Organizing Your Mail and Banking

Organizing your bank alts and developing a mailing system are the keys to preventing death by mailbox overload. This horrific problem has claimed the sanity of over thirty auctioneers last month alone! Protect yourself today with Markco's mailing and banking proven system. Only $9.99 today but supplies are limitted so order today before it's too late. Your sanity is worth it right? Think of your spouse and children. They're worth it right?

The reason I clump banking and mailing together is because with the right setup your mailbox can become a second bank. With the wrong setup it can become an absolute nightmare for you. Let's show you the setup first and then go over the reasoning behind it, that's less boring I think anyway. And no sorry I don't have a product per se on the subject, though my gold guide is pretty good if I do say so myself!

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Nerf Level 1 Casters And Their Gold Advantage

I was doing a video on making 10 gold at early levels when you first enter a major city and I realized that level 1 casters have a huge advantage over melee at least when it comes to making gold. Think about it, what do casters start with that melee do not? Really think about it for a second, the answer will shock you! It has nothing to do with talents, abilities, etc. Think, come on, still stumped? Ok well I'll tell you then:

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Why You (Possibly) Don't Need Auctioneer Scans

Many of the top auctioneers I know have stopped performing auction house scans for a long time.

These players don’t use auctioneer scans because they…
  • …Know their markets so well that they can search for mats and review prices manually a lot faster than it takes to run a scan. Depending on the number of markets this could happen pretty quickly for most auctioneers.
  • …Prefer to flip a few big name items while allowing an untold number of smaller flips to go untouched.
  • …Use addons like QA3 which are doing the posting and not auctioneer, so why keep a scan going to maintain the database when it’s not the one posting?
Why then Markco do you tell people to download and start using auctioneer religiously? (And how do you manage to get into the third person during so many of your posts?)

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Markco's Wow Gold Strategies Don't Work


I almost got mad today at an email I received regarding posts I’ve made on this site. The reader kept stating that my strategies do not work on his server and he listed probably a dozen he’s tried and failed at. Like I said I almost got mad at him because it was just one of those days where I didn’t get enough sleep, was hungry and had been patiently answering emails for a good thirty minutes prior. I channeled my frustration into an idea. You know, one of those really good ideas that once it’s in your head begs you to write about it?

It’s something very simple, but very difficult to explain in a one liner or comment on a blog. Therefore, it’s time for a post that will hopefully SHUT UP the people who constantly spam me with one or two or three strategies that ‘don’t work on their server.’ At least for a day anyway.

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Dealing With Weekend Warriors in World of Warcraft

Weekend sales are complete chaos for auctioneers in world of warcraft.

Tons and tons of items flood the market place at high to normal value and buyers flock to purchase quick upgrades or enhancements. Sure this part of the weekend is great for sellers and demand usually takes care of undercutters very quickly, but it’s when you get deeper into the weekend and most buyers stop showing up that things get interesting. With reduced demand but many auctions that didn’t sell the day before being posted at 48 hours, the supply to demand ratio completely flip flops. Instead of high demand, medium supply you now have low to medium demand and way too much supply. Prices plummet in response. A wise auctioneer will sell like crazy with everything he has from Thursday night to Friday night and then buy the leftovers Saturday morning and on into Sunday.

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Rumsey Rum For Cataclysm Twinks

"Dearest Markco,

I would first off like to thank you for your awesome gold tips.  I have gone from a person struggling to gem and enchant my gear to hitting the 50K mark for the first time!  I know this is a mere pittance compared to your riches, but as a casual-playing college student (who LOVES to PvP), I make all the gold I will ever need, and then some.  I can not tell you how much this is appreciated, and for someone who has been playing WoW for almost a year, having gold just makes the game more enjoyable and I would recommend EVERY new person who joins WoW to read this awesome blog.  The tips and tactics are so easy and valuable it just makes the game alot more fun.  Since hitting the 50K mark I have also helped spread the wealth, buying epic flying and a battered hilt for a couple of guildies who have not read your blog obviously and are struggling for gold.  I think helping people is just as rewarding as opening up your mailbox and finding that 80% of your auctions have sold, and I know you feel the same way since you're giving away these awesome gold tips for free!  I would also like to give you a little gold making gem I discovered when i was first levelling some alts of mine, I checked out your blog and I couldn't find it anywhere, so if you have mentioned it before sorry for repeating it.

