Cataclysm Wow First Level 85: 12/7/2010

Athene has achieved level 85 on a warlock and apparently is planning to release a video on how he did it. Having listened to the stream he posted on youtube I can tell you exactly how he did it:

Possibility #1:

A group, possibly 4-10 people, killed mobs  for athene after he tagged them (probably the pygmys that are close together and respawn super fast which I saw on a different video). That's it, 6 hours of pure grinding on mobs which only got easier as athene leveled and his dots ticked for more damage.

Possibility #2:

A group, possibly 2-4 people, healed athene while he killed mobs. Because he is a warlock, he could never run out of mana and thus he was both unkillable and incapable of running out of mana.

I expect that blizzard may create a nerf where healing has a similar detrement to XP gains as dps from another player on the mobs you have tagged, or they may simply ignore this because it has been a part of the game since vanilla and is not considered an exploit.

So what's the take away for gold makers from what athene did?

For starters, you only get one chance to be first in anything. Being first has some incredible gold making advantages and the window of opportunity will not remain open forever. Here are 5 ways you can make gold being first this expansion:

  1. Sell gatherer enchants.
  2. Farm up herbs/ore and sell them.
  3. Get to 84 and sell crafted goods.
  4. Farm fish and sell them.
  5. Sell netherweave bags (and learn from them too!).

You won't necessarily have to be the absolute first person to do these things on your server to make gold, but you definately want to be part of the first group to do so, especially during this weekend. If you are unable to do any of these 5 tips, then maybe you should consider flipping items posted by naive players who are unaware of the value new cataclysm items will hold in the market place for at least the next two weeks.

Tomorrow Mageshadow has some tips for Resale scans, so be sure to familiarize yourself with auctioneer's handy search feature and then you can take advantage of flipping all these underpriced new items this upcoming weekend.

Good luck and have fun!

I'm currently focusing my attention on the new gold guide for cataclysm, but I will on occasion still get a post on the blog for you guys and girls.

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  1. Markco,

    I just wanted to let you know that before reading your blog and purchasing your guide I was the epitome of awfulness when it came to WoW gold.

    I purchased your guide yesterday and read the auctioneer section even though I had been using auctioneer for months now. I took 132 gold, which is all I could scrape up between my 9 characters (did I mention I was awful at this?).

    Using the Vendor search I was able to increase that to 150 gold, which allowed me to buy 17 stacks of Netherweave Cloth to craft into Netherweave Bags and I sold them all overnight at 9 gold each.

    I also happened to find several stacks of BC ores on a Death Knight I had forgotten about and listed those as well and they sold for about 50 gold per stack.

    Long story short I turned 150 gold into 441 gold overnight. I know it's not that amazing but that is more than 100% profit in one night after buying the gold guide. I shudder to think of what might have happened if I had enough gold to flip some ores and enchanting mats too overnight for the alt rush.

  2. Best of luck to you as you move into the more advanced sections :D

  3. Agree... if you have gathering, and you're not using, you're losing...

    I went straight to 525 this morning (not a realm first though - booo) and made over 10k selling just stacks of ore, volatiles and gems...

    And i got to pwn some alliance farmers along the way (just to break the tedium lol)

    And, like Markco said, there will be another wave of buyers this weekend that can't play during the week...

    One thing i've seen though, hold onto volatile earths and volatile life if you have an alchemist... you can convert the life into other types of volatile, and the earths are used on the way to transmute up to true gold... I'm currently selling only 50% of each of the volatiles i farm up, slowly building a stockpile for my alchemist...

  4. Just to clarify:
    Athene is a paladin, not a warlock.
    Athene was the first to reach level 80 when WotLK came out, but he got disqualified as he used the "tag-mob-group-of-other-players-kill-it" inside dungeons, which wasnt allowed.
    Since Athene got disqualified, the first player to reach level 80 was a warlock called Nymh.
    From what I've heard Nyhm didnt use the tag-mob system, but he had a priest healing him all the way.

    And is it just me, or are volatiles much more common than eternals? Probably will be as this expansion has a lot to do with elementals :/ All volatiles down to 3g on my realm, except air which is 10g.

  5. I am always bemused by these people who go for the first status by using exploits. Does anyone outside their friends really care anyway.

    Personally I would like Blizzard to take the stance that if you get a high percent of help from others without being in a group you loose a chunk of xp and to do this a few days after they hit level 85.

    But as I said who really cares about levelling firsts anyway.

    I'm going to wait for the initial rush to pass and then level my characters through the content at a pace that means I can appreciate it.

    At least 18 months to a future expansion and I intend to enjoy all of that time.

    In the meantime my level 80s are doing dailies and gathering, I have another couple of characters that will hit the new zones at 80 as well asa planning to level 4 characters through the 1-85 quests.

    A lot of people are trying to rush their way to level cap. Are these the same people that are going to be complaining they are bored in 4-6 (or less) months?

  6. This was the first time I was subscribed to wow during an expansion so I was tempted to go for a server first. In the end i gave up those dreams in lieu of gathering. Leveled up an 80 dual gatherer druid just for it, and boy am I glad i did. 12 hours after launch i had made 40k. Now that herb, ore, and volatile prices are crashing i'm selling off my leftovers and switching focus to leveling my main through archeology. I have a pretty good plan to level to 85, max archeology, and make some good gold after it's all said and done. If you catch me in the irc I might just let you in on my master plan.

    And to answer the above poster, the whole mote>primal / crystallized>eternal thing got simplified in cata, so volatiles are all you need to deal with. Making volatiles not quite as hard to get as eternals but still not as common as the crystallized guys.

  7. Athene didn't get world first to 80, darious did(a paaldin), athene was just part of the group that was helping him.

    Of course, like mentioned, they were banned, and didn't officailly get the achivement, but they were hours ahead of the person who got world first

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