Cataclysm Weapon Enchant - Agility 1H/2H

Blizzard has recently nerfed the way to acquire essence of air, and in turn, the couple enchants that use it have skyrocketed in price.

The drop rate has gone from a decent 20% chance to drop, to a extremely low 1.5-2%, people have killed 200+ mobs and have walked out with only two essence of airs, it's that bad. What does this mean? The pricing for these two enchants has now skyrocketed as the demand is there, but the supply isn't.

I suggest you pick up any cheap essence of air. I also suggest buying any enchants that drop under 200g, as later on when the supply dies down ( if it hasn't already ) you'll be able to sell these for nearly double their price that you bought the enchant at.

There is currently no alternative way to farm essence of airs, so this market is looking to stay nice and high. This allows price gouging to an extend, which can be good or bad depending on how you look at it. Personally, I have been selling them for about 495g per enchant, which is still fairly cheap.

If you're not an enchanter, you could also attempt to flip the essence of airs to enchanters. Before the nerf I was able to acquire them for 10g each and sometimes less, now I'm willing to pay 30-40 per essence of air. If you manage to pick up some for cheap, list them for 5-600% and see how it goes, most likely they'll sell.

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  1. This explains why is old all my Air's over night for a silly price !!

    There is 1 other way to get them and that is via an Alchemist who can transmute Life into 1 of the 4 others.

    Altho it doesn't say what it changes into until you do it a blue post was made explaining how the system works and if you stand in uldum to do the transmute you will happily walk away with Air's.

  2. @Elbulus
    Transmute: Living Elements is for Volatiles though, right? The Essences of Air Markco is talking about are for the BoA agi enchants, and there is no transmute for those afaik.

    Anyway, someone was flooding the market with these a while back, so I'm glad to say I've got about 200 of them stashed away for some serious price gouging.

  3. im currently taking a short break from WoW, i started my break right after this got nerfed but i noticed they got nerfed and turned the 50+ essences i had into agi enchants to stock up for cata because i saw the demand for the chants was going to skyrocket. Markco said that he was selling them for 495g after the nerf which was below what i was selling them for before the nerf so hopefully when i start up WoW again i can make bank.

  4. No sane alchemist will blow their transmute cooldown on old world stuff like that - it is shared with all other elemental transmutes.

    And it's a rare recipe from an obscure dungeon last time I checked too.

    Essence of air is good for precisely on thing, the twink/BoA agi enchant Mageshadow is on about here, and the market for that is, well, limited to say the least.

    It does sell well if you look at profit margin (or at least it did), but it doesn't sell that many, and I will be transmuting truegold or cata meta gems for the foreseeable future, that's where the cash is right now...

  5. My 5 x 450 Alchemists can transmute cata stuff ??? please tell me more !!!
    No way they all getting to 84 in the short term, so will certainly look into this.
    No airs, but have 50 waters in the bank. None available on the ah.
    Used to farm the airs quite a bit, but been too busy farming the ah instead these days.

  6. Thanks for an awesome tip. I sold up all the large brilliant shards and essence of airs that were on AH (about 5-20g each), made 5 scrolls of each enchant and posted them at 2500g (just to inflate the prices for a few days). Amazingly enough, I sold a few... Amazing profit... :)

  7. There is def a reader or jmtc member on Eitrigg. I checked ah for airs 2 mins after getting the email about this topic and they were all gone. just a couple hours later there were about 5 for 200g all by the same dude and 3 agi chants for 525g also by the same dude. yesterday i noticed he was getting undercut by 50g. personally id've waited to put them up a couple days while i continued to buy em up cheap. let people notice the shortage, THEN GOUGE! just me tho. he seems to have more play time and beat me to it. grats dude!

  8. I know its me :-)

    I realised something was wrong when the drops changed in the usual farming spot.

    Did a few searches, noticed others where complaining as well. Then went and bought everything ... EVERYTHING.

    I am sitting on over 100+ of them now and I am going to raise the price even more.

    If you thought the prices where high now I suspect the market will go much much higher then people start levelling toons.

    But I will take your advice and not post for a while and lets see what happens ;-)

  9. I have been to Silithus and farmed 8 Essences of Air (I needed 2 enchants for my lil'worgen huntard and there were none on the AH) in approx 30 mins, seems very good to me.

    Either I've been extremely lucky, its been fixed or you guys have been sucked into the mis-information.

    I'm tempted to go test again and would love to see someone else do the same.

    My recommendation, check it out yourself and see, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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