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Listening Instead of Monitoring

Markco's Corner

You may have noticed that there are double the subscribers on this site than there were a month ago. I'd like to take this week's Markco's Corner as an oppurtunity to share with bloggers and readers alike how I managed this incredible feat. Care to guess why JMTC has doubled its readership?
Newfound interest in World of Warcraft?
Currently the game is in the biggest lul it has ever seen and most people are looking for other things to do to pass their time while they wait for cataclysm. No, try again.

Markco spamming sites with his gold guide pitches?
Haven’t done that in over a year haha. I learned my lesson, providing valuable sites and resources is how you sell any online product well. But still, not a reason for subscriptions to double.

Paid advertisements?
I tried using google adwords to send traffic to this site in the early days but the market is so saturated with gold sellers that it just wasn’t worth my time/money. Wrong again, come on you can do better!

Wait a second, the title says “listening instead of monitoring,” does that have something to do with it?
Bingo. Perhaps you didn’t really think about the title of the article in the context of my question because you simply read it quickly and moved on. This proves the point I’m about to make.

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4 Ways to Make Gold with Patch 4.0.1 - Prepare for Cataclysm

Bijous - Players want to get their reputation with the zandalar tribe up before the faction possibly disappears or the reputation methods change. Sell those bijous and coins for easy money. Other players who are looking to farm up the mounts will likely dump their own bijous and coins on the auction house for cheap so keep an eye out for some easy flips. Find out more about the removal of ZG at the JMTC forums.

Glyph Kits - You will want to have your glyphs ready for one of the greatest surges of buying we've ever seen in the market. Don't just stockpile inks, stockpile the glyphs themselves so you're ready to sell them the moment you finish downloading the 4.0.1 content. Also don't just stockpile the ink of  the sea because in cataclysm you will no longer be able to trade ink of the sea for any ink as there will be a new top ink which fulfills this role. No word yet on whether ink of the sea will lose its functionality for trade ins with the onset of 4.0.1 but why take the chance? WARNING: Read about Charred Glyphs.

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Buy BOA Gear Before It's Too Late

Every day I receive upwards of 75-100 emails (not including spam or automated messages) from readers or random travelers who come across Just My Two Copper. Usually it's the standard questions about auctioneer, picking professions, mixing professions, particular niches, etc. Of those 75-100 about 10 are really valuable pieces of information either in the form of speculation or tutorials on stuff that's working now. Thanks to these emails and also the newsletter which asks readers to send their feedback and suggestions, I have a good 200 emailed topics which I haven't found the time to move from draft into the published state. Since I have such a large pool to choose from, I try to pick the ones that are time sensitive and post those on the blog. Other strategies appear from time to time but it can take months (like the uncut gem strategy from last week, which was in my archives for probably 4 months but was still a valuable piece of information for today as well as cataclysm). Today's emailed tip is about the PTR, 4.0 and the move to Justice Points. Heed the author's advice, I am 100% in agreement with him.

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That's Not a Bot Undercutting You

Quick Auctions Poster

I'm sure you've seen people making the claim that someone is instantly undercutting them by 1 copper the moment they post and you scoffed at them. Then it happened to you and you were probably a little angry and confused as well. How can someone "bot" the auction house and get away with it?

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Patch 4.0: Armor Pen Removal; Cataclysm Points; Happy Jewelcrafters

Armor Pen Removal

Armor pen gems are going away in 4.0, and that means strength, agility and haste gems are going to be what every player needs to replace their new (and somewhat useless) crit gems. Especially for classes like the warrior who love to gem tons of armor pen in order to reach the 100% cap will suddenly find themselves crowding the auction house for a new set of strength gems.

Cataclysm Points

With the conversion of badges plus honor points into cataclysm points people will be less likely to buy epic gems with their badges and honor because they'd rather save up for cataclysm. This will directly affect the cut epic gem market since less cheap uncut gems will be appearing. Expect prices to rise a significant amount (20-40%) from this change.

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Abyss Crystals in Sets of 10

This was once a shiny piece of relevant gear...

Buying Items at a Discount

You've heard me talk in the past about buying things wholesale like illusion dust, saronite bars, infinite dust, etc. and then turning around to sell them one at a time without flooding too much. Well there's an interesting item which you can get away with selling in bulk for more than individually.

