Jewelcrafting Prospecting Saronite Ore Gold Strategy

Jewelcrafting Strategy - The new saronite shuffle video. Quick clip about what to sell while prospecting saronite ore and how I still make money from it. Chalcedony and dark jades are the real money makers, as well as cut rare gems.

The old saronite shuffle focused on turning your common gems into disenchanting fodder, which you can still do but I've found that simply cutting and vendoring the less expensive common gems is only slightly less money at this point with infinite dusts falling below 1 gold sometimes on my server.

It's Not About the Gold - Even 1,000,000 Gold

There's a reason why there are so few millionaires in the game (though the number is growing thanks in part to the Wow Gold Forum): They don't do it for the gold. It's the same with making money in real life, if you do it just for the money then you will eventually fail. Why is this fundamental truth proven over and over again? It's because you are going to fail over and over again in your journey to becoming a wow millionaire. You'll take risks that don't work out, have weeks where you lose gold, butt heads with competition, etc. In other words, you are not going to have a straight exponential growth from 0 to 1,000,000 and it's the bumps in the road that cannot be overcome solely by how much you want to reach one million gold. Passion, a willingness to risk even after failing previously, and a belief that you will eventually succeed against all odds are what gets you through those rough patches.

Another major part of the process of hitting one million gold is a willingness to change course and do something against the grain (popular opinion or trend). If you want to get a million gold then you are going to have to do things no one else is doing. After all, if it were easy to make 1,000,000 shiny gold pieces then everyone would be doing it.

Making that 1,000,000 gold is about the journey, the never ending process of refining your skills and always learning. It's about striving for perfection but knowing you will never be perfect. You know, the same is true for success in life itself. Shawn and Patrick touched on this in their How I Wow interview with me.

Castaclysm Episode 2 - Wow Podcast on Patch 3.3.3

Wow Podcast Castaclysm episode 2 is here. Check out this amazing podcast starring Thunderer, Jhaman, and myself :) Three wow pros give their take on world of warcraft news and events. Enjoy!

Suggestion Box Friday - Your Success Story

Read this story about a satisfied player who found this website and then if you'd like post your own in the comments section!
"Yesterday morning I was just deciding that I needed a new way to augment my selective farming gold income.  So after my weekly Cranius fix on youtube, I spotted one of your awesome (albeit quiet) films about making gold in WoW. I was impressed by what i saw and followed the link to your site. After jotting down a couple notes and installing Auctioneer I drank some coffee until my server came back online. I decided to put your methods to the test in a 24hr test run.  My pally had just under 200 gold on him at the time and that felt like a good beginning amount.  what happened next far exceeded my expectations. In 5 hours of simply buying saronite ore at 40% market and selling the bars in pairs, I had doubled my money. Then I used that 400 gold to bid on nearly 300 Auctions all over the place from herbs to epic armor.  I then pried myself away from the screen in order to simulate a "normal" play cycle (though in my excited state I could have pulled an all nighter). Today I logged in to find about 30% of my bids had been a success and those auctions brought me up to the gold total you see here with about 600g pending in unsold merchandise.

Just under 24 hours after discovering your site and installing Auctioneer, I have turned 193g into 1,144g.  The attached screenshot shows exactly that via Auctioneer's bean Counter (the gold amount isn't displayed in my bags because i deposit my money straight into GB).  So in very rough summary, I picked up one Addon, watched one of your youtube videos, browsed your site during scheduled maintenance, and one day later I am making gold at an exponential rate.  Thank you very much! In case you wonder my personal favorite place to farm is Hellfire Ramparts: Three 20 slot bags full of junk along with an enchanting bag full of disenchanted  blues does not take long to acquire and the monetary return is the best I've found so far.  My toon's name is Aunigma on Fizzcrank-US so if any credit is due send it his way :-).  

Thanks again!"

I believe that Aunigma had come across this video on selling items in world of warcraft.

Renting an Enchanter

The disenchanting option has created and destroyed several markets, but I haven't seen anyone talk about the possible uses for this new option.

Here's a very simple and unique way to use the new disenchanting option:

While farming you can have an enchanter in group but not with you to get the de option, thus allowing you to farm instances, kill world mobs, etc while your friend is in town doing something completely different. As long as you're in a group with a disenchanter all items which they can disenchant will have the appropriate loot option, regardless of distance.

Fishing Exploit

What a great email for fishermen in northrend that own wintergrasp:

Whats up Marky Mark, Benladin 80 BE pally Agamaggan, i came across a lil somethin i like to call "spiritual immunity fishing", on the west side of WG at the Broken Temple grave yard, facing WG if you stand at the edge facing the water you can cast and fish while under the effect of spiritual immunity, in other words, fish all you want without being ganked, its funny to see fail ally trying to gank, not noticing im immune and wonder why i own with a fishing pole.anyway, im thinking you can use this as your next topic, maybe even turn it into a game somehow see who the first to post a SS or define the phrase "spiritual immunity fishing" or we can keep it our lil secret and make all the gold. well thats justmytwocopper im adding to this wonderful gold making blog.

