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"Whats up Marko, Mageshadow
I have been playing WOW since 2006.  I raid, I am a kingslayer, I have 3 80s (main = rogue), I really enjoy the game, but I am always BROKE.
I find the AH overwelming and I minored in freaking Economics in college.. I understand all of the theories of buying low and selling high for profit however I never seem to make the right decisions on what to buy at what time during the week.
I have been reading your blogs for about a month or so now and find them interesting yet I have not been able to appy any content to actually make money.
Basically I kick butt at being a DPS machine but I am terrible at making profit.
If you could could you recommend just 1 item to either look for on the AH to flip or farm for profit that would be wonderful.  Hopefully both?  I have Jewelcrafting, Alch, Herb, and Mining as professions on my 2 80s that I play the most.  Echo Isles server.
Thanks gentlemen.

Wigglesworth (80 Rogue)
Thiirteen (80 Shaman)
Synnr (80 DK)"

What's recently popped up is the old Saronite Shuffle. Buy eternal earths at 2-3g each. Also buy Chalcedony's, Huge Citrines, Bloodstones, and Sun Crystals under 1g, cut them into the green rings & necks., Sun Rock Ring, Bloodstone Band, Crystal Citrine Necklace and Crystal Chalcedony Amulet. Once they're made, vendor them. Yes, vendor them. If you bought the materials at those prices you should be making 1.5g+ per ring. There is a JMTC Forum Post Explaining this process if you need further explanation.

If you're extremely short on gold and cannot invest any right now, go out and mine for a little bit, maybe for an hour or so and sell everything you have. I will be making a post about gathering professions in cataclysm later this week, look forward to it, as it could quite possibly make your thousands upon thousands of gold in a matter of hours.

Another things I can recommend is to watch out for rare patterns. Get Auctioneer and make a snatch list. If you do not know what I'm talking about, read about a tutorial on how to utilize Auctioneer and it's snatch feature list here. A great forum post naming most of the rare recipes in the game can be found over at the consortium. Using this method, I've been able to find patterns worth 5-10,000g posted at the Auction House for under 100g. It's an excellent method to make gold if you don't have that much, you just need some luck :)

One last thing I can tell you, is to research. Gold doesn't come if you don't try and know your stuff. Read blogs, forums, IRC and such to gather information on ways to make gold. Information is invaluable. The two forums I constantly use and post at are the JMTC Forums and The Consortium Forums.

You're welcome to drop by the JMTC IRC if you need further help, or if you just wish to talk.

Best of Luck,

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  1. If you decide to hunt those rare patterns on the auction house, then make sure to read up on Remote Auction House subscription, then you can really snag some deals as soon as they go up.

  2. The number one thing to realize as someone new to the trading economy game trying to get rich is that many of the tips you will see posted on blogs will not work for you.

    The reason? Too many other people already got there.

    When some blog with 5000+ readers posts about a trick to make big gold on the ah, there's a good chance 4-5 people on your realm read it the same time you did. If all of you try to do it, unless it's the kind of large inefficiency in a *huge* market that rarely happens, the window will close up fairly quickly.

    The key to making big gold is to figure out the *principles* behind the tricks that people are posting. Once you do that, you can spot things on your own, before anybody else sees them. And you can spot profit opportunities on *your realm* that don't exist on everybody's realm.

  3. infinite dust goes for alot now disenchanting the rings is better

  4. Kinda like:

  5. Ding!
    For those who are really broke, questing is a great source for easy, risk-free income. New cataclysm quests pay 7-8g most of them, plus plenty of green items. Each time you have to pick a reward and none matches your class/role, go for the cash: most plates sell for 10g or higher, weapons go for 15g (one-hand) to over 20g (two-hand). Add vendor junk drops to the equation, and the first hour of questing in Vashj'ir or Hyjal can easily net you a few hundred gold... before heading to the AH. After that you can afford the deposits to auction any green BoE drops, ores, herbs, and cooking mats to hit the thousands.
    This may not be the uber best gold per hour ratio, but I have made 5k just by leveling my rogue from 80 to 84. And that's keeping all the ores or using them to level up my engineering.
    Be careful, however, when auctioning the new items: prices move like crazy over the course of a day: I have seen obsidium going from 40g/stack to 400g/stack within three hours; uncommon gems can go over the hundred or drop below vendor price; and cooking mats don't have a really well-defined value yet (too many kinds and too few of each available to define the market). OTOH, you shouldn't take too long to study the market, or the prices will deflate after the initial boom. Check the going price of anything you have to sell: if you are happy selling at that price, simply post it unless you are sure enough the price will rise.

    Again, this is not the optimal approach to gold-making, but has several advantages: you enjoy the new content while cash simply flows in; you need no initial investment (other than a few coins for reagents, such as rogue poisons); and you don't need a previous knowledge of the market.

    Once you are sitting on a few thousand gold, you can engage in serious economy. I won't go into further details here because that's a complex topic that the entire Internet covers only partially.

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