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Buying Uncut Epics and Cutting Them


Not sure if you have this already

Ok so i thought this might be a gold sink but ITS AMAZING for gold (also not sure if you have covered this) My toon yesterday had 2 gold i happened to have the mats to transmute a kings amber. so i get it cut and sell the Rigid King's Amber 200-230 g each on my server so i then bought two epic gems and did the same within 24 hrs im up to 3k gold and have over 30 epic cuts on ah. So if you dont not have a video about Uncut epic gems being turned for prophit it does work great i scan ah and do a search for the uncut epic cardinals zuls ambers ametrines all of em and i purchase uncuts for 100g or less then resell for 55-120 g profit its ridiculous. Lostc√£use of Argent dawn horde faction

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Markco's Corner: Warcraft Zombie Event

Zombies slouching with arms outstretched in unrelenting determination towards the targets of their burning hunger... bullets being fired by desperate defenders who have abandoned their defenses in order to make a run for it... the creaking of boarded up passages sagging under the weight of undead...

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Why Cobalt Tanking Gear Sells So Damn Well

Cobalt Tanking Gear
  • Cobalt Chestpiece
  • Cobalt Gauntlets
  • Cobalt Helm
  • Cobalt Legplates
  • Cobalt Belt
  • Cobalt Boots
  • Cobalt Bracers
  • Cobalt Shoulders
  • Cobalt Triangle Shield
Why do tanks need these blacksmithing pieces?

Leveling with the dungeon finder means that the gear requirements gap from level 69 to 70 is huge. Regular
 69 burning crusade dungeons are totally inferior to their wotlk equivalents.

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ZG Removed Equals Priceless Polymorph Tome in Cataclysm

Our beloved Zul'Gurub is being removed in the coming cataclysm and for the thrill seekers out there who want their orange and white tigers your time is almost out! While you're in there farming for the rare tiger mount, why not farm for the far more valuable Tome of Polymorph Turtle?

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about how pets might disappear with cataclysm but I never thought that whole instances would completely vanish from the game. This has staggering implications if blizzard chooses to allow one of the best mage polymorphs (and rarest) to just stop dropping in the game. This is an item that's already worth 2k gold on most servers, what is it going to become when there's a limited quantity in the world... of warcraft?

How Could Blizzard Ruin this Amazing Oppurtunity?

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Eight Questions for Matticus

1. Thank you Matticus for sitting down with Just My Two Copper for this interview. Please give the readers here a quick intro about your blog, World of Matticus, as well as who you are in the blogging community.

My name is Matticus, the chief behind World of Matticus. I've been blogging about World of Warcraft for a little over 3 years now. The blog mainly started out as a resource for priests but has increased to encompass a variety of topics including other healers, raiding and management. It's not always easy and I've expanded the crew of writers to offer additional perspectives on those same topics.

2. There are TONS of changes to cataclysm in terms of healing, could you pick one change you're really looking forward to and how it will change the game experience?

Oh lord, I don't know where to start. The entire game is practically changing. For me it would have to be healing in general. We're not topping players from 0 to 100% anymore. The focus has shifted to simply keeping players alive instead of making sure they're at full health. Mana actually matters and I've had to watch mine like a hawk to ensure I don't waste any spells.

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Cataclysm - Auction House Sluggage... Liquidate?

Is it time to slow down making gold in wow?

NO WAY. I've been running full tilt making hand over fist because so many auctioneers have decided to take a break until cataclysm. I ask them why and they say they're bored or just tired or whatever reason they can come up with. I understand that the content is currently a little slugish and the game is no where near as entertaining as it will be when cataclysm launches, but why not take advantage of a thriving auction house in the mean time?

It pays to be different.

While others are emptying guild banks or taking a break until cataclysm I'm plugging away selling everything I can at insane markups. The farmers are still out there looking for people to buy their goods and new toons are constantly hitting level 80 regardless of whether you take a break or not. Many people are telling you to dump your items now while you still can. I'm saying don't you dare and you better take advantage of those that do!

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Gnomeaggedon on Farming Body Parts

Written by: Armaggedon's Coming!
I'm a fire Mage. A Gnome Fire Mage, not a Goblin, nor a Goblin Fire Mage (although there is a chance I might roll one).

A long time ago, when my time was significantly more limited, I spent a fair bit of time in the AH. The reason was simple, the short amount of time in the AH gave me more bang for my buck, supported most effectively the one 5 hour play session I had each week.

What I really wanted to do was "play the game", you know, kill stuff, rescue the damsels, kill the Horde, raid etc...

I've got friends that log on and go farm herbs, or ore, or whatever. This is a part of their "playing the game". 2 hours, 400 gold, and whatever they can fit in (get into) after.

When I log in, I'm ready to fight. Gear consumables, buffs, even my location. All intended to get me grinding within a couple of minutes.

  • Not grinding herbs
  • Not grinding Ore

    I grind body parts!