Farming Golden Pearls

Golden pearls are used for leveling several professions and are a major headache for levelers to obtain. Here's a location submitted by the youtube member BloodVorteX7.


The upcoming auction house changes are awesome! Only thing I'm worried about is compatibility with auctioneer and QA3... we'll just have to see won't we? One thing I'm really interested in is this new posting bar method that will be available, will it replace auctioneer's batch post? Will it ruin the batch post by not allowing more than one item type posted at a time? Will it allow for multiple item types to be posted in a que similiar to batch post? Who knows, all I know is I can't wait to see what blizzard has planned for the auction house and I'm curious if all this is being done to prepare for the new wow armory version of the auction house.

Auction House

  • If the Auction House on a realm is unavailable for any reason, an alert will pop up informing players who attempt to access it.
  • Players can now Right-Click to place an item in the Auction frame.
  • Entire stacks of a specific item type can be placed in the Auction frame and several options have been added for choosing how to list auctions.
    • Stack Size: If a stack of items has been added to the Auction frame, players can select the size of the stack they wish to sell. If an invalid stack size is entered (i.e. a stack of 21 Saronite Ore), the Create Auction button will be grayed out.
    • Number of Stacks: In addition to selecting the size of a stack, players can select how many stacks of an item they wish to sell (i.e. if a player has a total of 43 Saronite Ore in the Auction frame, they can choose to list 2 stacks of 20, 4 stacks of 10, 8 stacks of 5, 43 stacks of 1, etc. If the number and amount of stacks listed results in a remainder, the left-over items will be placed back in the player's bags automatically).
    • Stack Size and Number of Stacks are linked mathematically so that altering the variables of one may automatically calculate the amount of the other (i.e. if a player puts 20 in the Stack Size field and 43 Saronite Ore are in the Auction frame, the Number of Stacks field will change to 2 by default. If a player only wishes to sell one stack of 20 Saronite Ore, the Number of Stacks field can be manually changed to 1).
    • Price: Players can now choose to input the price of an item Per Stack or Per Item by selecting either option from a pull-down. If Per Item is selected and a player is selling a stack of that item, the Auction House will multiply the selected Per Item price by the amount of that item in the stack. If Per Stack is selected, the player can enter the total price he or she wishes to charge for each stack of that item being listed.
    • Auction Post Completion Bar: If multiple items or stacks of items are being listed at once by a player, a Posting completion bar will appear showing the total progress of each individual auction being listed once the Create Auction button is selected. The greater the number of individual listings being made in a single press of the Create Auction button, the longer this process will take. Players can still browse the Auction House while the Posting completion bar is in progress, but moving around will interrupt the progress, similar to moving while attempting to create multiple bandages with First Aid. Just as with creating bandages, auctions that were completed prior to the character moving or otherwise canceling the actions will successfully be listed.

9 Reasons Why Gems will Gold Cap You Faster than Glyphs

Here's why Gems will gold cap you faster than Glyphs:

  1. If you managed to get all the jewelcrafting recipes then you are going to have atleast a dozen gem cuts which sell for 60-120 more gold than the raw gems cost to make them.
  2. Players go through gems more frequently then glyphs.
  3. The meta gems can make even more profit individually than the epic gem cuts.
  4. Players will sell you tons of gems in trade as well as via COD because they are so easy to get.
  5. It's difficult for other jewelcrafters to get all the recipes and so you will often have decent competition for more common cuts but very little competition for rarer ones.
  6. The brilliant glass will make you gold every single day with very little effort.
  7. If you managed to get all the rare cuts as well as the epic ones you are going to make an additional 1k gold per day from these extra cuts.
  8. Having an alchemist to support your craft (transmuting meta gems and epic gems) allows you to make even more profit from your cuts.
  9. You can quickly and efficiently manage your gem business just like glyphs thanks QA3. A single gem sale will average out to about the same profit as 5-10 glyphs.

Buy Frozen Orbs NOW for Patch 3.3.3

Patch 3.3.3 is on the PTR and frozen orbs will now be used to purchase a frost lotus, 6 frozen orbs for a crusader orb, 4 frozen orbs per rune orb, any eternal per frozen orb, and a frosty flying carpet tailoring pattern for 6 frozen orbs.

In other words:


That is all.

Seriously though, you are going to kick yourself for not buying orbs at near vendor price now and reselling for 20-30 gold each at a later date.

Suggestion Box Friday - Castaclysm?

News Around JMTC

A whole new podcast is coming out very soon, it's called Castaclysm: A World of Warcraft Cataclysm Podcast, and I will be co-hosting it along with my gladiator 2's partner Thunderion and his brother Jhaman who are both excellent players in world of warcraft. We'll be able to discuss all topics regarding the events leading up to and following Cataclysm: Pvp, pve, and gold making! Bookmark the page and keep an eye out for the first episode which will be coming out hopefully some time next week.

