Netherweave Bags In Cataclysm

Let’s fast forward 4 Days Until Cataclysm … Cataclysm hits. People go roll worgen and goblin, people level new alts, what is the first thing they will need? Bags. What is the cheapest bag to craft, yet sells well and has a nice markup? Netherweave bags.

Now you might be thinking, well… those are 16 slotters why in the world would people buy those? Wouldn’t they want 20 slot bags? The thing with 20 slot bags, is that their material cost makes them way more expensive and harder to sell to new and upcoming characters. Currently I can craft a netherweave bag for roughly 3-4g, including the thread, a 20 slot bag costs me about 30-40g to craft, and they sell for a little above that.  I'd rather craft something for cheap and yield the same amount of profit, if not more, than something that is expensive and harder to sell. Netherweave bags also sell is larger quantities than Frostweave bags, in my opinion, as their price is low and it is more affordable to the low levels.

If you're going to seriously sell bags in Cataclysm, you're going to need to know on how to build and maintain a wall. This is going to be extremely important in securing yourself profits, while keeping the competition out of the market.

How to Wall The Market

Sherretz, From the JMTC Forums wrote a nice explanation on how to “wall” up a market

“ Basically, you throw up a large volume of bags at a set price. The idea is that your presence outlasts and outweighs the people posting in smaller volumes, even if they undercut you. This is generally done close to mats price to force out other sellers and give you a larger portion of the market. It can also serve to drive up the price of mats on the AH, further cementing your position since you can make profit where others can't.

This will take some strategy in the bag market, however. You'll need to buy out most of the AH cloth to drive its price up, while also choosing the proper price point.

For example, on my server, if I did this, I would probably put the bags up at around a 5-6g BO. I'd buy up all the Netherweave priced at or below about 7-8g, with the idea that cementing my place in the market will outweigh the loss I accept by buying higher priced Netherweave. “

Basically what you would do, is make a wall of bags, and start buying all the Netherweave cloth a little above the price that you have the bags posted at, or up until a certain price point, mine will be 10g. While you are making a loss, the amount of bags that you’d be selling for a profit would offset the loss. The trick to this method is to keep your competition from getting the cloth, therefore shorting the market and raising the prices for the cloth.

You're going to be undercut, but simply buy the cheap bags out, selling one at 200% profit will make up for two or three bags. On top of this, you're also shorting your competitors supply, the less they have, the more they'll want to make, and if you've done everything correctly, there should be any cheap Netherweave Cloth posted at the Auction House, so he'll be out of the market before you know it.

Making a wall takes a substantial amount of gold. I personally would not recommend it to anyone who does not have a ton of gold, as you're most likely going to be burned out of the market by people who do have the gold to properly control a market.

Of course you could just not wall, and constantly undercut your competition. This is a safe method, but it will make the price for the bags lower due to the constant undercutting. Be careful, as you could drive the price down low enough for your competition to snag them up, and you don’t want that happening, as they’ll simply buy you out and repost for profits.

You’ve only got a couple short days before Cataclysm, how will you approach the bag market?

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  1. This helps me understand the market control. I have tried on a couple of occasions to control the market but always seemed to get burned at some level. But that was more due to the fact of not fully understanding the market.

    I think this is what happened on my server.

    Frostweave bags selling for around 80 gold...which is below market but it is controlled by one person

  2. Just remember that if you are buying bags for your own characters, or if you have a friend looking to purchase some bags you can now buy 16 slot faction satchels for 1g 80s each as long as you are revered with that faction.

    You can normally find the vendor near the flight point in the major cities. For example, Captain Lancy Revshon sells the Stormwind Satchel and he can be found in the Stormwind trade district at the bottom of the stairs leading to the flight master.

    With the changes to quests and reputation gains, along with the addition of the faction reputation tabards (something I recommend all low level characters pick up - 9 silver) most characters are going to be revered by around level 20.

  3. Now netherweave bags have earned me a nice chunck of gold since the shattering.

    But what if/when most people realise that they can fill up their bag slots with the 16 slotters from the faction quartermasters? Will the bag market plummet or will the demand stay relativly the same, seeing that people don't want to grind the rep?

    Best Regards
    Staghelm - US and Zenedar - EU

  4. I'm having the same concern as blacksage too. Faction bags are going to be available for somewhere between 2~5gold... I've been stockpiling netherweave cloth for 4g/stack or less and I'm not having a good feeling about this -_-

  5. I love the comment on controlling the market but alas it's not that easy for other professions to control the supply of mats.

    I'm an Enchanter Engineer and no matter what I do I can't stop people undercutting my enchant scrolls on the AH. As far as I can see you can't easily control the supply of enchant mats as any enchanter worth their salt can make their own with just a few dungeon runs and DE quest rewards and random drops. if they were really desperate some cheap greens and blues off the AH could supply them with the necessaries.

    now if any bright spark could explain how to build an AH Wall for enchant mats I'd be greatly appreciative ;)

    Mind you with the release tomorrow.. .. it's probably a bit late.

  6. While I agree that you can pick up cheap 16 slotters once you are revered, it will still take you a while to _get_ there (as Blacksage mentioned).

