Top 5 Items to Stock up for Cataclysm

Stockpiling, oh how I love thee. Cataclysm is only a few days away, and if you haven’t started already, there is still a chance for you to make thousands upon thousands of gold.

I will list several items that are worth saving, or stockpiling for Cataclysm.

This is a great item to stockpile. Currently, the prices are extremely low, so this is a low risk investment. Snatch up every type of eternal, especially if their prices are extremely low, as come Cataclysm, there will be a demand for those who are leveling through professions.

Look at the past two expansions, prices for essences and primals have always bottomed out at the end of the expansion, and then 6-12 months later, their prices rose, and dramatically. Investing in eternals when they’re so cheap is so low risk that no matter what you do, you’re always going to get all of your initial income back.

What you want are items that are low risk investment, but yield a high return, eternals are exactly this. They’re extremely cheap currently due to the expansion coming to a close. People are dumping their stock because they think that the Wrath of The Lich King materials will become obsolete. The thing they don’t know is that they’re still going to be needed by people, for leveling professions, and making LK Materials.

If you do happen to get burned, you can look at Markco's quick and dirty guide on selling eternals.

Saronite Ore
Another excellent item to stockpile. Low risk, very, very high returns. You’ll want to keep this as is, this way you have more maneuverability when handling the ore.

Keeping the ore in it’s raw form allows you to prospect the ore if needed, to sell the gems to people who are leveling Jewelcrafting. You can turn them into bars, sell them this way to people who are leveling Blacksmithing. You can also transmute it to titanium bars, which almost always doubles or triples your initial investment, especially if you’re a transmute spec’ed alchemist. Last but not least, you could always vendor Saronite bars and make most of your gold back.

I suggest you grab as much of this ore below vendor price. This way you know you have a “safety net” in case something does go terribly wrong. If you do not stockpile any of this, you’re going to be missing out on huge profits.

Abyss Crystals
Only get these if they are cheap, by cheap meaning under 10g. By getting them under 10g, you’re making sure that you’re losing little to no profit, and that this investment has it’s own safety net. The reason you’ll want these is to shatter them into dust/essences.

Let’s look at the old greater cosmic essence of Burning Crusade, Greater Planar Essence. They’re still used for several enchants, and they are needed to level through the Burning Crusade part of enchanting. I’ve seen them go anywhere from 9-16g each. Arcane Dust, The Burning Crusade equivalent of Infinite Dust, also fetches a good price. I see a stack of this dust go anywhere from 25-40g.

So if the Burning Crusade materials are still selling very strong, let me ask you this, why won’t history repeat itself? The answer is, it will. Wrath of The Lich King enchanting materials are going to rise in price due to people not farming Lich King Heroics anymore, and people no longer doing the old Saronite shuffle.

Another huge plus is that stockpiling Abyss crystals instead of the raw dust or essence, is that it's very space saving, 200 crystals only take up 10 spaces, while 1000 Infinite Dust take up 50 spaces. Space is money, the more space you have, the more things you can stockpile, and yield more gold later on.

On the same topic, stockpiling Dream Shards is not a bad idea, seeing as most of the Wrath of The Lich King enchants require dream shards to get them. Dream Shard Prices have bottomed out, they’re about 1-2g on my server currently, I can see these shards yielding a 5-700% return on your initial investment well into Cataclysm.

Argent Tournament Pets
These pets are currently being dumped at the Auction house for low prices, I’ve snagged roughly 45 under 500g. While there is no safety net on these puppies, I can tell you this, their prices are going to rise, no matter what.

The only way to obtain these pets is to do a bunch of dailies and collect 40 Champion’s Seals, seeing as doing this is located in Northrend, people are not going to come back to do these dailies. They’re going to be busy doing other things, such as leveling, raiding, doing the new Cataclysm dailies, etc. Therefore, the demand for these pets will increase while their supply will remain low, yielding an excellent item to stockpile for cataclysm

This is a medium risk investment, that will yield a very, very nice return. I can easily see them selling for 2.5k+ per pet 6 months into Cataclysm, and even more the further you hold onto them.

Shadowmourne Chest Rewards
There items are going to completely inflate come Cataclysm. There will be so few of them, and not many being put out that the market for these items will rise. Currently you can pick up a full chest for about 200-230k, from what I’ve seen. Now that’s a lot of money, but you can expect a nice return on this investment. I can see these items netting a three to four hundred percent return rates, that initial 200k investment will be worth 7-800k twelve months down the road.

While you are investing a full gold cap on five items, I can almost guarantee you that you will at bare minimum double your gold. There will be so few in supply, even if people do go for the “We are legendary Achievement”, I suspect only top guilds will do this, and even then, if they are a top guild, they should already have a Shadowmourne within their guild.

There is no safety net with this investment, but I can assure you that the prices for these items will rise.

Now, the idea with Stockpiling is that, you buy things for cheap, hold onto them for a couple weeks, or months, while their prices rise. Think of it more so like an investment, such as stocks, or a savings account, you spent X amount of money here, watch it, wait until the market is right, and sell for a profit.