The other podcast I'm currently a part of: Call to Auction had it's 6th episode recorded last night, so check my twitter feed for when that gets released as well. Have you checked out the previous episodes on making gold in world of warcraft? Definitely worth your while and of course the beauty of podcasting is that you can listen to it while you do what you would normally do in the game anyway.


How long would it take you to make 1,000 gold on a new server with a level 1? What would you do to get starter cash and then to make that 1,000 gold? I am currently filming this for my gold guide and will be releasing it whenever I get to that 1k benchmark (hopefully sooner rather than later with how busy I am). I will of course be releasing the information I use to the blogging community in the form of my daily posts, but I will keep the videos for gold guide holders.

What will happen to frost lotus with the change coming next tuesday (possibly)? I plan on buying frost lotus for 70% or less of the current cost and resell for my prediction of 80% normal value that it will eventually settle at. I talked about this in call to auction episode 6 and am interested what this community thinks.

The Home Front

I've lost 55 pounds so far since I started losing weight 6 months ago. I went from struggling through a set of pushups to doing them one handed and from jogging a couple miles to running them full speed. Looking forward to keeping busy with two podcasts, the Wow Gold Guide, the Wow Gold Forums, the Wow Gold Digest (sign up slackers!), my newest book on Blogging to Make Money, and of course this amazing blogging community.

10 Things the Netherweave Bag Market Teaches Us

There's a lot of things you can learn from selling netherweave bags on the auction house. Here's a list of them... my what a handy thing this could be for the savvy auctioneer to appy to other markets (HINT HINT HINT).

1. It takes a 50 silver runecloth thread to make each bag. That is a cost per bag that I cannot avoid.
2. A stack of netherweave is the exact amount of materials I need that can be bought from the auction house for each bag.
3. The difference between a bag and 20 cloth is around 5-12 gold. That's a lot of profit, definately worth the short amount of time it takes to craft a bag!
4. If I buy out the cloth up to a certain price, the bags will reflect this price.
5. If I flood with too many items the cost of bags seems to drop dramatically.
6. Even if I post 30 bags a day they all sell on my server. I'll have to post more and see what happens. On the weekends I've noticed even more sell. Maybe I should double my postings no friday and saturday.
7. QA3 works great with netherweave bags! Even when people undercut below my threshold they are eventually bought out and mine get bought for my fallout!
8. If I post for reasonable market amounts they still sell, even with undercutters. 48 hour auctions work best for me so far.
9. Selling in amounts divisible by four seems to work rather well.
10. Trade chat sells as many bags as the auction house! So many people stop into town while leveling to grab some bags, it's amazing. I can even sell for above market price because the leveler wants his/her items NOW!

Dr. EJ on Economics - Part 2

Now that there are a few less paupers in WoW, let’s make the princes even better off.
Today’s topic is the cartel. A cartel is essentially a group of individuals who control most or all production in a market. Often we see posts dealing with ways that you make gold on your own. This method however, involves not only a lot of start up money, but several trustworthy friends as well that you will have to work closely with.

The cartel works by collusion, that is, you and your friends predetermine what you want to corner a certain market at. You buy up any sellers and then resell everything at your set price. Quantities should be varied, but price per unit must be maintained. You must constantly buy up under-cutters but between the three or four of you, it shouldn’t be a problem, especially with a large gold reserve and open bank space.

Two important things are now working in your favor, one psychological, the other realistic. The first is this: when I look on the auction house and see all of an item is the same price with several different sellers and quantities, I assume it is fair value. The second factor is this: You have double control on the price. Allow me to explain what this means. As was stated above, you have direct control by actually setting the prices, but you also have indirect control by setting the quantity available in the market place. By limiting the number of auctions available to buyers, it keeps pressure on prices to stay high. You simply need to provide just barely enough for the buyers to ensure prices stay where they are. There should not be excess on the auction house and almost none of your posts should be expiring. If more than one or two are, you’re posting too much.

Cartels are not for those with weak stomachs. You need a trusted group of associates and some system of equalizing profits among all members. It can be a daunting task to set all of this up and disappointing at first when you have to invest so much gold and bank space, but it’s worth it in the end. The large investment is met with larger profits that can be maintained almost indefinitely. If you are a leader and can rally your peers into developing this business model, then go for it!

While there are obvious things to avoid with cartels (like infighting, individuals who sellout, etc.) there is one that is less obvious and can be the most destructive. Frequently, great success in one market makes people ambitious to reach out into a new market or maybe several, to turn the simple cartel into a giant conglomerate. DON’T do it! It already requires so much capital to corner and maintain one market; cartels will easily outstrip their cash reserves trying to expand. The result is a complete collapse in control and tremendous losses, and often the disbanding of the associates. You must be ever vigilant to maintain your market, because others are always trying to call your bluff. If you ever don’t hold all the cards, you will get hammered into the ground.

So there you have it, two days and two great applications. While many of Markco’s tips are usable by everyone, occasionally the blog will focus on smaller but still important groups. There’s a little something for everyone: the rich, the poor, and anybody in between. What more could you want?

