New Best In Slot BOA Cloak Enchant

If you haven't heard the news already, Cataclysm is nearing and it brings two new types of heirlooms, head and cloak. Now, you can't really enchant the head slot items, but you can enchant cloaks. It just so happens that recently, an old world enchant got completely changed, and I'm 100% sure blizzard did it so you can put it on your BOA cloak.

So what's the deal? What's the change? How do I obtain it? What enchant is it? 

The Gnomish Coin ( me ) did a post about this enchant becoming best in slot for cloaks recently that pretty much sums it up pretty good.

The Enchant & Change
The enchant is Enchant: Cloak Stealth. The enchant got changed from it's old form of simply providing extra stealth for rogues and feral druids, to 8 agility and 8 dodge rating. This now makes it one of the best enchants for the cloak slot if you're leveling.

The materials for this enchant are fairly cheap, making the profit margins extremely high. I can currently craft them for under 20g per enchant, and they sell for 200g+. I suggest you begin stockpiling the materials for this enchant NOW as later down the road, prices will most likely inflate. This is your only shot to grab these materials for cheap before they inflate, go do it!

How do I obtain the enchant?
The Enchant is obtained by two means. One is either by getting exalted with the Cenarion Expedition, or you can run AQ 20/40 and pray for a drop ( it won't ). Either way, I suggest you go get this enchant as soon as possible and start crafting them NOW, before prices on the materials inflate and the profit margins drop.

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  1. Absolutely right on this one. It's now the BiS cloak enchant for twinks as well, of basically every class, so it's a big seller already.

    Add that to the new BoA cloaks that are being rewarded to guilds as they level and you'll see the true value of this enchant as again it's going to be BiS unless Blizzard opens other options up to us either by making them higher item levels or by bringing in new low level enchants.

    The only sure way to get this enchant is farming the CE rep which I did on two toons over the last 3 weeks. I blogged about how to do it last week if anyone's looking for tips:

  2. I guess I got lucky, I farmed rep for the mount before Cata came out so I have the enchant. I put 2 of them up for 200g and sold both of them within 12 hours. Around 160g profit or so on my server.


  3. Thanks for this great tip. I skipped right over this rep. Any ideas on a good BOA caster enchant?

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