Twilight Highlands Profession Trainers: Vendor Gold Tip

Well I finally hit level 85 on Markco and am in the process of leveling blacksmithing and enchanting to full in the Twilight Highlands. To my surprise when I visited the vendors there I found an awesome gold making strategy... (see youtube video and subscribe for more updates!). [Note: The vendors have been hotfixed as of this posting to sell the items featured more frequently. This will cause a drop in prices but you should still be able to sell them for double the vendor price at the very least.]

I'll be looking to add more detailed walkthroughs in my gold guide for these particular professions and once I am finished I'll move on to leveling the next character and the next. Perhaps you would like to inform me of which characters you personally would like to see brought to 84 first?  You can choose from the following who are currently at 75-80 each:

Engineer / Miner
Tailor / Leatherworker
Skinner / Miner
Alchemist / Herbalist

My other characters are either new rolls or other high level toons that are duplicates of the professions already listed. I can also switch to any profession in about a day or two depending on the number of materials listed on the auction house. I may do this with Markco early on in order to experience all the professions fairly quickly without having to level individual toons. This will greatly help me write more detailed descriptions of each profession than what is currently listed at my Cataclysm Gold Guide. Although I feel that I did a bang up job describing the various ways to make gold with every profession already, there are subtle tips I can give only after I have thoroughly invested the time into selling items for each profession.

So far I've spent 100,000 gold powerleveling jewelcrafting, blacksmithing, inscription and enchanting. Here's how blacksmithing is going so far:

Hey, when you have a million plus gold why not use it to your advantage right? It would suck to lose some of my rarer enchants, so I might just drop blacksmithing since I don't have many good rare items on markco for that profession. What do you think I should do? Should I just suck it up and level the characters? What are you going to do with your army of alts? Level them all to 84?

Enchanting Tip: Buy out level 82-84 armor for 3x the cost of dust and disenchant it. I'm making huge gold right now doing this.

Blacksmithing Tip: Folded Obsidium (if you start by buying ore, smelting and folding it) can have a pretty nice profit margin. Try it out on your server.

PS: For the prot pvp fans I am currently working on getting some gear for Markco, but it's going to be a slow grind while I focus on the gold guide.

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  1. Shadowstep US Bloodhoof said... December 17, 2010 at 10:04 AM

    These items are also obtained via pickpocketing, so I end up with alot of them as i try for my epic thrown.

  2. Awesome tip there, Shadowstep - I found a good pickpocket macro, and I like to spam it at the end of stonecore - just before the last boss.

    Markco, I'm planning on leveling my alts up to 84. I see the potential profit in switching professions on a toon, but powerleveling takes time, money, and mats (that may not always be in enough supply).

    I dunno - it just kinda seems that have your alts leveled offers the maximum diversity. But - different strokes.

  3. This is funny because my main is an enchanter/____ for the same reasons you listed for not dropping it. I only lack 2 AQ enchants and 1 Ulduar one to have every enchant in the game! My second profession has been:
    1) tailoring when I was new at the game and didn't understand that it didn't do paladins a whole lot of good

    2)blacksmithing when I figured out what I should have (this was in BC)

    3)herbalism to prepare for the inscription patch

    4)inscription that I powerleveled to the highest they would let you go within 2 hours of the patch. Talk about a money maker.

    Then I decided I wanted to be a BS for the sockets, but before leveling BS, I powerleveled:

    5) tailoring to learn the mounts (there were 2 at the time), and

    6) engineering to learn the 2 mounts and 2 pets (bop at the time).

    THEN I leveled blacksmithing, which is the most horrible profession to level in the entire game. Soon it became clear that engineering was the way to go for Wrath melee dps, so once again I dropped BS...but before leveling engineering I leveled:

    7) tailoring AGAIN so that I could learn that 3rd mount that was patched in.

    8) then, finally, engineering

    With all that, I never once even considered dropping enchanting! Instead, I make sure all my alts have every profession covered, and I am just as much a recipe hound on them as I am on Thrawna. :D

  4. Please for the love of the Earthmother tell us how to make gold with Engineering!

  5. I've tried selling those Twilight Highlands items, making sure to undercut everyone on the AH. Not one single item has sold unfortunately :(

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