Loremaster Ej

Dr. EJ on Economics - Part 1

For today and tomorrow, I have two ideas for two very different types of people. They are the ones who have little more than two copper, and the ones who don’t have time to count all their gold. We’re going to apply free market principles here and end up with a strategy that each group can use. Here goes!

First, we have the poor. Have you ever heard of business cycle frequency? How about the business cycle? Still no, huh? Alright well, a business cycle begins with a market growing, then the market stops growing, then it falls, and then it stops falling. This is a full cycle at which point it simply repeats. Business cycle frequency is how many times a cycle occurs in a given time frame. Some real world cycles complete every 10 years, others 5, and others daily. In WoW, every market fluctuates up and down with some kind of regularity; though some cycles will be longer than others, and some will end down a little while others end up slightly.

As a pauper, it is your goal to first find out what the average frequency for a market is and then simply hop on board at the right time. So pick a market and observe it for a while. Buy when the market predictably stops falling. Remember, a rising tide raises all ships, so buy something, anything, (even if you can only afford one of something to start) and watch the growth begin. While this works, remember that when a big player pulls the plug out of the bathtub, all ships will fall regardless of their actual value, so here’s the part that takes some nerve: do NOT watch the market to determine your next move, but instead sell at a predetermined time and price, according to the cycle you have observed. Once you have bought or posted, watching each individual move in a cycle makes you vulnerable to try and press your money too hard or sell too early.

You’ve been watching this market cycle regularly, therefore you know it will be coming back, even if it falls a little right away, so don’t panic. You should know what time to sell and at what price based on how the market has cycled before. Watching it can only make you panic.

Let’s take a lesson from the real world: the little guy gets crushed in investing unless he rides the coattails of the big guns. You don’t have enough money to try and move markets, so don’t try. Doing so will get you burned. Simply know when to buy and when to sell. You’re not looking to maximize returns right now since you don’t have the cash to invest and can’t afford any substantial risk yet. Right now, just play it safe and make a little money. Don’t get greedy! There’s an old saying on Wall Street: Bulls make money, Bears make money, Pigs get slaughtered. In other words, you can make money in good markets and bad markets, but if you get greedy, you’re gonna’ lose.

Now don’t you worry Rockefellers – your post will be on tomorrow. Till then, happy riding on the rising tide.

Loremaster Ej

20,400! 14,600! 3,000! 9,650!

Numbers, they're a funny thing aren't they? Whether you are a pvp nut like me, a try hard pver, or even an auction house guru... everyone has one factor in common: We all love numbers! It doesn't matter if the number is a 21k shield slam, a #1 world first kill, or selling a 16 thousand gold bike.

So what is so crazy about numbers in this game? Why do we love them so much? The answer is actually quite simple because it all comes down to the fact that we built those numbers ourselves. These pixels that we finally acquire are the culmination of hours and hours of work setting them up. We feel a sense of ownership over our numbers and that is one of the greatest successes of world of warcraft. Fun takes on many meanings for many people, but everyone has fun when they feel a sense of accomplishment in building up to their own personal number goals.

Another great success of world of warcraft is the fact that even if we are terrible at this game we will slowly accrue more and more materials to make our numbers a reality. Even if you fail at pvp eventually you will get the gear you want from honor points or badges, just not as high quality as you may have been wishing for. Your character will always eventually improve, thus you will always get your slice of the numbers fun we all crave and pay $15 a month for.

How do you feel about numbers in world of warcraft?

10 Ways Internet Marketing Helped Me to Play Wow Better

As many of you have figured out by now I'm not a typical blogger. In fact I wouldn't even call myself a blogger, but rather an internet marketer who runs blogs for profit. Some people consider this unpure and unethical, but I think of it as providing quality content that is so good that the information can be sold. That being said, having the mindset of an internet marketer has helped me greatly in world of warcraft for several reasons. It has also provided you with a unique look at world of warcraft which you won't get from any other wow blog on the net.

1. Diversification - I will never ever try to make all my money from one source. Whether it is daily quests for professions, flipping items, crafting for resale, etc. I always diversify my selling options sometimes to the point of hundreds of markets at once.

2. Automation - Getting as much automation into the equation as possible gives you more time which makes you more gold which opens up more oppurtunities to make more gold. Time = gold and automation = tons of saved time. The difference between someone who uses snatch scans and QA3 in combination and someone who doesn't is the same as the differences between night and day. An example of how automation can work for you is my 22 Steps to Using Auctioneer post.

3. Perception vs Reality - Perception always has to be present to make a sale. Then, when the person has made the purchase then the reality has to atleast live up to the perception. When selling items to buyers scamming them is never the right call because you lose that buyer forever.

4. Never Stop Learning - The world of warcraft is just that, a living breathing world of information. You can never stop learning when attempting to improve on your own performance. New patches, new ideas, and new methods are constantly appearing and it's the job of a successful businessman to do his reasearch and go find this information.

