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Welcome welcome welcome! A new site has launched and I'm very excited about it! The name of the site is GoblinSpot, it is a site related about World of Warcraft. It has blogs, forums, guide reviews, it has everything you need.

Even though it just launched, I suggest you guys go check it out, it has it's own forum so I predict that this will become a great resource to check upon once in a blue moon, like the Consortium forums and the JMTC forums.

Here is a little introduction and more information of the site from Scarf, the owner of the site:

It's good to finally get everything up and running because I've spent, quite literally, hundreds of hours coding it. I'm obviously not a professional web designer or anything, I just wanted to create site that allowed me to combine two of my favorite hobbies - WoW and coding!

What is the site all about?
I recognize that there are a ton of great WoW related blogs out there. At first, I was interested in creating another WoW-gold-related blog. After a while, though, I started thinking more and more about how I could contribute to the community. After all, I, just like everyone else, learned gold making strategies through blogs and forums. So I got to thinking and I decided to try to create a "platform" or "showcase" where many different blogs could be seen at once. This, in my opinion, will allow for ease of access for our newer prospects and veterans alike!

At the moment, my site will also feature Forums and a Gold Guide Review section. While not groundbreaking features, I hope that these will also aid in the effectiveness of my site.

My General Philosophy & Goal
I don't want to stop there... I'd like to borrow a paragraph from an email that I recently sent describing my site:

I am going to be very open ended about this project. My major goal is to have everyone who will be using my site DESIGN it. I will be open to any ideas that will provide new, cool, useful features to the users. (I have some solid ideas already, but at this time I'd like to keep them private). Basically, the only limiting factor here is the time it takes me to implement new features.

This is still, and will remain, my philosophy throughout the life of this project. If you have any suggestions at all, don't hesitate to email me (scarf@goblinspot.com) or post them in the Forums!

Final Thoughts
One last thought before sign off for the evening: I can't do this alone! I am in need of some people who are willing to help out in whatever way they can. This may include but not be limited to: creating and managing facebook/twitter pages, posting blogs, moderating forums, seeking out new blogs, etc. Again, if you feel that you have something to offer, please send me an email!

I wish you best of luck Scarf, I can see the website becoming huge due to the great features that you have! 

Bloggers, if you want, contact Scarf to get added to GoblinSpots Blogroll/Blog Feed!

2 comments: on "GoblinSpot - An New WoW Blog/Forum"

  1. Thanks for the post Mageshadow!

    If anyone has any questions or comments I'd be happy to respond to them here. I've also made a post in the JMTC "link love" section; otherwise, of course, you could just head over to Gobinspot's Forums.

    The main thing that we need at this point is more blogs to feature! Please don't hesitate bloggers!

  2. I personally think that the JMTC forums amd The Consortium should be visited more than once in a blue moon, but perhaps that's just idiom translation coming through, I know English doesn't always make the most sense. Been meaning to get back to scarf for I while and I will soon!

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