You’re not going to buy these items a couple days before cataclysm and sell them on day 1 and make the profits you’re thinking. If you invest in any of the items above, expect to hold onto them for a bare minimum of one or two months before you see the prices fluctuate. The more time you let pass by, the more gold you’re going to get back on these investments.

Markco wrote a decent guide on every profession, regarding on what to sell before cataclysm, I suggest you check it out and give it a read.

14 comments: on "Top 5 Items to Stock up for Cataclysm"

  1. On stockpiling saronite I am wondering if 3 bank tabs should be enough.

  2. not sure on your Shadowmourne Chest Rewards...
    at least on my realm, everyone and his mother is farming BT/SW/MC for legendarys. I could do a /who to those locations and see a raid there at pretty much every given time.
    Sure, part of the reason is the current lack of content. But I don't really think those Shadowmourne Items will be way more rare then they are now. It's by far the easiest legendary to get and people are going to take it.
    The price of those items will increase, but not by more then the inflation rate (which probably will be ridiculous though)

  3. @Anonymous - I have 3 GB tabs as well, it's only what I've managed to get, currently the ore has started to inflate and is sitting at 18-22g/stack, it never drops below 15g. I was hoping to get 5 or 6 tabs before Cataclysm hits, not going to happen though.

    @Lancore - The SM items like you said will be a little easier to get, but again, if people are doing them for the guild achievement they should already have it, That is if they are a serious guild. No average joe will go out and attempt to get a legendary. Also like as you said, the prices will increase especially once inflation sets in, you should at least get double of your investment back.

  4. Well to be honest when I saw you advertising last night for 1000+ stacks of saronite ore and eternals last night I was curious the reason why and what your plans were.

    Always interesting to read your posts and I appreciate the information and insight.

    I am a very small time budding auctioneer on our server who is just now starting my career so I enjoy watching what the more experienced people are doing each day.

  5. Thanks for this post. It actually helped me choose my next profession for a new toon. I am going to look at going for alchemist.

    One is because of what you said about going transmute spec’ed alchemist.

    But also they have the new Alchemy Mount, Vial of the Sands,

    Not sure how it will hold up over time with the changes. But as a support to the accumulation of Saronite Ore it should work fine.

    Thanks on the Abyss Crystals...I will add them to my auctionator search...

  6. I don't mean to rain on the parade here, but wait 6 months on a return from Eternals, or Gems from prospected Saronite Ore seems like a something more for those folks with LOTS of extra bank space sitting around. Locking up entire guild tabs for that amount of time can cause headaches.

    I liked the other tips, though - even though they're all long-term, those seem to be bigger ticket items. I guess with all the 1-2 month speculation going on, it's good to see a post looking out further.

  7. A tip for enchanters snatching up abyss crystals: save them to turn into Bracers: Major Stamina. You should be able to get some skill ups when Cata hits since the recipe is still orange. Even if you can't, these should still sell well in the expansion. The "top" Cata enchant for tanks is +50 dodge. I know avoidance is supposed to matter more, however most tanks will still take 40 stam over 50 dodge especially in the first tier of raiding.

    Non-enchanters could still make money off this. If the market gets flooded with +stam enchants as people use up their LK mats you can buy and hold them until more people hit 85 and start raiding.

    I figured I owed this site a tip after all the great articles... Keep up the good work!

  8. Shadowmourne chest rewards...


    Out of the batch of five vanity items, only 2 had any real practical application value....Jaina's locket and the mount.

    The locket can be superceeded by a 6k purchase of a Kirin Tor ring or a 10g portal purchase from a mage.

    The mount could have (and should have) been the holy grail of WotLK mounts, but for the fact that its ground-only. Only the most die-hard, well-heeled collectors will bother with this one. Blizz could rectify this at any time by retconning it into a flying mount.

  9. Interesting post though i do note you are telling us to stock up on eternals, abyss crystals and dream shards where here markco told us to get rid.

    Different thinking is good to see though a little confusing :)

  10. My View on abyss crystals is they have a couple of uses and I am stockpiling them .

    - They can be used for enchanting
    - Or broken down for infinite dust and greater cosmic essences

    So at the moment I am buying all under 10g and have made a good profit of selling the mats in the current market


  11. I've been stocking on cheap Saronite Ore (< vendor price for bars) for months now. I have hundreds of stacks spread out over my entire guild bank and several characters. I'm kinda running out of space but I'll still buy any amount under my threshold. Oh and I have a transmute-spec alchemist so I can craft some profitable Titanium bars.

  12. Once again my server bucks the trend. Eternal Water is dirt cheap as usual, and Eternal Life is around 8g but others have largely maintained their prices.

    On a different note, how about a post on how gold blog tips themselves affect prices.

  13. Robbie I wrote about selling etenals because blozzard did not remove the gem cooldown and everyone had stockpiled them. I said to sell abyss crystals because we did not know that there would be no Stam enchants for bracers. Things change!

  14. Thanks for some good tips. I have one bank tab of Saronite Ore - collected it up weeks ago. I have another half bank tab of levelling blues and epics ready to be sold. And I have a handful of Wrath dusts and shards. Spent most of my gold preparing glyphs, though, so I can't go buying up any eternals or abyss crystals.

    Guess you can't have your fingers in too many pies when just barely starting out, eh. :)

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