Patch 4.0.1: How to Sell Snowfall Ink Cataclysm Guide

I think I have received 30 emails this past week alone on the topic of selling off all the snowfall ink people acquired thanks to glyphmas.

First off you definitely need to get rid of your snowfall ink before cataclysm.

Let's start off with a list of ways to sell the inks, these are always fun:

  • Runescrolls of Fortitude
  • Cards of the North (green at 462)
  • Faces of Doom and Iron-Bound Tome
  • Sell in raw form
Runescrolls are nice sellers for the recent rush to farm 5 mans and finish off 10 man lich king. They also could sell to levelers both now and during the start of cataclysm.

Cards of the North should sell well and you can advertise that they will raise reputation with the darkmoon faire. Also, with the changes to stats in 4.0.1 many players would gladly take the greatness trinket over whatever they have now, unless of course they have some of the best trinkets in the game. If you saved up eternal lifes for the gem rush in 4.0.1 that never happened, well maybe you could afford to make some cards of the north one last time. If you want you could also save these cards to provide skill-ups at the start of cataclysm since they go green at 462.

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Selling Starter Gear on Crack

Here's the original post which this email is in response to: Get your clothes off your back - and the beggars.

"Hello again Markco,

I would like to point out a little-known fact that makes selling
starting gear profitable at a more practical level, similar to vendor
runs. That is to say, there is actually a vendor that sells all the
starting armors and his name is Thomas Yance, the Travelling Salesman
of Old Hillsbrad Foothills.

This poses a bit of a snag in making this profitable, as a trip to Old
Hillsbrad leaves you with two possibilities: buying Rumsey Rum Black
Label from Barkeep Kelly or buying gear from Thomas Yance. The
solution to this what may seem as a dilemma at first, for those
traveling auctioneers among your readers, is to not fill your entire
haversack with Rum and instead pad it out with clothing. In my
experience, Rumsey Rum can easily flood the market which leads to the
Rum getting stockpiled and siphoned into the AH gradually over the
course of many months. Starter clothes would in all likelihood not
suffer from the same obstacle due to the nature of the Auction House
search, as well as their diversity of being.

A single trip buying only Rum should have you supplied for quite a
while. Doing the same for clothes may not be sustainable at length as
easily as Rum is, but as Tristan writes it may be subject to expedited
returns in a satisfying manner.

While I am writing, I would also like to share a fairly important tip
when it comes to putting to use all the tips that stream through JMTC.
There are very likely more than a couple readers on your server (if
not, you are quite blessed), and when someone reads a tip they tend to
try it out soon after. My tip is to keep a list of tips you would like
to try and instead of trying them right away, try them a few days or a
week later. A routine like that has served me well for a while.

More fundamentally: auctioneers need to always be flexible and adapt
to the current state of the market, and blogs such as JMTC are a
powerful force to change the current state of markets.

Shawb of Moon Guard (US)"

Prot Tanks Struggling To Hold Threat

Prot PvP Update - Vigilance Spec

Carnival Next Week

Come on tardy bloggers, send me links to your posts for November's carnival. The bloggers that have participated in the past will tell you it's a great way to attract additional readers. So far seven links have been sent in and I'm excited to share them all with you come November 2nd.

New JMTC Website

If it hasn't happened by the time this post goes live then it is happening very soon. JMTC is getting a whole new look thanks to the work of a professional website designer. We'll be transitioning to the new look and feel probably on a sunday night at midnight so if you happen to be on then and things get hokie, don't fret because the new JMTC look and feel will be very close to being uploaded. Finally, JMTC will no longer rape your eyes!

Tanks Losing Threat

Today I'd like to help out all those prot warriors out there who are struggling with holding aoe threat in 5 mans. Let me begin by saying I love the way warriors tank now, it is very similiar to the vanilla days.

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Markco-vian Philosophy: Cataclysm Gold Guide

Photo taken from


I've had this post sitting in my gigantic stack of drafts here on blogger for quite some time. It has never really been collecting dust, however, as it has been what I refer to every time I write something new for wotlk or cataclysm gold guides. It's my philosophy on making gold in wow and today I plan to share it with all of you. Markco-vian economics or philosophy or strategy or whatever you'd like to call it is the series of underlying premises that are the inspiration behind all the great tips I've been giving you for two years now. This could very well be the most important post you read on this blog.

Markco-vian Economics

The Markcovian philosophy of making gold is threefold: Identify, Diversify and Automate. It is what made me 240k gold in two months time, playing 10 hours each week (I was interviewed by warcraftecon for this achievement). That included crafting, selling and picking up gold… things many players don’t count since it can be considered ‘afk work.’ Could I have done this with 2 professions? 4? Nope, it required having all professions maxed out. This is obviously the extreme of my philosophy, the final tier of success, but you'll find that when boiling the strategy down to its most basic elements it will provide aid to you even if you only have one profession on a single character.


