Diversifying Saronite Ore

Most of you have a truckload of two ( ten in my case ) of saronite ore stashed away in a personal guild bank somewhere, right? Now you're probably asking yourself, what do I do with all of this ore?

Cataclysm has been out for two weeks, Lich King materials are starting to get some inflation in due to people not farming the materials so heavily, and I know most of you are just itching to sell your stockpile as soon as possible. I am going to tell you exactly what to do with all of that Saronite ore, how to properly diversify it to produce as much profit from it as possible.

Smelt it
Smelt the ores into bars, by doing so you're turning the ore into a 200% ROI, which is awesome in my opinion. You can sell the ore raw, but personally it's only going for 17-20/stack on my server, while the bars go for 45-55g per stack. Another way to go is to sell the bars to a vendor, I don't recommend this option as you're basically making back what you've spent, only do the price for saronite has crashed, which it should.

Transmute it
Make the ores into bars and then transmute it into titanium bars. While this isn't as big of a profit, use the bars to make items. The enchanting titanium rod is selling great due to the lack of titanium in the market. Make other titanium items if possible and sell them to levelers. If you cannot utilize the bars, sell them as is, they'll generally sell easily.

Prospect it
This is a great alternative to the other two. You'd be prospecting the ore and making rings out of the common green gems that you'd get. Use the eternal earth(s) that you've stockpiled ( hopefully you did! ) if you make rings, you'd be making 1-1.2k an hour, which is great.

You can use the uncommon gems to sell to levelers, cut them and post them at the Auction house. Lich King gems are still in market and still sell very well due to the over pricing of the Cataclysm gems.

In my opinion, this is the best possible way to use the ore, as you're making sure-fire profit while also making gold selling the uncommon gems to levelers.

Sell it raw
If none of the options above please you or you simply cannot do them due to lack of professions, you could always sell the ore raw. I managed to pick up my ore at 10-11g/stack and it's currently selling for 17-20, so I'm still making pretty decent gold. Selling the ore raw, you're targeting mostly Jewelcrafters, with Blacksmiths/Miners as well, it's a decent option, but I wouldn't recommend it.

Or... Wait it out
Simply wait! Cataclysm has been out for 2 weeks, and inflation is just barely setting in, a good stockpile will need to be held onto for 1-2 months before it's value goes up. To me, this is an excellent option if you're looking to make the most out of your stockpile.

I know it can be hard to wait, but patience is key is making gold, I can't tell you how many mistakes I've made by being inpatient. Back 3 months ago, I had 2 haunted memento's that I got for 500g each,  I sold them at 1.5k each within 48 hours of buying them, I still regret not having patience to hold onto them and wait for the prices to inflate, If I had them now, I would of valued each one at 5-6k. Patience is the key, wait it out.

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  1. I have been checking the AH regularly during the day for the last couple of weeks for real cheap Saronite, just about every single day I find at least 20-25 stacks of ore around the 8-10 range one day I found 25 stacks for 6 gold a stack ( Cha-Ching. Buit it is slowing down some now but still built up 2 more bank tabs at that cheap rate.

    I also have been smelting some of it for bars and selling at around 40 a stack as of Monday night, broke off to try a new project, prospecting elementium ore for the gems invested 2500 gold into stacks I found for 75 a stack and got 192 gems to place on AH as of this morning over night I have doubled my investment would include pics but Blizz decided to do Maintenance today and I only had enough time to get my mail.

    I will try the titanium bars and rods when the servers come back up.

    Thanks for the write up on Saronite been needing this for a while.

  2. I have enough saronite to personally meet market demand for 2 months on a high population server lol. I just couldn't pass up a ZERO risk investment when I bought it all at 9-11g a stack.

    Unfort, I know so many others did this, once the demand for saronite from all the new levelers settles I think most of the by products will be junk. I think I'm just going to forget it and hold on to it for a year just for lols.

  3. I had 3.5 tabs of the ore before Cata, most purchased at 8g/stack but none over 10g. Prospected that 1/2 tab and made a few hundred but the time consumption was enormous (those rings/necklaces). Unfortunately my enchanter moved servers so I did more of the saronite shuffle method ( with the 10g/stack ones) and vendored them. My server is flooded with the yellow/blue/purple/etc cuts and the bars are too darn cheap so I figured that my best option was to smelt and vend. At $9-$10 profit per stack and minimal time spent I am happy with that. Still saved some blue/red cuts as they do sell but slowly. Also still have 1 tab of the ore to see what happens in a month or so. Maybe the market will look better down the road. In the meantime I am getting stacks for under 8gp and am smelting/vendoring.

  4. On my server, ore fluctuates wildly. It's Wednesday and already the farmer's supply is sold out. Occasionally my snatch list picks it up at less than vendor (1.25g/per bar) but times like right now ore is 2.5 gold each (that's 500% ROI right there). I've still got quite a stockpile but it never seems to deplete. I just buy low and sell when it's high.

    Could you clarify the prospecting section? Is the 1-1.2k/hour income you mention through disenchanting the rings, vendoring them, etc? I can only see that being sustainable if one has an entire guild bank full of ore.

  5. I had a bank alt 4 bank tabs of saronite ore from a 12g snatch list but I jumped early. I noticed over the weekend that supplies on the AH were getting low so I afk smelted a ton of it, bought out the AH until there wasn't any left under 3g and listed it for 2.5g each for 20, 3g each for 5 and sold about third of of my stock. I possibly could have made more if I waited but it seemed like a good opportunity to make some easy profit.

  6. I have an addendum to my prior post: 12 hours after posting just 5 stacks of ore for the 2.5g ore price like I mentioned before, I was picking up full stacks at 25s/ore again. My theory? Christmas break means TONS of kids getting home from school with nothing better to do than farm for some gold!

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