What's Your Cataclysm Gold Strategy?

Pass the twinkies, beer and arctic fur coasters, it's time for the Wow Gold Blogging Carnival! Come one come all, Markco the gold guru with the most commonly misspelled name of all warcraft legends has gathered together quite a collection of wow gold articles from across the Azerothean blogosphere! We have everyone from gold aficionados to common players all mixed together into a smorgasbord of information. Pass the popcorn and enjoy the vast range of topics and cataclysm gold lovin' goodness. Feedback is greatly appreciated and be sure to comment on articles you enjoyed reading. Also let the author know that you found their link via my site to promote collaboration among bloggers. That's the goal of a blogging carnival after all, besides providing excellent content.

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And now, I present to you for your reading pleasure, 23 Posts answering the question...

"What's your cataclysm gold strategy?"

Wow Alone
"...these aren't extremely complicated strategies and I don't plan to agonize day and night about ways in which to make even more gold. What all these methods do have in common is that they require professions in order to work. There's Inscription, Jewelcrafting, Alchemy, Mining and Herbalism."

Miss Mediocre
"A lot of people are going to be leveling new characters, from the new race/class combos to Goblins and Worgens. All of these new characters are going to need gear, and now that average WoW players have a bit more disposable income, I’m thinking some crafted gear pieces are going to see a huge jump in demand! I wanted to find out which ones."

Nerf Faids
"Chatting, questing, and exploring? What? What do I think this is, some kind of social game?  Well, I got Faid to Borean Tundra about 2 months after Wrath had launched. There I found a quest requiring Overcharged Capacitors.  All I could think was 'If I'd been here on launch day I could have sold these for 300g a pop.'"

"There are many items and markets that can be used to supply the soon to be exploding population of new players and new characters.  Here is a list of some of the strategies that I am going to be banking on."

"The best way to make money in Cataclysm is anticipating the changes that will cause item prices to go up (and avoiding items that will go down as a result of Cataclysm). Below are a few categories to take a look at to maximize your earnings when Cataclysm hits on December 7. But before we go there I want to encourage everyone to avoid the inflation bat!"

2 Gold, 1 Auction House
"There is no excuse for not being somewhat prepared for Cataclysm, even for a mid level character. I cant afford some of the higher end pets, recipes and items that are going to be gone after Cataclysm but there are markets that anyone can get into."

We Require more Vespene Gas
"When an expansion comes out, the demand skyrockets, and there is hardly enough supply to go around. This means that the value of the supply is going to hike way up, so if you can supply yourself now with what you need to supply all the players on your faction on your server during release day, then you are going to make lots of gold."

Zenith's Round Table
"Best advice I can give? Undertstand the difference between a stragetist and a tactician. You want to be a stragetist more than a tactician. A stragetist is one who comes up with plans and uses tactics to execute his plan. A tactician only uses a single idea over and over. Ideas have a limited lifetime, but plans evolve with time and market conditions. A lot of blogs cover the idea but that idea is often near its expiration by the time it is posted. If your just starting to act on the idea you read 5 minutes ago, your probably (or more than definitely) late to the party."

Just Another Goblin
"We’ll start up with my personal favourite source of gold and what, in my personal opinion, will be the best ways to maximise the potential from them."

I Has Stuffs
"What no farming? Well sure I'm a sucker for easy money so I'm sure my Scribe/Herbalist will be selling off a majority of what I manage to farm in the first few weeks.  After the initial boom of raw materials my next focus is becoming as diverse as possible."

Just Another Wow Blog
"If you've been reading the articles I've posted lately, you'll know that I find investing in Azerothian materials to be very risky. Where, then, is the industrious goblin to invest his hard-earned capital between now and Cataclysm? The best answer is Outland."

"My plan for filling my coffers at the beginning of the coming expansion has one primary pillar and a couple of supporting details.  The main strategy is to gather herbs.  Here’s why."