5. Passive Income > Work - Having farmers send me their goods, especially having farmers mill, prospect, or craft for me before sending the items, has done wonders for improving my income in world of warcraft. After getting enough farmers to send their goods to me on a daily or weekly basis, there is never a reason to go farming ever again in wow. That's as close to passive income as it can get in this game.

6. Community - Participating in and setting up the JMTC Wow Gold Forums has provided not only myself, but my readers with a place to congregate and freely share ideas about making gold in world of warcraft. It was the JMTC forums that I learned about several great post worthy topics which I have blogged about in the past and put to use in world of warcraft. There's always someone out there smarter than you or bigger than you, why not learn from them instead of being jealous?

7. You have no control over the market - Yes you can influence the market and perhaps do it more than the average player depending on your gold levels, but you never ever truly control it. This is a hard fact about economics that many players and real world traders have trouble grasping. I can't stop 300 people from posting ink of the seas 5 gold less than me. Whether you react or don't react to a market situation is the only quasi-control you have over the market. You have influence, but no control.

8. Credibility is Everything - I could not sell carrying packages for 1800 rating in 2's (and sometimes 2000 rating) without my gladiator title or youtube videos. Credibility really does follow you everywhere and it is always the difference between making a sale and getting the same old, familiar cold shoulder.

9. No Idea isn't Worth Trying - Regardless of what you decided to try, it's never stupid to try it out and take a risk. When I first started selling essences of undeath I had no idea whether the lifestealing enchant would be enough of a market to sell them. Boy was I happily underestimating how many I would sell and for how much. Soon I was selling them for 400-800% of the cost to initially buy them for reflipping purposes. Never say never.

10. Grouping Up has its Benefits - Just like in online marketing, grouping up with a team of people has tremendous advantages for making additional income. By focusing on group strengths and dividing up tasks based on those strengths, in this case professions, you can greatly increase the gold generated by the group. Setting up professions for specific characters and dividing up the work between multiple players/characters has worked out surprisingly well for me. Currently I have loose agreements with three other high profile sellers on my server which allows us to avoid stepping on each other's toes and focus on our own areas of making gold. We have eached picked a set group of items for each profession as well as times of posting and we try to avoid undercutting wars between the four of us. It's mostly an informal and unorganized thing regarding the time of our postings, as we simply look at who's on and decide based on that for ourselves but it's still a loose grouping of people with the aim of achieving a similiar goal: more gold for everyone.

Do you have a unique perspective on wow that you'd like to share in the comments section?

When Do You Craft Your Items?

Many players have their own little system for crafting items and others just do it whenever they have the free time to do it. Personally, I follow a very basic system of crafting on the weekends when I have the most time for it. I also tend to pick up the most deals for crafting mats on the weekends anyway, so I'll do a scan on a Saturday or Sunday morning and grab the goods I need for crafting. I also tend to have a bank tab or two of goods from my snatch scans earlier in the week.

I know several players that craft their goods every night before they go to sell them because they don't like to invest the time and have lots of extra mats waiting in their bags to be posted on the auction house after the first batch or two sells. They'd rather craft and post with no reserves versus the system that I use.

So how do you divide your time during the week to craft items for resale purposes?

Suggestion Box Friday - Time is Money?

What is Suggestion Box Friday?

Suggestion box friday is your chance to be the blog writer. It's when I, Markco, the gold making guru, pvp gladiator, destroyer of small rabbits, and overall nice guy descend from my frozen primordial saronite throne and allow you, the lovable yet amateur auctioneer, to make heads or tails out of the world of warcraft auction house for the day in my stead (you get to comment about whatever you want). That being said, I try to keep the discourse regarding this post productive by relaying news and discussion topics.

Where to Farm Lovely Charms after the Recent Nerf


  • Episode 5 of the Call to Auction.
  • Wow Confidential had an excellent interview where at 7:00 minutes in he gave an awesome answer to the MMO-Champion article that we discussed on Call to Auction. I won't spoil what he said so head on over to the elitists podcast to find out.
  • Worked on the Wow Gold Guide and managed to convert my first video to flash! I plan to soon convert all the videos from wmv within the guide as well as add a video on how to go from 0 gold to 1000 gold on any server in a week (no dk requried).
  • Working on the next gold guide competition, I plan on making it a little more fun this time around.

Discussion Topics

What value do you place on your time, specifically in leveling alts for cataclysm? Gold guide holders know that you can make a lot of gold leveling a character, BUT will it make up for the time you invested instead of playing your main farming the auction house or mobs? Do you value the end result of having new professions and possibly cooldowns or dailies? Since cataclysm is coming soon, do you value getting all your characters to level 80 over making gold now even with the possibility of inflation?

Wanted Auctioneer Enhancements

Helloes Markco

As previously noted, it's recomended to 'buy low, sell normal' which is working wonderfully, using a Snatch list gives me most of my AH money.

So the question, do you know of any way to make the Appraiser module more cynical? I'm currently using the 'Simple' stat module for calculating the market value, with the 'Undercut' module set to only undercut by a very small amount.

