JMTC Guide: Vendor Items Edition

Lately I've been putting out a lot of "guide-ish" posts, the best place to farm whiptail, best skinning farming spot, even how to use my own personal user interface. Well today I'd like to make a guide-ish post on selling vendor bought item at the Auction House, let's start it shall we?

Enchanting Vellums
These can be bought from any enchanting vendor, they cost anywhere from 8s to 10s ( depending on your faction discount ). They can be bought in unlimited quantities, and they sell rather well. Enchanting vellums are made by scribes, and they're fairly cheap to make, but making them this way, it will cost you way more than 10 silver.

I personally buy them in stacks of 100, and post in lots of 5. They can be sold anywhere from 2g each, to 5g each. It's really good gold if you're starting out. Even if you already have tons of gold, extra profit can't hurt, can it?

Jeweler's Setting
This item is used to craft jewelcrafting ring and neck. Most people don't know that it's bought from a vendor and run over to the auction house. They cost 1g 90s ( after rep discount ), and can be sold anywhere from 10-25g per. It's a little riskier if you don't have much gold and are just starting out, but even if you manage to sell one at 25g, that's 1000% of a return on your initial investment.

Glyph Dusts
Vanishing powder is the first dust, it allows you to change your glyphs if you're level 80 or below, it costs 32s for five, and can be sold at 1-3g per, currently on my server, it's selling for 1g 50s per, turning your intital 32 silver investment into 5-10g, it's an excellent way to get some starter cash if you're a low level.

Dust of disapperance is the next dust. It allows you to change your glyphs if you're level 85. This dust is a little more pricey, costing 10g per dust, but it can be flipped anywhere from 20-30g per, currently it's going for 25g per on the auction house, with only 5 total dusts posted. The market can be controlled easily, as the dust isn't very cheap.

Now you might be thinking, Mage, the profit on these items are low! Gold is gold my friend, even if it's a little bit or a lot, profit is profit, and adding that extra profit will show itself to you down the road, it can never hurt to have a little extra gold, can it?

That's all for now folks, you can try selling other vendor bought items such as parchments and vials, but from what I've found, they don't sell very well.

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  1. City vendor pets still sell very well for me. Especially over the next week, when there is a higher number of casual players on

  2. I recently started selling the enchanting vellums with my Goblin priest. On my server, they run around between 20 - 40 gold per stack of 20.

    Some of the cooking recipes tend to sell well too. I found it depended on the server, although it might not be a lot of gold, for a new player, or someone starting on a new server without any gold, these are excellent options.

  3. Kind of amusing how items you can easily buy from vendors (that aren't limited supply) would sell so well on the AH. I've always wondered if it was just laziness, or if people just don't realize you can buy these items from vendors.

  4. I've made a fair amount form the vellum's quite suprising but while it works you might as well make hay while the sun shines!

  5. Resilient parchment, 1g each, stacks of 5. I only put up 2 stacks at a time but for some reason, they sell. Silly folks.

  6. ice cold milk, the innkeepers friend
    Of course, that's during Winter Veil only but sheesh....

  7. An update to the best skinning farming spot might be in order, since they nerfed the bats.

    My level 82 warlock has had a lot of fun skinning the basilisks nearby. Affliction + soul swap + glyph is a really efficient way to tear through mobs if you are taking them on one after another.

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