Populate Your Cataclysm Snatch List Beforehand

Hi Markco,

I discovered a nice trick that will help the serious gold chasers out there for the first few days of Cataclysm.

Taking your advice from the traffic blogger site I made a post on my blog then posted a condensed version on your forum ( http://20kleveling.com/JMTCforum/viewforum.php?f=47 ) with a link to my blog for a more in depth look.  Really loving that site, thanks for the content you are putting out.

How this tip works is that since most of the cataclysm files were patched in the live game with 4.0.3a we can use the wowhead/mmo-champ database item links in game.  I used these links to populate my snatch list with ores, herbs, skins, and enchanting materials to be snatched up from people who post under what the market will bear in that first few weeks.

With this tip you don't have to wait for the items to show up on the AH to get them on your snatch list.  I took screenshots of the process and incorporated them into a more in depth how-to on my blog http://server5th.blogspot.com/

This an excellent tip Mike! By using this, you're able to put items onto your snatch list before Cataclysm. Doing this beforehand will save you valuable time later on down the road that you're going to need. On top of you this, you'll also be able to buy items up for cheap, that is in the case someone posts the new Cataclysm leathers, ores, and herbs for cheap.

The first few hours are insane, you're going to need every second, I suggest you go do this instantly.

6 comments: on "Populate Your Cataclysm Snatch List Beforehand"

  1. This is indeed excellent advice. The trick will be in choosing appropriate snatch prices for everything. Too bad I didn't think of this before today. Cataclysm goes live tomorrow night and I won't have time before then to do something like this. :(

  2. I actually put 1000 as my price for everything.

    I figure its an easy conversion from price to % and vice versa from a round number.

    I wont actually pay anywhere close to 1000g per though.

  3. what kind of items are [people adding to their future snatch lists ?

  4. Has anyone checked to see if there is an easier way to do this than in-game?

    Unfortunately, I'm at work so I can't try right now, but I'm wondering if this data ends up being saved to a .lua (or similar) file that could be more easily text edited outside of the game.

    Clearly Auctioneer saves this data somewhere. I just don't know if it's in a user-accessible format or not.

  5. Good advice, anyone have a list of the new herbs/ores?

  6. what is a snatch list, first day on this site, 4 year wow player?

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