Flipping Cataclysm Enchants

" First I want to thank you for putting up such a good website and sharing the great tips of making gold. There is one problem right now of which I need some advice. Players on my server now are leveling up their professions. A lot of enchanting scrolls are dumped in AH at very low price. What kind of scrolls would be profitalbe later? Would you shed some light on this topic? Thank you "
- Jing

" You hit the nail on the head and I was thinking the exact same thing! I am guessing that any of the enchants which give a base stat (stamina, strength, agility, intellect, spirit) will be worth the most later on. I'm buying everything under 25 gold at the moment. "
- Markco

What an excellent e-mail and response from Jing & Markco. Cataclysm has come and the storm has hit, and it's still going, people are leveling their professions and dumping cheap materials/products at the Auction house, more specifically, enchanting scrolls.

People are putting these up for 5-50g when they're really worth 5, or 10 times of that, why? They dumped 5-10k into the profession and they simply want whatever gold they can get back, so they post their scrolls at whatever price, giving us the gold makers, an excellent opportunity to make gold.

I suggest that you buy any cataclysm enchant that looks promising for under 50g, as after the levelers have finished leveling enchanting, the prices for these enchants will rise, and by a TON.

Get out there and buy those enchants! They won't last long!

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  1. I see this as high risk, low return.

    Since I'm leveling an enchanter atm, I see the step ups required to get each skill point. By and large everyone chooses the lowest material cost chants to get that step up. I know I do.

    That means a lot of the scrolls out there are the easiest, most inexpensive to produce.

    Given that the cost of mats will come way down as more people level and DE dungeon drops and world greens, the value of these scrolls will go down further.

    If you look at the WoLK experience the most enduring high value chants were the ones that were rare drops, very expensive to make, or that were "BIS" for that stat. The ones that were always available on the AH for low, low prices were the "step up" chants that all chanters had to produce to get the next step in leveling.

    Also keep in mind that the easier leveling from 80-85 means people will find new gear (greens) or in dungeons, which make them unwilling to pay big money on chants for gear that may soon be obsolete.

    That means the best gear, available in L85 Heroics and Raids, will be the gear to get the best chants--and not many players have that gear yet. Also, the ones who do are in guilds who do these runs--and often the enchanting of that gear is done for free as a guild perk so the overall demand for high end chants will be lower than it was for WoLK.

    Looking at step up chants in Cata, the trainer supplied recipes stop at 510. To level past there the player has to visit Senthil in Twilight Highlands. The recipes he sells go up to 525 and those are the ones that will sell for huge money in Cata.

    These recipes sell for either 5 Heavenly Shards or 5 Maelstrom Crystals. ((One, Magic Lamp, sells for 20 Hypnotic Dust)).

    Currently, Heavenly Shards are going for 145g-195g each on my server. Maelstrom Crystals are not listed at all. These high end recipes require 4-8 Heavenly Crystals and/or several Maelstrom Crystals to produce. I would expect scrolls for these chants to sell for $5k and up initially.

    In my mind this market is very volatile (aka, risky) right now. It may make more sense to watch the prices of Heavenly Shards to flip them for 20g to 50g each if you can time it right--but the prices of these mats should come way down as more people level.

    With all that being said, I did purchase some very very cheap Cata scrolls for strength and agility because they may increase in value, but I only bought about 15 of each.

    Nice idea, but I can't see this strategy (which also was not a money maker in WoLK) working well in Cata. Even the proven high return strategy from WoLK for rare chants will be diluted by the power of the guild-based advances made in the game.

  2. I have to agree with Kammler here. Tread cautiously when trying to flip enchanting scrolls.

    If you really want to see which enchants you should try and flip go to elitistjerks.com and look at all the recommended BiS items and what enchants are recommended.

    If you happen to see some of those on the AH for a low price you'll probably be alright picking it up. Otherwise, skip it.

    A good example is the protection enchant to cloak. It's a cheap "step up" enchant and it's recommended for BiS

  3. Agree with Kammler. I would also add that I see Blizzard trying to keep a lid on the old game of AH experts buying and flipping high level stuff. Chaos Orbs cannot be sold and they are needed for ALL 525 BS items for example. Personally, I think this is a good development and puts the gmae back where it belongs - with gamers not auctioneers!

  4. Re: Maelstrom Crystals are not listed at all.

    If Blizzard haven't nerfed it yet you can get these pretty easily by having a character with alchemy and enchanting. Simply craft the
    Lifebound Alchemist Stone (http://www.wowhead.com/item=58483) and disenchant it for a Maelstrom Crystal.

    The Lifebound Alchemist Stone itself will set you back:

    50x Volatile Life;
    12x Cinderbloom;
    12x Azshara's Veil;
    12x Heartblossom

    Which is nothing compared to the price of the crystals on most servers at the moment; so you should be able to net some nice profit :)

  5. Eh.

    I bought a ton of these enchants, most of them for 2-5G a scroll when they required about 250G+ worth of materials.

    WotLK had phases. At times, even the "step-up" enchants were profitable. In fact, they always were, so long as you kept a close eye on the market and drove off any competition. I made so much gold off of Enchanting during WotLK I'm not even sure what people complain about.

    There are only so many enchanters interested in listing up the "bad enchants", whereas there are a ton of the other ones, aiming to market Berserking. What did they make ? 50-100G profit an enchant ? Fine. I'll sell that enchant that requires 4 dust and sells for 50G. Do the math. How many people can pay 50G for an enchant, as opposed to 750G ? The profit margin is bigger, and the volume of sales as well since even levelers will buy your scrolls out.

    Cataclysm opens up a whole new market. I personally dropped Enchanting towards the end of LK since the market was fairly dead due to lack of raiding. Yesterday, I powerleveled Alchemy and Enchanting together. Considering the value of a Lifebound Alchemist Stone is about 725 on my server, and the fact that the Maelstrom Crystals sell for 1.8k, I've made more gold than I'd ever hope for.

    So I'm nearly the only Enchanter with every single new recipe, who markets them and offers to craft them. I even go as low as 1k a Maelstrom Crystal to attract customers, who pay me a 500G fee on Landslide/Windwalk/Power Torrent.

    I broke down the disenchanting value of items by iLvl and make sure to purchase any green that turns a profit, as measly as 1G on average. I keep materials' prices high by buying/relisting, and it's worked. There are no more Sun Rock Rings in Cataclysm.

    If you want my advice, Enchanting will be a sickeningly profitable profession in Cataclysm.

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