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Guest Post From Zoxy Of Trading With Zoxy

Here is an awesome guest post from Zoxy on how to use Auctioneer Resale to make profits out of close to nothing. There is some excellent information here, readers beware!

Auctioneer Resale

Well so I had recently come back to wow and I wanted to start getting some gold as I had never
really had more then I had needed , I had done a lot of trading in previous games but never wow .

So I started to reading the web and came across a post on JMTC doing a review of auctioneer
called Auctioneer Review : Easy gold . So I have been using auctioneer since I started playing wow
but just using it to post my items I gathered post dungeons or crafting .

So I read the comments and one said : I received a tell in game a few days ago from a player who used my system combined with auctioneer to go from 100 gold to 6000 gold in two weeks. Now that's
encouraging :)

Ok so is this going to be possible ? So I decided to try it out and blog about it .
So to start I decided to set some rules .
− I could only use the resale function or manual searches
− I Couldn’t use trade chat

What I had to start with :

A level one Mage
A guild bank with 3 bank tabs

So day one I went onto the AH and hit the scan button the scan took around 15 minutes and then I
was ready . I then went into the search tab and selected the resale option and ran the search . You
normally get a large amount of results here and you need to be careful what you buy .

The 3 Rules :
− Start with low value items
− IF your not sure of a item don’t Buy
− Watch for Market manipulations

Staring with Low value items :
When starting out you need to play it safe and look at items that sell well and offer ok profit . Trade
good offer the most safety in wow as people will always need them .Other good markets to look at
are recipes and also pets . But its important to not risk too much on a single item at a early stage .

If you are not sure don’t buy
Its amazing what sells on the AH and also at the same time what doesn’t sell if your not sure about
a item google search it or look on the TUJ and see what average prices are . Especially when you
are starting its important not to have stock that doesn’t move .This is also important if you plan to
flip a item .

Watch for Market Manipulations
Have you ever seen that item on the AH for 99999g ? Or items way above there actual value ?

The Reason that this is done is to mess about with the scan data from the addons people use so
when you look to see if items are a good deal you see a small percentage of the normal price .Be
careful here and if you think a deal is too good stop and check.

So where do you find the best deals for resale ?
The are a couple of tips that have worked for me when looking for items for resale .
− Items with no Bids
− Items that will be ending shortly
− Items that have just been listed

Even though you wont win every auction that you bid on the more you do the more you will win .
With items that will be ending shortly just sort the AH by time remanding and have a look at what’s
is about to end if you see a good deal then grab it . Its also the same for Items that have just been
listed just sort the AH by time remaining and then you can see what has been just listed . I found a
great time to get items is about 11pm-1am as this is when people log off to go to bed and will dump
all there goods they want to sell on the AH .

So I have to say I was very surprised that it worked as well as it did do , I started out with 1000g
and on day seven I had 1300 gold 7000 g of foods on the Auction house 3 guild tabs and my bank
full off goods ready for Cataclysm . I only spent 1 hour to 1 and a ½ each day on the Auction House and
that is including the scan time .


7 comments: on "Tips for Auctioneer Resale Scan"

  1. Great post. I am really loving what I am learning from you guys. I have learned more about the AH on this sight and seeing real Gold come about. I have not used the resell yet and been working hard on snatch list items along with farming ore and herbs like mad right now. But will use this when I am in town unloading the farming materials. Thanks

  2. All I use is the resale function of the Auctioneer. I had Alch and JC maxed before cata, though I didn't really use them other than for the random epic gem cut, and the transmutes.

    I started scanning and within a week I had already made close to 10000g starting from 600g. This doesn't include me creating a guild and getting 3 bank tabs.

  3. I saw you mention TUJ in your post -- what does that stand for?

  4. The undermine Journal

    It allows you to setup a snatch list and that will then send you a email if the item appears at your buy price


  5. The problem I run into is sorting through all the crap that comes up in resale. Does anyone have any setting tips or methods for minimizing that?

  6. I started with 500gold on my Dk about a month ago. Just DEing greens I went from 500 gold to 7k gold.

    I would be scared to see what I would get if i really tried. Note this wasn't working everyday. I skipped a few days here and there.

  7. I never thought about ordering the resale list according to time. That is a great tip that I can take from this post!

    Wow, 15 minutes to do a scan?! You must have so few items on your AH. Low-pop server? It takes me 40 minutes at least with 50-60k items to scan through, so I tend to scan before going to bed and just leave it. I'm not even sure if it finishes before autologging me out. :/

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