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Flaskguy Knows Why Your Flasks Aren't Selling

Flaskguy: A Flasky Story

Written by Xenith of  WoW Gold Stimulus
Making gold can sometimes be one of the most solitary activities in WoW. The Auction House does a great job of automating everything, so you don’t need to actually hawk your wares in Trade or talk to your buyers at all to make sales. And that's a good thing. I remember in the early days of Everquest, before that game had an Auction House system, the community just kind of picked an area of the game (East Commonlands Tunnel..anyone
else remember?) where anyone with someone to sell would just hang out, shouting their offers in Trade channel. The best part was buyers and sellers trying to find each other among several hundred other characters. Oh..and the fact that you couldn’t move to another zone or log out of the game while you were selling.

That being said, there are times when interacting with other players in
WoW can improve your profits. And to show you how, I’m going to tell you a
story about about a guy called Flaskguy.

Now our hero Flaskguy, you may be surprised to learn, sold flasks (he was
much better at selling flasks than coming up with original names for his
alts). But he didn’t just sell a few flask. Oh no. By the time Flaskguy
was done, he was probably responsible for the vast majority of flask sales
on his server. And part of the way he did this was by actually building
relationships with other players.

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I Missed the Point of Collaborating

Markco's Corner
Unfortunately I have bit off more than I could chew with my latest attempt to improve JMTC by hiring writers. In the first week since I asked for writers to send me resumes, I have received over 70 well written posts all following my requirements. Just going through these has proven to be a monumental task, let alone categorizing and narrowing them down to the top 20. It didn't end there though, I created a newsletter to help new writers get set up and improve their writing.  Next I set up a schedule and method for collecting the articles as well as paying the writers. Days later I looked back and realized that I hadn't even published an article yet and I was already exhausted. Just think about the effort required to manage 20 individual writers besides my own posts and other efforts here at JMTC. It was too much, just days into the thing I had to cancel the entire endeavor. If I hadn't, then I would have ended up eventually stopping my own writing for the blog and just turned into a manager for other bloggers.

Along with time constraints I'm also looking at monetary issues. To hire the writers and pay them the salary I was proposing would have required over $800 a month. On top of all my hosting and services costs this would not have made up for the supposed benefit of adding more content to the site. The time and money was just not worth the estimated benefit.

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Too Greedy on How To Use JMTC

Written by: *Blackwolf of Too Greedy*
The Just My Two Copper Forums are the biggest source for free information on how to make gold in World of Warcraft. In there, you can find tips, strategies, techniques, for every market and for every case. Still, you might get confused when you first join, and stumble upon all those thousands of posts, which may not seem clear for you at first. This is a small guide explaining what to do if you want to become a successful auctioneer on your server, and how to use the Just My Two Copper Forums to do it. I will tell you how to use all the sections on the Forum in order to achieve great sucess in making WoW gold.

Index of the Forum

These are the main sections you will find useful for your journey to sucess:
  • General Discussions
  • Strategies
  • Link Love
  • Addons

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Analysis of the Remote AH Bugs and Tips

The remote auction house application costs $2.99 per month on top of your wow subscription. If you do decide to purchase this feature here are some pointers to help you use it effectively.

There are no addons on the remote auction house so you won’t be posting hundreds of items, in fact, you can’t make more than 200 transactions per day. So what is this good for? Two things: buying cheap goods throughout the day and posting auctions when the competition thinks you are away.

Buying cheap goods is easy. Simply look for deals throughout the day by running searches for various items you’d like to buy. The best times to check are when most people are not on since farmers will be posting but there won’t be enough buyers available and so prices drop. Around 10 AM and 2 PM have proven to be really good buying times although it doesn’t hurt to also check right during lunch time.

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Cataclysm PvP Gear Will Revolutionize Crafting Professions

PvP Crafted Items Huge Sellers in Cataclysm
It was announced by a blue that the three major crafting professions (tailoring, blacksmithing and leatherworking) will be able to craft basic pvp gear every arena season in cataclysm. Even today the blue craftable gear, which by the way is subpar to naxx epics, fetches 120-200% profit on investment. It’s easy money for crafters and with multiple teirs of pvp gear being craftable it will just add to the ways in which you can make gold with these professions in cataclysm.

Cataclysm PvP Versus WOTLK PvP Gear

Currently in wrath of the lich king you can only craft rare quality pvp gear which is easily replaced by much better quality badges and honor rewards. As more gear was released throughout the expansion the craftable PvP gear value decayed exponentially. Although it is STILL possible to sell the PvP gear for profit on most servers, imagine if it always sold as well as it did at the start of WOTLK. Instead of being semi-frequent sellers for marginal profit, these items will remain in high demand throughout all of Cataclysm.

