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" I don't know if anyone has pointed this out already, but there is a fortune to be made in Holiday pets. Jingling Bell, Red and Green Helper, and Snowman kit are all being dumped on the market this weekend and the undercutting brings these pets to very low prices. I've been buying them at anything under 100g, as they typically go for 300+ over the course of the year. Half my stock I bought at 40-50g, which is going to yield a nice turnaround over the course of 2011. Also, Preserved Holy sells well!

Just thought I'd pass it along, as your advice has made me almost 40,000 gold in the last couple weeks. " - Matt

Thank you for the tip Matt, this is an excellent way to make gold down the road, and shows your how inflation and supply vs demand works. Right now, there is a high supply, but a very, very low demand for these pets, as people will be getting them from the gifts, they will most likely simply use their own pets instead of going to the auction house. The pets are selling anywhere from 30-100g, and come 6 months down the road, during mid summer the pets will fetch 300-400g, like you said.

An excellent tip here guys, I suggest you buy as many as you can under 50g, and store for a later time to sell.

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  1. Great tip, Just managed to snag a few of each for under 50g or just over like 56g thanks alot hopefully this will pay off in summer and I can keep picking these up cheap :)

  2. Gotta disagree here.

    In THEORY this should work, but in reality does it? It sure doesn't work on my server. Last Winter Veil I bought out some of these with hopes of flipping them during the spring and summer of the following year. Did they sell for good profit? NO! They didn't even sell. I think I sold 1 total over the course of a year and only after dropping the price to below 50g. Most all of them are still left in my guildbank.

    Why don't they sell? It's simple - 2 reasons. They require a snowball to summon. Snowballs are hard to come by in the spring and summer usually. And unless you are just a pet collector, who wants to buy a pet that is going to cost you money every time you summon it?

    They also don't sell too well because most people have alts. These same people have 1 main character. This main probably gets all of the pets, works on all the achievements, gets all of the mounts, works on titles and rep, etc. That way all of the alts who got BOE pets just send them to their main anyways. With a few alts you probably covered all the various pets and don't even need to buy any of the others at all.

    So don't blow too much gold on this investment because it may not even net you a profit in the end.

  3. I must agree with both Cold AND Matt and Mageshadow.

    First, Cold is right to warn that these pets are very hard to sell. I bought a bucketload of them last Winterveil at an exorbitant price (thinking they would be one-off pets, never to be repeated). I found them very hard to sell, though I also bought shovelfuls of snowballs as well. Nonetheless, when I did sell them, they brought in a fortune. I was able to sell about one every two weeks, at about 800g each. Lowering the price didn't seem to bring me more sales, for as Cold points out, it's only the dedicated collectors who were buying.

    How many years has this pet been available? I mistakenly thought it only available last year, since the previous year I got a Crashin' Thrashin' Racer, so I wasn't expecting a different pet each year!

  4. Oh, yeah, the other thing about these pets is you have to have to advertise them. Nobody can find them by browsing the pets section of the AH, so advertising is key. I am always prepared to list two: one to get the ball rolling, so I can start advertising, and one to undercut any undercutters who surface as a result.

  5. Naturally, different servers have different economies. Also true is different merchants have different methods! Your claim that snowballs are hard to come by sounds like gold clinking into my bank, as you've just identified an easy to acquire item that is scarce and required.

    Hit the trade channel and sell the pets (which count against the pet gathering achievement) AND the snowballs to make it work! I'll be doing this going forwards.

    On my server these historically sell for 150-400g depending on which pet you're talking about. That's just easy money. Add in the profits from snowballs (and snowball making engineering plans) and I'm going to scrape out some extra jingling coins for my Jingling Bells.

    Thanks for the tip!

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