That's assuming the servers can stay up / be stable.

    In that case I'm screwed because I won't be able to play during the first hours. Unless I don't sleep at all on Tue/Wed night but that would suck because I have to go to work the next day :(

    Markco, from your experience, assuming that prices will be, say, @ 600G / stack during the first few hours, how low do you think they'll go after 1-2 days? Will it still be worth farming after the first couple of days?

    I was planning on farming the whole first week but now I'm hoping it will be worth it. I don't know what to expect because I've never farmed at the launch of a new expansion before.

    One thing that would be great if you could address it is how do you think the extensive phasing of various zones will affect farming.

  9. One thing to keep in mind:
    You've got a ton of competition.

    First: the people trying to get realm first at whatever profession be it mining of its derivatives. And any realm first wanna be raiding guild for that matter wanting crafted gear.
    Second: the people levelling to 85 through who happen to be lucky and get a node.
    Third: people such as yourselves, realizing theres profit and spend the first few days farming.

    Of course this is all further excacerbated by higher population realms. I'm not trying to be discouraging just being realistic. I would ask you to rethink if it would be worth competing with 10 other people for that one node over other forms of gameplay.

  10. A lot of people have been talking about going to Ice Crown / Storm Peaks for the 1st hour or so to get some easy skill ups on Saronite and Titanium Nodes and thus get access to higher level ore faster without as much competition.

    So you think this will still make as much money as the people who go right for the new zones from the time the servers go up?



  11. I plan on mining on my second account while levelling my main on my primary account. My biggest dilemma is deciding whether to level my miner to 82 in order to have free reign in Deepholm or to just scoot to Twilight Highlands after hitting 470 mining, at risk of having my face planted into the ground by mobs that are too close to nodes, as well as competing against dozens of other denizens on my realm with the exact same goal (mining for early profit, not being killed by high level mobs).

  12. My PVP warrior will be enjoying mining from 3am (i'm east coast) until i have to work at 8am...

    And i'm gonna be pwning all alliance that come near my nodes... lol

  13. Worked great for me. I leveled to 465 in Icecrown on Saronite nodes, then went to Hyjal and leveled to 475. The zone was pretty over run, so I flew to Uldum and there was NO ONE there. I leveled from 475-525 there. Whole proces took a little less than two hours total.

    Before I went to bed I posted the ore at what I thought were ridiculous prices (800g for a stack of Obsidium, 450g for a stack of Elementium, green and blue gems between 200-500g, etc.) and thought it was just wishful thinking. I woke up this morning and it ALL sold except for one green gem and a few five-stacks of Pyrite. Made me over 9k gold. I'm a happy camper :)

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