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21 out of 25 Cataclysm Guild Perks Crucial to Making Gold

Why Should You Join a Large Guild in Cataclysm?

Short answer: Guild Perks. Long answer...

Fast Track

Experience gained from killing monsters and completing quests increased by 5%.

5% is quite an increase on experience gained, making it all that much easier to level an additional two professions. Since this is the first guild perk there really is no excuse to avoid getting a guild for this alone.

Mount Up

Increases speed while mounted by 5%. Not active in Battlegrounds or Arenas.

The first of several reasons to get into a guild as a gatherer. With the ability to buy 310% speed for your farmers you now can have 315% making it that much easier to fly around azeroth getting the good stuff.

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Top 10 Best Farming Spots in WOTLK

Don't forget to pick up the best farming trinket in the game.

1. Fire Revenants of Stormpeaks

Eternal fires remain the most expensive eternals on most realms, second possibly to eternal lifes and airs on a bad day, doubling their eternal cousins on a good day. Since wintergrasp can be a little hairy for farming these in such a crowded location, I therefore recommend either farming them at the spot in this video or in a cave north of the location. The spawns in the cave are weaker but also drop far less crystallized fires.

When selling eternal fire (if you don’t make use of the eternals for transmutes or other money making endeavors) be sure to break it up into the crystallized version first for additional profit. I can sell crystallized fire one at a time for far more than 1/10th the cost of a eternal fire.

There is a mining node and herb node along the edges of the forge.

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10 Ways to Level Efficiently

Why should you be leveling?

When cataclysm arrives the new level requirement for maxing out your professions is going to be level 75. With the current lull in wow content why not level your toons in order to prepare for making tons of gold in cataclysm?

Here are 10 ways to increase the leveling efficiency of your toons...
  • 1. Use the best enchants on your bind on account equipment but don't enchant your other gear unless it's with excess materials and you are an enchanter trying to get skill ups.

  • 2. When you reach outland and northrend use uncommon quality gems to socket your quest or dungeon rewards.

  • 3. Pick at least one trade skill which benefits from the dungeon finder: Enchanting, Mining, Skinning, Herbalism or Tailoring (level 70+ dungeons). Try to keep the tradeskill from falling behind your current dungeons as you level.

  • 4. Sell everything you can on the auction house to keep from having to farm or do anything besides leveling.

  • 5. Get speed to boots asap on your character.

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Hiring Warcraft Gold Writers

Time to take the next step...

Running Just My Two Copper has been the greatest experience online I've ever had but it's time I stopped kidding myself that I'm capable of doing this all on my own.

Just Kidding. You should see the look on your faces, priceless!

But seriously, Just My Two Copper is looking for talented writers for both weekly and daily columns in order to add even more value to the site. These posts will be in addition to the ones I write on my own, so readers here will be treated to a similar experience to sites like A posting schedule will also encourage visitors to come more than once per day which will mean more community growth and discussion.

See Current Openings for Availability

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Blogging Carnival - 20 Strategies on Turning 1000 gold into 2000 gold

The wow gold carnival for September is finally here! Sit back, relax and enjoy the epic pwnsauce that is this month's collection of articles which I've gathered from around the blogosphere. These bloggers will bravely attempt to answer the question: "How to turn 1,000 gold into 2,000 gold?" Let's see how the following twenty blogs tackled this topic and please be sure to comment on the posts. Pass the kodo kabobs please, hungry orc over here! For links to past and upcoming carnivals, as well as how you can join, click here.

This month's carnival has been sponsored by Dominate Wow Gold. Check out their special 20% off deal for JMTC fans which is for a limited time only.

When you finish reading all the posts, be sure to leave a comment here with which was your favorite and why. One lucky commenter who leaves an intelligent comment will be randomly chosen to receive a free Dominate Wow Gold Guide.

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RP Servers Can Make More Gold

One of my bank alts on her lunch break.

Are you on an RP server and trying to make some wow gold?

Perhaps you think that it's harder because less people are in high end arenas and raiding?

Well believe it or not I envy you because you can make gold off some of the most ridiculous items which I would struggle to sell consistently on any PVP or PVE server (not saying you shouldn't sell them though if you are as well!). Thankfully quite a few bank alts enjoy the latest fashions even on non RP servers. That being said, the advantage definitely goes to RP servers because they can literally turn gray vendor trash into a ton of gold as there are more buyers and more demand on the RP realms.

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