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Macro Setup, Instantly Vendor All Your Grays

Macro this script if you'd like to sell your grays quickly and efficiently. There are addons out there that do this now but just in case you'd like to macro this yourself to a hotkey or button here's what those addons are using:

/script for bag = 0,4,1 do for slot = 1, GetContainerNumSlots(bag), 1 do local name = GetContainerItemLink(bag,slot); if name and string.find(name,”ff9d9d9d”) then DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(“Selling “; UseContainerItem(bag,slot) end; end; end
Thank you commenters: You can also use an addon called JunkSell. You may need to manually replace the quotes to get the macro to work. Please use the addon if you can't get the macro to work.

Perhaps you don't know how to setup a macro?

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Markco, You're an Ass

Shattnerhoff said...

"I hate that you try and gouge people for items that cost you nothing to make. How much is enough? You can't even spend the gold you have! The Glyph of Mage Armor is pathetically priced and I would never pay those prices, I'll wait it out. It's one thing to make a profit, it's another thing entirely to hold people hostage and crank up the price so high just to get a few extra gold coins you can't spend anyway. To what purpose? Why do you do that? It's like people who raise gas and water prices during a hurricane, they have gouging laws in the real world. I guess they depend on peoples consciences in game to not screw their fellow gamers, how silly of them. If you sold the glyph for 40 gold you'd be making stupid profits, when you sell it for hundreds or thousands, you're just an ass."

My answer:

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4.0.1 Is Not Just About Glyphs - MAKE GOLD NOW.

All professions are seeing increases across all markets since 4.0.1 was released. Here's why:

  1. Honor Points
  2. Justice Points
  3. Gearing Alts as well as Mains
I'm selling everything I can while I still can whereas most players are simply liquidating their stock. Leatherworking leg armors, for instance, have seen a 20% increase in price but the mats have dropped 20%! That's how great the market has changed in the favor of low supply, high demand. People dump their stock and the handful of players wise enough to buy it out and craft it into useable gear are making out like bandits. I have been pulling in an easy 40k per day that I list auctions (half of which has been glyphs) since the patch with a 31k night in pure glyphs the day 4.0.1 was released. However, I'm a little scared by what I've seen...

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Level Your Toons - Don't Drop Professions

I get questions all the time regarding which professions a player should take based on class, based on other professions they have or any other countless deviations and permutations of variables. The second most common question on this topic I get is when to drop a profession.

If you are considering dropping a profession and no other toon in your army of alts has that profession, the answer is simple: don't drop it.

A lot of people ask me about the validity of dropping professions, especially farming professions since they are the easiest to get back up to speed (maybe 5 hours of work tops to level with 100% ground and 310% flying speed). My advice is twofold: If you have the profession on another toon, drop it and get a crafitng one. If, however, you do not have the profession on another toon then you don't drop it. You're better off leveling another character instead of spending time switching professions. More professions means more options and more options means access to diversification and more diversificaiton means a healthy 401k for your main character and his offspring.

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Risk Vs Reward - Cataclysm Speculation Study

Flipping via auctioneer is a simple and efficient way to make gold. Flipping via speculation, however, is a dangerous and often risky game. In order to help you better use speculation and decide on items to buy for the purpose of flipping, I'm going to show you a thing or two using examples from the current auction house situation.

Saronite Ore - Low Risk, Low Reward

Saronite ore can often be purchased or bid on for close to or even below vendor price. If you were to stockpile this for cataclysm because you want to sell it as bars to alchemists, ore to jewelcrafters or as gems to other jewelcrafting levelers, you would have a very low risk thanks to the vendor option. Even if you are forced to vendor all the saronite you purchased (absolute worst case scenario and highly unlikely), you still would not lose much gold in the process. What's more, you know that the ore will be worth more than the vendor price on the auction house, so you're going to be able to make some gold no matter what.

Saronite's reward looks very promising. Since you will have so many options to sell the ore to multiple professions, I can't see the ore or the results of prospecting/smelting being useless in cataclysm. If anything, golden draenites and thorium ore should teach us that it will be quite valuable, possibly double the current value.

If you don't have much gold or even if you do I would highly recommend stockpiling a decent stack of saronite ore to hedge against the imminent cataclysm inflation.

Mage Armor Flip - Medium Risk, Medium Reward

When glyph of mage armor became uncraftable (bug!), I did my best to let everyone know that flipping these for hundreds of gold was probably a good idea. There was always the chance that the same day blizzard could fix this glyph and it would go from amazingly profitable to nothing more than another mage glyph. The risk was medium and predictable; odds are it would happen on a tuesday so flippers could plan accordingly and attempt to run out of stock close to the next tuesday.

