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Well it's been two weeks since I've been at JMTC, I've been having a blast writing up posts, managing your comments, talking to you guys whenever possible, and now I want to really get a hold of you guys and shake you down and ask, what do you think? Do you like it so far? I also want to get any ideas that you have, ask you what have you been doing to make gold? I want your ideas and suggestions, what can I improve on?

I will be holding a JMTC IRC meeting, on Friday, December 17, at 7PM Eastern Time Zone. If you don't know what the IRC is, it's basically a chat room where you can talk to people in real time, you can join the IRC by simply having a tab open in your browser. The information for the JMTC IRC can be found here. You can drop by and talk to me, ask me questions, ask me for suggestions and such, but more importantly, I want your feedback on how you think JMTC has been during the past two weeks. I want you to be a critic, rate me, tell me what on your mind and such.

I welcome anyone and everyone to come, this can become a huge hit, we can hold a meeting every Friday and bounce ideas off each other on ways to make gold, talk about speculation and such. I want this to become big. If everything goes well, we can move onto ventrilo meetings every week or every two weeks, and we can record that and make it a podcast for those who can't attend.

I will be reminding you guys all throughout the week, I really want everyone to be here. See you there!

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  1. It'll be even harder than normal to follow the conversation then. I'll likely come along though and here's hoping there'll be another vent meet sometime too, really enjoyed the last one.

  2. I believe you are doing a great job, keep it up really enjoying the reading.

    I have been grabbing every bit of the essence of air I can find, been extremely lucky getting them at less than 2 gold each resold everyone over the weekend. Wife freaked out when she checked guild bank and saw almost 25k in gold. By the way the have been selling on my server for around 75 gold each right now.

    Also one question I have been hearing of a nerf to the vendor price of Saronite Bars from 25 a stack to something way lower. I have 3 Bank Tabs worth of ore and I am wondering should I go on holding onto it for a little while longer before smelting, prospecting it all. I have been monitoring the AH on a pretty steady bases everyday and grab any ore at vendor or below and reselling most of it, any I get for 8 or less I smelt and vendor.
    The ore I have in the bank I got for a average of 11 a stack so if I end up smelting and vendoring hopefully with no nerf to vendor I will still come out in great shape.

  3. Good job so far, homie. one thing i'd love to see is... follow up posts relating to some of the advice we were given for months leading up to cataclysm.

    for example:
    OK, We have all have appx 4 banks worth of Saronite ore.. Now what ? When should we sell em. What should we do ? Smelt em ? Vendor em ? Did prices change the way we all anticipated or is that big change yet to come.?

    Seems like the big ORE stockpile concept has fallen flat, due to more nodes. Or Do you think there's still hope?

    Basically, it would be great if we could see some posts with advice on how to best proceed, based on all the advice we religiously followed. post per post.

    I'm kinda going with the sheeple approach. Tell me what to do next, bauss.

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