Cataclysm Volatile Farming Guide

Cataclysm is here, and so are the new "eternals". People have been asking, what are the best spots to farm Volatiles? If you don't have a gathering profession such as mining or herbalism, you're going to need ways to obtain volatiles without dropping huge amounts of gold at the auction house, I have found some of the best cataclysm volatile farming spots.

Volatile Fire
Volatile Fire Farming Spot

I have found this to be the best spot to farm Volatile Fire, there are pools of fire that can be fished here, as well as level 80-81 elite elementals that also drop volatile fire. You could also go visit Twilight Highlands, around the bastion twilight, there are mobs that drop volatile fire, and there are also a couple pools of fire that can be fished. 
Volatile Earth
Volatile Earth Farming Spot
Here you will be farming Volatile Earth, you will be killing elementals named Scalding Rock Elementals. They have a decent drop rate of Volatile Earth and another plus is that they're not spread too far apart. The respawn rate is fairly quick as well. These mobs are needed for a quest, so you might have a little competition while farming volatiles here. You can also farm volatile earth at The Black Breach located in Twilight Highlands.
Volatile Water
Volatile Water Farming Spot
You will be killing Muddied Water Elementals here. They have a good chance to drop volatile waters, if you're a gatherer, there are also a couple elementium nodes to snag while you're farming them. The mobs are tightly packed in one small area and spawn fairly quickly. These mobs are needed for a quest, so you might have a little competition while farming volatiles here.
Volatile Air
This is by far one of the hardest volatile in game to obtain, and it's price tag shows it. The best spot I have found is in uldum, killing Scion of Al'Kir. They seem to have the best drop rate for Volatile Air, they're fairly spread out, but I found very easy to kill at 85. These mobs are needed for a quest, so you might have a little competition while farming volatiles here.

Volatile Life
Sadly, these are only obtained from herbalism. You could use potions of treasure finding to obtain some, but it will be a pain if you need large amounts of these and you do not have herbalism.

Alchemy Living Elements Transmute
 This is an excellent way to obtain volatiles. It does requires 15 volatile life, but you can turn that into any other volatile. Volatile life normally goes for 10-15g each on my server, while volatile air goes for 45-55g each. It's an easy and surefire way to obtain 14-16 of any volatile without going out and farming for a while. If you don't have an alchemist, try tipping someone 50g for them to use their transmute.

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  1. Curse you Mageshadow, I was quite happy being the only one on my server who farmed the throne of flame in Hyjal.

  2. I have been farming the fishing spot for the Fire for quite some time, however I wasn't aware of the Air spot, I will be enjoying that next time I log in... =)

    As always, love the posts, love the content, and thanks for putting on the IRC on Friday, for a first timer, It was quite interesting to say the least!

    ALTOs Gold"ish" Advise- The Worst WoW Blog Ever!

  3. The alchemist transmute is random unless it's done in a Cataclysm zone, so if you need one kind in particular from them, then you want to be sure to go to the zone that guarantees that type.

    All of my transmute procs have resulted in 14-15 of another type of volatile in addition to the one specified by the zone. I'm not sure whether it can proc more of the same volatile or not, though I would assume that it could.

  4. This is a great post mage,

    I would possibly consider adding in the locations where the the living elements transmute should be done to obtain the different types of volatiles.

  5. Volatile Life prices on my server are even lower than what you quoted (~5-6g per), probably because everyone is out frantically gathering herbs. If you want to be sure about getting Volatile Air with your transmute, go to Uldum to do it.

    Volatile Water seems to be an occasional Fishing catch like Crystallized Water was in Northrend. I'm not 100% sure if you need to fish in a pool to get them, but there are several places where you can usually find uncontested fishing pools (the waterfall pools between Mount Hyjal and Azshara are good for this).

  6. I thought they patched it so you can't fish in the pools of fire for Volatiles.

  7. In addition to the volatile air spot:
    I've found 3 spawns to be respawning rather quickly.
    You can basically stand in the center spot if you are ranged dps and you can keep on killing without moving a lot. Added the spawnpoints on the screenshot below.

  8. Another great place for volatile fires is in Twilight Highland. There's a small pool of lava in western part the zone with an island - a big fire elemental spawns on the island that you have to kill for a quest, I can't remember the mob's name. Anyway, 2-3 pools of lava spawn here. There are also fire mobs nearby that drop them, though the drop rate isn't great.

    All along the southern shoreline of Uldum are tons of pools of fathom eels. I fished them for an hour the other day to get eels for cooking the +90 agi/stam food, and fished up about 20 volatile waters while doing so. You can fish them up from from all schools, but if you want to work on fishing and cooking while also gathering volatile waters, this is a good place to do so as there are a ton of schools.

  9. Awsemogreeb, any farmer makes mental notes while questing or killing mobs, on most servers volatile air is the big moneymaker, so that's why you probably didn't have that much competition.
    The unfortunate part of these volatiles is that there realy aren't that many locations where you can find mobs that drop them (just thank your lucky stars he didn't post ALL of the locations)

  10. For completeness: fire, earth, and water drop every now and then from mineral nodes (just like lifes from herbs). Also, there is an engineering devices (can't remember the name) that adds air to the drop table when the engineer gathers a mineral or herb node (ie: the node has a chance to drop some volatile air in addition to the standard drops).

  11. Thanks a lot for the very informative post!

    I would however like to comment on the fact that herbalism is not the only way to obtain Volatile Life. As a skinner you have a chance to skin Strange Bloated Stomach from any skinnable mob in the post-80 zones, which contains either of the volatiles, including Volatile Life.

  12. I'd keep away from volatile earth for the time being. Recent hotfix amongst other things allows prospecting pyrite ore now at 500 not 525.

    On my server prices for volatile earth plummeted almost overnight from ~30g to around 10g.

  13. Very informative article. Has helped my income and profession leveling greatly. Thank you.

    P.S..... FOR THE HORDE!

  14. Great post, I will definately be checking out the area to farm volatile air. For people looking for places to farm volatile life, I fly up and down the river in ulduman (85-area west of tanaris in case I got the name wrong). I can usually get about 100-150 volatile life in an hour. The auction house price differs depending on your realm. My working plan: I found the richest person on my realm who (luckily) needed volatiles at a constant rate, and I set up a set rate for volatiles with him. If you can get this deal to work for you, you might have to sell to them cheaper, but you will have a constant buyer of volatiles. Good luck to all. :)

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