Crafting Cataclysm Tailoring Pvp Sets

Today pvp starts, arena starts up, rated battlegrounds start, and what is the first thing people will want? Pvp gear. Not only this, but people are starting to ding 85, and they're trying to get their item level up, so they buy any and all gear that will give them those last 9-10 points required to get into heroics. Tailoring has a great set that is excellent to craft and sell, the return on investment is insane, you'll spend 2-2.5k and sell a whole set for 5-6k.

Great! where do I start?
Firstly, you need to go get all of the patterns for the emberfire set from the vendor, you will already have 5 of the 8 patterns taught by your trainer if you've leveled tailoring to 525. The vendor is located in twilight highlands and you're going to need 24 bolts of embersilk to obtain the last 3 pieces of the set. Refer to the map below to locate the vendor, please do note, that you HAVE to be 84 and you MUST do a couple quests before you can see the vendors.

What materials are required for a whole set?

  • 72 x [Bolt of Embersilk Cloth] (tailoring) - 360 x [Embersilk Cloth]
  • 31 x [Volatile Fire]
  • 31 x [Volatile Water]
Looking at that list, I can say that's pretty cheap for an entire set of Item Level 333-339+ gear. 18 stacks of cloth currently costs me 2k, and the price for cloth is dropping fast. The Volatile Fire & Water should be relatively cheap as well, only costing a tops of 5-600 gold total. Once you have the whole set you can advertise in trade chat that you're selling a full & complete set of pvp gear, and you'll get tons of bites, trust me.

If you do not have enough gold to craft the whole set, craft single pieces. Check the Auction House for the highest yielding piece and craft it, you'll have the gold to craft an entire set in no time!

But Mage, I'm no tailor!
That's alright, did you read above? Tailors need 18 stacks of embersilk cloth to craft an entire set! You can go out and farm embersilk at the location pictured in the map below. Furthermore, you can refer to this thread over at the consortium forums, there are a couple places that people have found to be extremely nice for farming cloth!

Tailoring is now a huge money maker, from dreamcloth, to pvp sets, to epic gear, it's insane. I suggest you go make these sets NOW, as Pvp starts today!

P.S. Excuse my horrible photoshop skills!

6 comments: on "Crafting Cataclysm Tailoring Pvp Sets"

  1. Don't forget the Fireweave set as well, which should be just as popular as the Emberfire.

    Also, Dreamcloth is BoP, so no money to be made on that directly, just through the epic patterns, spellthreads and and bag available from the TH Vendors.

  2. I made a post on this yesterday at my blog, and there's one additional thing to consider - watch out for the patterns that people are commonly using to level. Usually (on my server, at least) it seems to be Embersilk Shoulders, bracers, and belt; and Fireweave belt.

    Check the AH before just crafting the entire set, because you'll likely find that a couple of the pieces are being dumped in large quantities below cost by tailors who just powerleveled.

  3. embersilk farming spot already hotfixed, engineers no longer drop anything or give xp :-s

  4. Wow! You're getting 31xVolatile fire or water for 500-600g on your server?
    Mine you're looking at 30g+ per volatile, so those mats would cost 2k just for the volatiles.

  5. Anon beat me to it. Just killed the whole camp, not a single drop from any one of them.

  6. The SPot that i blogged about in Deepholm is still working


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