Recent Change - Recipe: Savory Deviate Delight

“ I’ve recently have gotten an influx of e-mails on how the Recipe: Savory Deviate Delight, and Elixir of Giant Growth’s drop rates have been buffed, read below.

Don't know whether you were aware, but the recipe for Savory Deviate Delight has become a fairly common drop in the NEW Barrens since the Shattering. I've picked up two of the recipe within an hour of questing through the zone, and already managed to sell one for 800G (a nice bit of capital for me since I'm playing on a new server with no personal resources.)

Your readers might want to know that if they've been marking up these recipes on the AH extravagantly, or if they find the recipe while playing a new alt, the time to sell is NOW!

Also, I've really enjoyed reading your site since I heard about it on the Incredible Podcast. Great job!

Dankhops (hey, it's a beer reference), Destromath US, Troll Druid “

You are correct Dankhops, The recipe drop rate has been buffed according to many sources, it appears to be a bug, and it may get hot fixed, but don’t quote me on that, it’s pure speculation. I’m going to snag roughly 10 of them, under 100g and hope that it indeed is a bug and it will be hot fixed. Thanks for the tip!

Selling Via Neutral Auction House
“ I’m sure you’ve seen on your forums (where I read it) and/or have gotten e-mails about this but I thought I’d share. Currently the Savory Deviate Delight cooking recipe has be majorly buffed in terms of drop rate. I only say this as the market crashing for that until someone on your forums (the name slips my mind) pointed out allies have limited questing and thus killing in the barrens and while the price may drop for horde members it remains higher for alliance. Thus by using the neutral AH (I have no ally toons on my main server) I have been selling this now 20-50g recipe for over 200g on the neutral ah.

Just thought I’d share just in case.

Rangr of Dark Matter on Malorne “

This is an excellent strategy, Rangr. You can do this if you cannot trade the items across the factions, as this allows you to sell to the alliance in a much easier manner. Great tip!

You could also attempt to sell the deviate fish in their raw form. Seeing as many new players have picked up the recipe, they're looking to buy the materials off the Auction House, buying them for cheap, and reposting for medium-high prices.

Furthermore, you can read about my guest post that I did on June 14th at JMTC, it also involves selling this recipe cross faction.

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  1. The (Horde at least) AH is full of these, and from my time spent in Northern barrens I acquired 5 recipes myself. Not saying you should expect this number, but it did explain why I was seeing many recipes sitting in the AH for 15g.

  2. Until the drop rate is lowered, this item will continue to be priced much lower than it's pre-Cataclysm price. I'm not touching it until the drop rate is lowered.

    It still can make lower lvl horde players some gold.

  3. There were probably 15 in the AH last night on the horde side for under 2g each...I picked them all up in hopes that they will lower the drop rate again. I'll probably continue doing this for a while until I have a nice supply...2g each isn't a big investment so I'm not worried about actually 'losing' money in this.

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