Cataclysm's Notched Cobalt War Axe!

" Hey there Markco! Leoricsbride here! How zit going? I've just finished leveling tailoring to 525 and I'm not working on enchanting. Of course it could have been 525 by December 7th but we haven't hit goldcap by spending without looking for deals right?

I remember that you wrote an article on how Notched Cobalt War Axes ( were the best way to get greater cosmic essences (when cobalt bars were 20-25g a stack and greater cosmic essences 15-20g each)

I figured that I could search on wowhead for a Cataclysm equivalent. Unfortunately, my research failed. Wowhead is quite inaccurate at the moment but check this out:

Carnelian Spikes ( :


30% 1-5 hypnotic dusts
1,6% 1-3 lesser celestial essence

I failed my math in high school but I think that it doesn't add up to 100%. In fact, the missing 68,4% missing seems to be 2-3 GREATER CELESTIAL ESSENCE.

Carnelian Spikes requires 3 Carnelian (20g each) and 3 Jeweler's setting (1,5g each) for a total of 64,5g per craft. If you count it (Hypnotic dust)((1+2+3+4+5)/5) x 20g x 30% + (Greater celestial essence) ((2+3)/2) x 80g x 70% you get a result of an average of 158g value per craft. 158g - 64,5g = 93,5g PROFIT per craft
(doing those calculations with my server's data. dust = 20g, essences = 80g, Carnelian =20g)

It is a great way to save money if you're buying your mats from the AH to level enchanting and also a great way to "craft, DE, and sell" to make money.

So, have I found the new Notched Cobalt War Axe? =D "


An excellent tip here Leoricsbride! The Notched Cobalt War Axe was and still is a great way to produce greater cosmic essences, and now that you've found this, it will become an excellent way to make gold. Thank you for taking the time to find all of this information and e-mailing Markco/Me about it.

This is one of those things that you can use old Lich King strategies to figure out. You can use Markco's 20k Leveling guide which includes both, the Cataclysm and Wrath of the Lich King guides, making your money worth twice as much!

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  1. Worked a treat for me, even though my profits were slightly less than yours what with GCEs and HDs going for alot cheaper on my server, I still doubled what I spent! (Will also make levelling enchanting cheaper in the future).

    Might be worth noting that I levelled up my Jewelcrafting using Carnelian Spikes as would the vast majority of other JCs - maybe there are alot going cheap on your servers?

  2. Yes it is ver lucrative even over making gems on my server. I average easily 2 per DE I have over 100 stacks of Greater celestial essences in my bank. Well worth the time to make. The nerf bat is comming so get it in while you can.


  3. Argh! Someone had to let the cat out of the bag eventually but I was hoping it would last a little longer yet. I guess I'll have to stop seeding the auction with low priced Carnelian for others to undercut now.

  4. I have been doing this for a few days now and have made over 10k selling just the essences. I have been waiting for the nerf bat as well.

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  6. Works well! Got abit unlucky in my test due to the high amount of Dust i recieved :( Still doubled my money, Thanks for post.

  7. Zamboni said... Carnelian Spikes can't disenchanted

    Yes they can be disenchanted and its a very nice profit. I have yet to get more dust than essences. Its always been 2 to 3 Greaters.

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  9. I've been making them since day 1 of cata release. They've always been disenchantable and they've always given those mats.

    Mats are occasionally (maybe 15% of the time) 1 GCE, 4 LCE or 4-6 Dust but the rest of the time it's 2-4 GCE (most often 2 or 3). Or iow an average of at least 2 GCE.

  10. For those not in on it, "Carnelian Spikes can't be disenchanted" is a running joke in the JMTC IRC channel. There was a point when neither JC weapon could be disenchanted, causing a lot of players to overlook the Spikes' potential (up until now, that is).

  11. Great article! Question...
    How are you coming up with your formulas for profit?
    IE: Hypnotic dust)((1+2+3+4+5)/5)x 20g x 30%

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