    When I'm serious about an alt, I buy her all 16 slot bags from my main(s) from an AH and just mail them to her at level 1. I don't have time to constantly run back to camp to sell (or not loot) - I 'need' the immediate gratification of 64+ bag slots from the get-go.

    But maybe that's just me...

  7. Faction bags come too late for most re-rollers. I roll an alt and I want 4xbags now. Currently the optimum bag for bag slot per gold is the Netherweave one.

    Sure If you're serious about your alt you may give them a 20 slotter for 4 times the price but most people dont take their alt that seriously.

  8. I only just started in the gold game. Only investing about 2k of my 5 in this upcoming expansion. I've got 3 g-bank tabs full of Everything. Hundreds of Eternals, Thousands of Saronite ore, hundreds of titanium ore, 1 tab just for enchanting mats (half high lvl/half low lvl), Maybe a couple hundred raw gems ( BC gems to epic LK gems).

    And then there is my personal bank. Every slot bought out with netherweave bags. and its completely filled with netherweave bags. I too have bought every N-cloth under 8g a stack. I have around 150 bags so far, and plan on controlling most of the market. If people undercut me, its not a bother. Netherweave bags on my server, however, are still going for around 15g each. I plan on dropping it and selling them for a constant 10g each, buying out the competition that undercuts when i can make a 150% profit on a bag.

    So here is my strategy.

    The bags are going to be deployed first, when the expansion goes live so i can get to that market immediately.

    Most of the ore i bought from the AH when it was at ridiculously low prices (like 15 a stack for saronite, and 45-50g a stack for titanium). That and the other old world mats will be deployed after the first week, maybe even the second depending on demand.

    During the first week, I will be on top of going around collecting all of the new expansion mats. Ore and herbs.

    One question i have for you guys is: What character should i go my collecting on. I have 1 miner/eng and 1 miner/herbalist.

    --The miner/engineer is a prot pally geared to the teeth and withOUT 310% flight speed but WITH crusader aura my speed is 355-357% flight speed. (also he'll be able to get volatile air when i lvl his engineering).

    --Secondly i have the miner/herbalist which is a feral tank/Balance Druid, specs both geared to the teeth. But with Tauren, gathering herbs is SUPER quick. .5 seconds cast time (compared to the normal 1.5 second cast i think) because of the racial which also gives me a +15 skill to herbalism increase. AND I NEVER have to leave flight form while gathering herbs. ^_^

    anyway, i was just wondering your opinion on this matter. Im thinking the Druid

  9. Don't worry about Faction Satchels versus Netherweave Bags in Cataclysm. The satchels aren't BoA and the higher rep is required on the character using them.

  10. I've got a 600 bag 'wall' to put up there and enough gold to keep the supply at bay. I'm first going to see what effect the reputation bags have on the market. A lot of players will be new not knowing the rep bags are there so I think I won't have much of a problem selling them

  11. In addition to the faction bags, every starting zone awards a bag from an early quest. On my alts rolled since 4.01, I have not felt a need to buy bags, where previously I always had.

  12. I'm sticking to selling the Frostweave Bags. I think people have a lot more money lying around and will be willing to spend it on more bag slots. Plus I'm not having to store a ton of bags worth only 10g or less.

  13. @Deepcut: While you may be correct that people are more willing to spring for Frostweave bags, the mats to finished product cost are generally in a smaller margin on the servers I've watched. Combine that with the fact that it actually takes very very little storage space (Anyone seriously into this market likely stores them in bolts and crafts as needed) and the fact that something you say is worth less than 10g that I've been selling for 35 . . . it may be worth looking a bit more into your market. :)

    The problem with all these revered bags people are also talking about is . . . they're revered. It's not super difficult to get to revered with the tabards and all, but I don't think I'll be revered within 10 minutes of rolling a new toon, and with all the herb and mining nodes lying about, waiting on revered or taking an 8 slotter from a quest is not an option for me.

  14. Interesting topic, definitely an idea I'll be trying tomorrow. I've heard of monopolizing a product, but never walling it up. Although, I don't think I'm going with bags; it's too easy to get revered with factions at an early level now, and that greatly risks the bag market.

    Then again, some people are impatient and can't wait to be exalted and will most likely buy bags beforehand. Great tip either way.

  15. I have more than enough materials and cash to control the market, but I have no desire to. I'd rather play the undercutting game to maximize my profits. Easier to do when you can 2-box (camp AH on one while leveling/etc on other). Never been a fan of market control attempts personally.

    As for the debate about the faction bags, they don't have any impact whatsoever on the Netherweave/Frostweave market. Your target for the tailoring bags is rerollers/alts. The vast majority aren't going to wait until they're revered to get bags. Not to mention, they're unique, so they'd have to get revered with four major cities.

    Personally, I've found Frostweave Bags to be MUCH better profits than Netherweave anyway. I sold almost 200 and made about 16k of PROFIT from Frostweave Bags in the 3-4 days following the 4.0.3a patch just from the new race/class combos. I can't imagine how awesome it will be with all the new Goblins!

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