Analius's Hunt for Gold
"Now we get to the gold making, I will be mainly focusing on my professions on my warlock firstly, gaining a firm foothold on the Tailoring and Enchanting markets."

High Latency Life
"...1. People Power-leveling Professions - New Expansions bring new alts. So mid-level mat’s are going to play a big role. I feel Northrend/Outland Mats will be more premium as people won’t be heading to those areas as much. Also alot of professions have sticky points at ranges where they need alot of a mats, figure out those sticky points, and you might see yourself making a bit of gold..."

"This brings me to a more interesting topic. Do you remember the early days of the WotLK Auction House? I sure do. The first [Titansteel Destroyer] at the Thunderlord AH was sold for 15,000g and the first epic LW craft (I forget which) for 12,500g. On my server, I was the first to craft and sell a [Mekgineer's Chopper] for 26,000g. The margins on each of these items was insane - 70/80/40% respectively. Players are willing to pay a huge premium for high ticket items if it means getting an edge - and Cataclysm offers the best opportunities for crafters we've seen in a long time. Let me explain."

Warcraft Journal
"As we all know, many things will be changing in Cataclysm. Removal of instances and violent shifts of geography are just a few of the changes coming with the expansion (or even earlier). There are some things that will be impossible to achieve once Cataclysm is released. The time in which you can obtain, achieve or see these things is closing quickly."

Bangkok Bill's World of Goldcraft
"Dec 6th 8:30 AM – 9:30 PM – Post my normal auctions on my posting toons along with some extra auctions to take advantage of the coming influx of new Goblin toons. At the very least I will be listing a ton of Netherweave Bags along with some Frostweave Bags. This weekend I also intend to take a look at material prices to see if it will be worth to craft any low level items to sell at this time. If it is I will also list these auctions."

"Similar to Wrath the new recipes will be available by earning tokens from daily quests which are now found from Robby Flay (stormwind) or Marogg (ogrimmar). This also means that's dedicated chefs hold on various recipe markets will be easier to hold onto until people start earning their own daily cooking tokens."

Trading with Zoxy
"So you want the best gear you can get and its appeared on the AH , wait the market will be overinflated for at least the first month. Crafters will see this and soon there will be more on the market at lesser prices as the competition catch up."

Capped by Cata
"It's all about the game plan. There are a lot of facets to the question about my particular Gold Making Strategy for Cataclysm. Cataclysm is a vast expansion. To be able to sum up my entire Strategy in one post just isn't possible. In this post, I'm going to go over my first weeks plan then I'll be going over some major aspects which can be applied to any perspective gold maker."

Venture, LLT
"My strategy centers on professions, with a bit of stockpiling, and an occasional shuffle.  Professions first - I have a main & 2 alts.  My maxed professions are on my main – Jewelcrafting & Mining.  My other professions are on 1 of my alts – Tailoring and Inscription.  Here are my strategies for each profession..."

Not so Secret Society
"Now, lots of people will try to max out their crafting professions first, mainly because is what they have on their main and because farming mats isn't considered a good way to make money... The second one is usually true, but not in the beginning of a new expansion. All these people will need mats to do this. A huge amount of them. And they'll usually be eager to pay any price it takes... "

Follow the Gold Road
"The night before Cataclysm will see me post a good spread of materials and a large proportion of glyphs on 48 hour auctions to catch the initial rush.  I’ll then eek out the rest of the stock over the course of the next few weeks, depending on demand."

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  1. I love the Blogging Carnival, so many great blogs. Thanks again Markco for letting me take part in this.
    I hope the JMTC community makes some mad bank come Cataclysm. I know I'm going to try.

  2. You're very welcome River! Remember back in the day when you helped me out with a guest post? What goes around comes around.

  3. Since your e-mail response was not particularly clear, I only wanted to point out the 24th (as of yet, unmentioned) posting to this Carnival.

    You'll find it here:
    The Vayaz: Gold Reaping Business

    The Carnival itself is a pretty neat compilation again, and I've added some more blogs to my list.

    Though I can't find much time lately, I won't forget them.

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