Flipping Enchanting Materials

" Hi, Like you might have noticed, Large Prismatic shards sell pretty well because of the Mongoose enchant requiring 10 of them and here's a trick I found to get some really cheap and sell them for good profit.

Nexus crystals are currently selling out for 50 silver each on my server, Large prismatic shards are going at 7-8g each. As an enchanter there's something called Nexus Transformation that transforms 1 nexus crystal in 1 small prismatic shard and there something called Large Prismatic shard that combines 3 small prismatic shards in 1 Large Prismatic shard. In fact, I consistently make 5.5g per shards and I sell about 20-25 per day. "

Excellent tip Maxime! This is also a way to lower the costs for the mongoose enchant material cost, and increasing your profit margins on it as well.

The Nexus Transformation recipe is taught by many trainers around Azeroth, you should already have if your enchanting is 300+, if not check your trainer! The Prismatic Shard formula can be bought from Egomis in Exodar if you're alliance, or Lyna in Silvermoon City if you're horde. You can also pick up the formula from Madame Ruby in Shattrah.

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  1. Also Void Shatter by enchanters (need Honored with Shattered Sun Offensive and 375 skill) is very good if the price for Void Crystals is low in your server. Void Shatter yields two Large Prismatic Shards and Crystals are usually found 1-3g a piece.

  2. It's weird to come see the daily gold tip and that's YOUR tip on the front page ! Nice to see tho :P

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