Cataclysm Gold Making For All Skill Levels

The past few years have been a wonderfully rewarding experience as I've worked tirelessly on more projects related to this site than I can count. I've spoken with so many of you and had the opportunity to answer thousands of questions you've all been willing to ask me over twitter, facebook, youtube, JMTC, the forums, podcast comments or just plain email. Over time I have compiled my solutions to all your gold making problems into the extensive 20k Leveling gold guide. It's probably the only guide on the market that can truly claim to be written by an expert in the field. I mean really, who else out there among guide writers can claim to have maintained the attention of thousands upon thousands of auctioneers through blogging and other social media activities? It's one thing to claim you're the best, it's another to live it and actually improve people's game play experience on a daily basis.

I'm getting the word out right now that tomorrow Cataclysm will be released and not surprisingly the price for the 20kleveling gold guide is going to shift from $37 ($33 with the promo code JMTC) to $47. Considering the fact that all updates are free and have been throughout WOTLK, this is a small price to pay for the incredible information value that just keeps building upon itself for this guide throughout cataclysm and beyond.

I don't want to take up any more of your valuable time. If you do want to try out my guide well then right now is the time to buy before the price goes up. I've been warning about this price increase for some time and many of you made the choice to buy already, but for those of you who haven't yet I'd like to give you this one last opportunity for a cheaper guide.

If you are already a gold guide owner and would like to see additions in any area of the guide all you have to do is email me and I'll have it added pronto.

If you are a blogger or writer and would like to promote 20kleveling then all you have to do is go to the affiliate area to learn more. Feel free to email me with questions should you have any.

Good luck and have fun in cataclysm everyone!

PS: If you are convinced that this guide is a scam or some kind of marketing trick, I implore you to read through the testimonials written by real people who are probably reading this post with you as well. Also look through the forums or any other site I run here and see the impact I've had on real players. The silent support of so many thousands of readers should speak volumes to the quality of the content provided by both this site and

10 comments: on "Cataclysm Gold Making For All Skill Levels"

  1. Definitely not a scam and looking forward to reading more about ways to make gold in cata! I started back up this Summer and have always played with very little gold to my name and in prep for cata figured I better learn how. I am sitting at about 4 full guild banks full of stuff stocked up on and 60k+ gold in the bank and read your blog every day!
    Keep up the good work!

  2. I´ve got a question, im from Germany btw - so if i buy ur Guide, how i get it? As an download, a package with a CD or what?
    Seems to be not clear at ur explanations.

    Would be happy about an answer.


  3. @german guy.

    i bought the guide a while ago, its great. not sure about a downloadable one as ive never really looked into it or needed/wanted one, however the way it works (for me at least) is you create a username and password, and just log onto the site, and its all there :) different sections, ategories, easy browsing and strats ad stuff, its all there dude :)

  4. Markco - If I buy your gold guide, do I get access to the premium members section of the justmytwocopper site? Or would I need to purchase that as well?

  5. I would like to buy this at the $33 price, but dont see a place to add the JMTC code for the discount, help me out here please,


  6. The guide is a login based system. Create your info and login, allowing you access to the newest version instantly.

    The jmtc premium forums are considered a separate purchase.

    Look for a little input box beneath the first purchase form that says code next to it.

    Hope that helps guys!

  7. Okay, I really want to buy this guide, on the bank site where they request cc information, there is no box for code except for the credit card code unless I am completely blind, thanks for your help


  8. I don't see a way to donate to the site so I just bought your guide.
    Thanks to the tips on this site that you guys offer for free I managed to break 500k before Cataclysm :)

  9. Michele: I've outlined key places for buying the guide at $33:

  10. Does the Payment-method European Direct Debit(ELV) means paying withouth TAN/PIN? I dont got access to mine at the moment.

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