Making A Fortune Off Mysterious Fortune Cards

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Inscription has always been focused on glyphs, but with cataclysm blizzard decided to add a little extra flair to inscription, they decided to add a mini gambling game, mysterious fortune cards.

Mysterious fortune cards are craftable at 450 inscription, they require a single blackfallow ink and one parchment, the rough material cost for both of these items is about 20g, I've sold cards for as much as 250g/ea, and they sold quickly.

Cold, from Cold's Gold Factory has recently made three excellent tips on how to properly advertise your cards, Mysterious Fortune Cards Bait and Switch, and the post that started most of the hype, Cataclysm Item Preview: Fortune Cards & Fortune Cookies. There is a lot of good info contained within those three posts.

If you're serious about selling the cards, I suggest you go check out the posts above and learn how to properly market them, I've personally made about 15k in one day ( not all was profit, ~80% of it was ) and it was only in a matter of an hour or two of spamming in trade that you by using the cards, you had a chance at getting yourself a nice 5k.

One last thing before I let you go, don't get sucked in yourself. While the cards are promising, people have done the math, and the chances for you to use the cards and come out winning is low, it's like gambling, just at low risk, I don't want you guys growing a habit that isn't good now do I?

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  1. First!!!1

  2. With these cards the ammount of profit you make largely down to how and when they are marketed.

    What I mean is that they are not the same as selling as a gem where you know exactly what it is when you buy it.

  3. Chances are that you don't even have to waste a lot of time advertising them. Others may already be doing it for you. When I logged in on my server today there was a guy spamming trade with ads for these cards.

  4. Completely server dependent. The first day I tried this (about a week ago), there were 1 or 2 people advertising in trade and 1 other person posting in the AH. I sold them like hotcakes at 50g a card. The next day there were 7+ AH posters and at least 3 trade spammers. I sold a couple stacks, tried undercutting so I was the lowest AH price, and lower than trade chat spammers, but they still didn't sell for hours. Now I've sold 1 stack of 10 in the past day and there are 15+ AH sellers undercutting all the way down to ~30g and they're not going quickly. I'd check out the market on your server before diving into this one.

  5. Undercutters are no problem at all. With the proper linking and barking and undercutter not currently online will have little effect, if you bark a few times while crafting and get rid of their cards on the auction house.

    Yes, I am saying to bark to sell your competitor's cards. Get those sold out and drive the price up to where you want it to be. You can also buy them and flip them for your price.

    Posting in stacks of 3,5,10 and 20 are also ways to get sales despite of competition.

  6. Cold: wow is not real life - there are not limited resources. It is literally impossible to drive out undercutters if they want to keep under-cutting!

  7. I agree with Anon here - I am a stranger to barking in trade but there are already 4 or 5 barkers & lots of competition. Cards are down to about 50g whilst herb prices have skyrocketed, making ink prices super high as well. Funnily enough, I just posted about this last night :)

  8. "You can also buy them and flip them for your price."

    please, please, please...come to my server.

  9. Yesterday I logged on 3 times, crafted 20-40 cards, spammed trade once or twice with a link to the 5000g card and sold all my cards for 20-40g each.

    I'm on Horde, Earthen Ring which is a high population server. There were lots of cards on the AH but apparently no one on when I was barking.

    I've also sold several of the 10s and 1g Fortune Cards for 20g on the AH. I just put them up to see what happened and someone bought them. I'm guessing they must have thought they were the Mysterious cards.

    I feel a little bad, but not too much since I never advertised them.

  10. Cards have been a been a nice source of money on Malygos - and competition is erratic - sometimes active, sometimes not.

    Barking seems to be down significantly - I heard that the 5,000g cards can no longer be linked (but apparently the 1,000g ones can).

    Cards have accounted for 5%-10% of the money I've made since Cata launched. Details on other things making money for me are on this post of mine:

  11. Being 515 in caligraphy I wondered what to do with all the normal cataclysm ink.

    Never saw anyone barking about it.
    I'm on a french server and I think french people aren't gambler like american as i'm not selling à lot of them despite the barking, but still making a comfortable profit.

  12. I have found an additional way to make money off the "less intelligent" out there. If you decide to buy/make these cards for yourself you can sell the spent cards on the ah. I sell the spent cards for 15-20g ea. That's pretty good profit on vendor trash. I think of this tactic as the new ammo scam.

  13. There are limited resources.

    You are limited by what you already have farmed or purchased as is your competitor.

    There is a limit to the number of herbs on the auction house that are priced low enough for you or your competitor to make a profit.

    Only someone who is also online can undercut you (or on the remote AH).

    I can make 5-10k in an hour or two of barking while posting glyphs at the same time. That is with heavy competition.

    If all you try to do is undercut then your are cutting your own profit.

    Bark to sell your competitors goods that are low-balling you. Bark the price up higher or bark the under-cutters cards away while you are crafting. This works when there are gaps in the post prices, if everyone is undercutting by a few copper, there's no point to this strat.

    If there are 20 cards listed for 20g and the next set of cards starts at 30g on the AH, then you are a moron if you are posting your cards for 19.99.99 each. Bark away those 20 for 20g or buy them and flip them up to 29.99 and stop losing. If you competitor isn't online, he's not going to be undercutting you.

    If you really understand this market, then you are already doing what I said.

  14. I have been using this tactic for about 3 days and have already made about 10k gold, THANKS JMTC!!!!! All I did was copy and paste a few of the sales pitches into a macro and edited the gold amt depending on what I felt I could get per card at the time. When sales started getting slow my dad would hop on an alt and link something along the lines of " Omg look what I just got, and link the 1k card," then my sales would sky rocket. I started selling these at 25g each and have gotten up to 70g each.

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