Do you know, if it's possible in some way, to make Auctioner not post at 100% market value (before Undercut/ah fees substraction) but instead aim to post at say 105% ?

I'd like my Auctioneer to correctly calculate the market price for a certain item, but post it at just a tad bit over it. Due to making a boatload of small sales, a little extra margin would go a long way for me, and adding a fixed price like 50silver to all
calculations wouldn't work either as on the more expensive items the extra money is neglible but on the low level herbs that's a steep price raise.

Thank you

My Response:

Meka -

I have tried to come up with a way to do this and could not figure it out. I even tried using QA3 to undercut by - 50 silver and it didn't work. Sorry :(

- Markco

Well, good to know it's just not me being stupid :p

In regards to
undercutting by a negative amount, what I've been is to set up the Rounding and
"sustract fixed amount" to -50, thus automatically raising the price by 50silver
when rounding, but that raises the price across the board, no percentage.

Oh well, thank you, yet again


This series of emails got me thinking about possible enhancements for auctioneer besides the one mentioned in the email:

- Allow snatch to search items based on the values of other items. For instance, it would be nice to be able to set snatch to find me all borean leather stacks that are less than 75% the price of an arctic fur.
- Searching for auctioneer names. I know you can sort by them but why not allow us to search by them?
- Sorting by PCT across multiple pages.

Do you have any enhancements you'd like to see added to auctioneer? Post them in the comments section!

Help with making more than 1k gold a day

Hey Markco,

I could use some advice as I feel my gold income isn't going fast enough.

I'm a relatively new player to WoW having started back in
September. Highest level character is 76 atm. I didn't start seriously
trying to make money until probably this last December. My problem is, I
don't feel I'm making the amount of money I could. I'm working on learning
various markets at the moment, but I'm dealing with limited liquid
capital of about 10k only.

I've been making my money from Netherweave Bags, manipulating cloth
markets, raptor minipets, reselling cheap farmed mats I get from some
suppliers, and Titansteel Bars. A couple of different things, but
still only netting me about 1k per day at best. I'm interested in
making more, but I don't have multiple lvl 80's with high level
crafting professions. I have a guildie with every profession on his 10
characters, so I've been using him to get all sorts of different things
made. I tip him well, he happily provides me with what I need.

I'm currently thinking of branching into crafted BoE epics atm, so I
would appreciate any advice you could give for that market.

What I'm really interested in though is this; What advice can you give
that would help with making large amounts of gold with none or very
limited infrastructure? This may call for a blog post, as I'm guessing
this is would be a long winded reply....kind of like this email. :D

Thanks in advance for any help,
Youbeenshot -Medivh US

The answer to the question: "How do I make large amounts of gold with none or very limited infrastructure?" is in no way long winded or difficult. Simply look at my 22 steps to using auctioneer and enjoy. I noticed that you mentioned the sale of netherweave bags... why not frostweave bags as well? Do you do your tailoring quests for free money? First and foremost, get to level 80 and max out your professions. While you wait to get to that point make use of the 22 steps to using auctioneer.

Another point I'd like to address is that you seem to be looking at higher priced items in order to make more gold. I'd rather you invested in very cheap items which are guaranteed to sell in a 48 hour period. I like that you are trying to diversify and branch into other areas, how about crafting lower level tailoring items and disenchanting them?

Don't be afraid to poke around in the JMTC forums for useful information as well.

Thanks for the email,


Anyone else have additional advice they'd like to give in the comments section?

The Saronite Shuffle Lives On

Here is an email making the case that the saronite shuffle is still alive on this particular server. Is the saronite shuffle still profitable on your server?

Hey Marcko,

I was doing the saronite shuffle on my Jc regularly
when the price of eternal earths fell but so did infinite dust, so I could
barley make a profit. I looked on the AH and did some math, and if you
can get Eternal Earths for 4g each or lower, you can get Bloodstone,
Sun Crystal, Chalcedony, and Huge Citrine for 1.5g or lower, you can
craft all the 70 green rings and necks that take 2 crystallized earth
and one gem, and vendor them for 3g 14s. So for my server eternal
earths regularly hit 3g each, so per ring I make 1g, and there are
stacks and stack of both on the AH.

EpicStoryGuy(The Underbog)

Scroll of Enchant Weapon Agility x2

Twink enchants are pretty much dead on all servers except for two key areas: Chest and Weapons.

This is due to the fact that the chest and weapons are often BOA items which are definately worth enchanting. Only problem with enchanting them is that you have to use sub 60 enchants for your lower level characters to be able to make use of the BOA items. Hence why these twinking enchants are still alive and selling well.

When selling weapon enchants, such as Agility to Weapon, keep in mind that rogues will be buying your enchant in lots of two in most cases. Some rogues like to go one firey and one agility, but most people choose one or the other for both their weapons. Keep this in mind when selling your weapon enchants.

Lovely Charm Gold Farm

Hey Marcko,

Was soloing Dwarfageddon earlier today and I noticed the dwarves you kill drop the Lovely Charm.  You get 10 of these and turn them into a Lovely Charm Bracelet - these go for 20g EACH on my server!  It's a super fast way to make some easy cash.  I managed to get 50 bracelets in about half an hour.


Kilrogg EU

Awesome email Tangoguy! I tried this myself to make sure it worked and holy crap is this an easy way to make money.

Profession Leveling Kits

This was an excellent email regarding leveling kits in world of warcraft:

Hey Markco an idea/business venture if you may, based on flipping on a
larger scale

As i'm sure many of your readers (and yourself no doubt) at
some point or another start a new profession, the first thing you want is to hit
the 450(+) cap asap to get the good stuff.
In this case i'm using Engineering as the example.

Now what if you were to sell people complete
prof. leveling kits (all mats inc.) based on ?
I've have done a mock up spread sheet for Engineering as per the websites
listed materials to find out how much it would cost me to purchase;
rounding up to the nearest silver it would cost me 3357g79s (Thursday night AH - you could always farm them ^^)

Now for most wow gold tycoons (or even Joe Average), that's a small
investment, say we mark it upto 5000g (1642.21g profit) thats a fairly small
price to pay to be able to level 1-450 Engineering in a day , and for the most
part your effort is running to the mail box hehe

But you can't trade that many items at once?!
- well no you can't however, simply find your buyer in /2 and send items in batches CoD (total sum/total number of mails to send)

What do you think of this as a business venture?
is 5k enough of a markup?
What if this were Jewelcrafting ? would you price it based on potential income of that prof. ? thoughts?

- Jouichirou

Great email Jouichirou. For an organized auctioneer this is a huge way to make gold. It takes time and lots and lots of fishing through searches to get the number of mats required to level from 1-450 with any profession at decent costs, but the rewards are amazing. I once did this with alchemy and make 2k gold profit off the mats in a single leveling kit. It is definately worth it to also up your price based on the profession, such as jewelcrafting or inscription. In fact, I would go so far as to say that inscription is the easiest profession to build a leveling kit for. I highly recommend advertising your services on your local warcraft server forums to boost sales as well as trade chat.

Selling 32 Slot Profession Bags

One of my staple money makers are profession bags... let's take a look at why they sell so well shall we?

People buy a profession bag because they are running out of space or preparing to create a major crafting alt. When I'm running out of space or creating a crafting alt I want my bags... NOW. Therefore, demand is not always present for these bags but when it does appear, supply is often very low and a person buying these bags more often than not buys multiple bags at a time.

I sell my bags in lots of four for each 32 slot type and either I sell them all in a 24 hour period or none sell. That's just how the demand for these bags works so don't get discouraged if you have difficulty selling at first. Geting the mats as cheap as possible and posting for 200% profit seems to work best for me. On weekends I post for 300% profit with about the same success rate as weekly sales.

Do you sell 32 slot profession bags?

Suggestion Box Friday - Site Updates and Gold Podcasts

What is Suggestion Box Friday?

Suggestion box friday is your chance to be the blog writer. It's when I, Markco, the gold making guru, pvp gladiator, destroyer of small rabbits, and overall nice guy descend from my frozen primordial saronite throne and allow you, the lovable yet amateur auctioneer, to make heads or tails out of the world of warcraft auction house for the day in my stead. (You get to comment about whatever you want.) That being said, I try to keep the discourse regarding this post productive by relaying news and discussion topics.


Episodes 3 and 4 have arrived for the Call to Auction... will you answer the call? If you haven't heard Faeglas, Euripides and your favorite gold guru make fools out of ourselves for over an hour each episode then you definitely want to get listening and catch up to the current episode. (If you read favorite gold guru and didn't think Markco or at least one of the millionaires on the wow gold forums then I am super pissed at you).

Discussion Topics

  1. How is the look and feel of the new site layout? Is it easy to navigate as well as visually pleasing? Criticism is appreciated!
  2. Have you enjoyed the discussion of Cataclysm on this blog?
  3. Are you new and in need of noob friendly posts? Perhaps linkage to past posts that would prove useful?
  4. Are you ready for the next gold contest? Any suggestions on format?
  5. What do you think of the How I Wow podcast?
You may have noticed that I have been working very hard to create a place where all forms of media (youtube, xfire, blog, forums, twitter, email, etc.) are available to players trying to make gold in world of warcraft and have a fun place to communicate with their fellow auctioneers. My goal with this blog is not just to allow you to pick my brain and interact with me, but also with the thousands of fellow auctioneers who stop by here every single day. How am I doing, where can I improve, etc. Consider this week's suggestion box friday your chance to influence the places that I take this blog this year. After all, this blog is far more than just a blog; it's a growing community and you are a member of that community. Why not take the chance to have a say in your own future?

Access the Auction House on Armory

Many of you have heard that the auction house is going to eventually be integrated into the warcarft armory. This is awesome news! Will it be a premium option that costs money? Perhaps, but the more pressing question for me is will you be able to run addons like auctioneer while accessing the armory version of the auction house? I personally don't expect an addon that makes use of xml (it wouldn't be a wow addon in the first place) to read and write to the wow armory's version of the auction house to appear anytime soon.

Regardless of how the auction house is integrated with armory there will be some serious changes to how markets flow in world of warcraft. I'm talking about the cycles of wow, you know raid items selling better on raid nights, pvp upgrades selling quickly on tuesday afternoons, etc. Normally you see less auctions during the middle of the day since people are working and there are also less buyers for the same reason. This is a great time to pick up deals on the auction house in order to prepare for posting later in the afternoon when prime time happens and most people get online. With the 24/7 nature of wow armory (except for patch days), there will never be a 'down time' on the auction house. This will greatly change trends and cycles in wow as more players will have access to both post and buy items all throughout the day. I expect to see huge influxes of players during lunch hours at work, as well as early morning when people arrive and read the news or check their mail. Now they'll be checking their real life mail as well as their auction house mail.

Will the auction house be worth it without the dozens of addons the vast majority of successful auctions have come to love? See 22 steps to auctioneer to help you get started with that great addon if you haven't already.

Leave some comments on what you think will happen, whether you would pay for the armory auction house, etc. Maybe blizzard will charge us per transaction lol. E-Trade in wow!

Damaged Necklace - How Much Gold?

While farming high level mobs in northrend it's always important to keep an eye out for a Damaged Necklace. These items are huge boosts to your gold per hour and have about the same drop rate as books of glyph mastery. So how much are these babies worth?

Well, since they grant a jewelcrafting token from a quest which is worth 10 titanium powder, the necklace should go for about the same amount of money as 10x5 titanium ore as that's how much ore you would need to prospect (assuming 1 to 1 ratio of getting titanium powder from the ore). Five titanium ore goes for around 45 gold on my server, so the necklace could be sold for about 450 gold.

Not bad huh? Unfortuneately, many players do not know the true value of this item and post it for far less. I have snatched them for as little as 50 gold and resold for 450 gold the same day.

Definately add to your snatch list!

Ten Reasons to be an Auctioneer in World of Warcraft

1. You get to show off the gold to beggars when they ask for 1 copper (or you can be a gentleman and point them to the boars outside your major city).2. The joy of opening a mail box that never seems to be empty.
3. Farmers send you shocked thank you letters after you buy their entire stock.
4. Gold goals don't just get surpassed, they get crushed.
5. World of warcraft houses one of the best examples of the laissez faire economy and it's really fun to watch how it ticks.
6. At Gold Limit.
7. You spend half the time posting the person next to you does and you post 10x as many items thanks to your handy addons.
8. Making money while you sleep is fun!
9. The ladies love a man with big money bags (ladies- guys love a sugar momma!).
10. Market manipulation will make you twirl your evil mustache.

Add to the list in the comments section!

Unrelated News: Call to Auction Episode 3 should be out sometime today. I apologize for the delay and we're going to roll out multiple episodes in rapid succession to make up for the lost week. The Call to Auction is here, will you answer the call?

Selling Shatter Rounds on the Auction House

Emailed question from a level 80 Tauren Druid selling Shatter Rounds on the auction house:

Hi Markco,

I play a level 80 Tauren Druid on the US Hakkar realm,
which is a low population server.

From reading your blog, I get the
impression that it is considered easier to make gold via tradeskills on low pop
servers. My goldmaking/auction house skills are still pretty young, but I was
excited when the schematics for Iceblade Arrows and Shatter Rounds came out in
3.3, as I am an engineer/miner. I did my research, and learned that just about
every horde engineer on my server was gnomish. Therefore, I switched my
specialization into goblin engineering, and bought the schematic for Shatter
Rounds as soon as I became honored.

Imagine my dismay when despite being
one of only two or three players on the server that could craft them, and
offering them at lowest price, I couldn't sell more than a stack a day at best.
Even worse, when I advertise giving them away FOR FREE in trade chat during
prime server time (7-10 PM) in order to gague interest, I only ever get one or
two whispers!

This is pretty discouraging, considering that the
primordial saronite I used to buy the schematic is worth plenty of money, not to
mention the cost to respec to goblin engineering. What did I do wrong? Is there
any way to recoup my losses? How could I prevent something like this from
happening to me in the future? Is this because I play on a low-pop server with
not enough demand for hunter ammo? I thought that this was going to basically be
a sure thing that would make me thousands! =(
My response:

For starters, you definately should post your story on the Wow Gold Forums (JMTC). Second, you can still make lots of gold off these arrows/bullets as long as you sell them correctly. Only post a handful of stacks and try to get your mats as cheaply as possible. Aim to only make 1-3 gold off each sale. See if that helps and this can still make you a lot of gold, but I wouldn't expect more than 50-100 each day at most on a low pop server with few raiding communities.


And the final email back:

Wow, thanks a lot! I didn't actually expect you'd respond.

thing, I'll post it on the forums. And your prediction appears to be accurate. I
made about 90g from them yesterday, which isn't as much as I imagined having a
near monopoly on them would provide, but isn't half bad either.


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