I highly recommend at least trying strategies like this one, you don't necessarily have to spend all your gold on them but giving them a shot is usually worth it.

Polymorph Turtle - High Risk, High Reward

Here's the most dangerous type of speculating. You're playing with fire (as many of you learned with epic gems) whenever you second guess what blizzard is going to do with an item in an expansion or major patch. Polymorph Turtle, eventhough it is going to be available in cataclysm, is still a high risk, high reward item because we don't know HOW the item will be attainable. Will it be a quest, a vendor item or a super rare drop? The last one means that stockpiling the now is a good idea, the first two mean you're S.O.L.

High risk, high reward type speculating should be treated the opposite of the low risk, low reward but many players choose to gamble and put lots of gold into this type of thing. Play it smart, only invest a small portion of your gold into high risk, a medium portion into medium risk and a high portion into low risk.

For ideas on what to stockpile, check out my top ten list for preparing for cataclysm. Remember to apply what you've learned today about risks and rewards.

Prot Warrior Gladiator Videos - PvP Patch 4.0.1

Blog Azeroth Interview

Thank you to Blog Azeroth for the resource spotlight Rilandune wrote on their site about JMTC. You'll find an interview with me as well as a quick write up about the great community here.

November Carnival

Before reading about my prot pvp adventures please send me a link to a post which fits the criteria for next month's carnival: "Mistakes you've learned from on the auction house."

What I'm Selling Post 4.0.1

I sent out a newsletter to my mailing list detailing the top 10 items I'm selling since 4.0.1 was released. I realize that quite a few of you were interested in this information so I'll also be re-releasing it Monday on the blog.

Protection PvP

Ok well prot pvp is back ladies and gentleman. It's not as strong as it once was but it's not quite dead yet. Arms warriors with the best gear in the game I'd say are of equal value to a prot warrior in my current gear setup (some bis from last season). Now if I had the best dps gear in the game... drool... I'd be unstoppable.

Enough about me, let's talk about you and more importantly how you can learn from me. That's why you come here after all right? You don't want gold tips, you want bone crunching pvp knowledge so you can mercilessly drive your foes into the ground two at a time.

Resilience is Finally the Best Stat for Prot Pvp

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Inifite Void Crystal Exploit and Getting Banned

I'm serious. DO NOT DO THIS. There's a rumor going around that you can get infinite void crystals and it's true but you are going to get banned for doing it. I saw it in an emailed tip from someone who will remain annonymous and I told them to immediately stop the activity and delete their accumulated thousands of shards. The person even made a macro to get the shards faster...

Step 1: Go to Karazhan
Step 2: Purchase Quest Ring if you haven't
Step 3: Disenchant Quest Ring
Step 4: Tell the NPC that you lost the Quest Ring
Step 5: Repeat steps 3 to 5 for infinite void crystals
Step 6: Get Banned.


There are better ways to make gold that will not get you banned. Try the forums here if you're curious.

Blizzard - Please fix this bug. Immediately. My mongoose sales depend on it! This change probably occurred inadvertently when they made pvp items disenchantable. I'm hoping if I get the word out they will crush this bug on tuesday. If any of you are stupid enough to do this even a handful of times I am going to personally come to your house and slap you.

Responses to Why Markco's Gold Strategies Don't Work

I felt that quite a few of the responses to Why Markco's Gold Strategies Don't Work were post worthy and excellent but hey I have come to expect nothing less from you here at JMTC. Here is a list of some of my favorite emails and comments from this post. Pay attention as some of these offer great gold making tips. Cheers! Maybe after you finish reading you could add your own tips to the comments section.


      I'm sure by now you have received numerous emails in RE: of this mornings post. However I would like to give you, the JMTC forum members and the entire cast and production staff of Call to Auction my thanks and Praise.

    I have been a member of the WoW community since Vanilla-beta. Literally since before there was a community. I have always played my warrior, always had to scrape for gold, and even though I've always achieved "geared greatness"; I've always looked back to the former and never could achieve more than 1-5k.

       You, JMTC, and CTA changed that. You didn't hand me anything. Getting a mass amount of gold may boil down to "this or that item" but it's what you do and how you do it.
Be it: milling the saronite shuffle, flipping gems, retailing gems, selling bags, selling potions or glyphs. If you don't shut up and listen and understand that none of these are easy. It takes time and real effort to cap. If you raided the AH as hard as you would ICC you'd see major profits. My AH isn't some place players go to buy things. It's my personal raid boss with no raid id or lockout.



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Pilgrim's Bounty... Bounty

"My tip is in reference to the upcoming Pilgrim's Bounty which will be November 21-27. As everyone knows Pilgrim's bounty is probably hands down the best way to get cooking to 300+ without really having to think about it. Further to this is the upcoming 4.0.1 patch, and while everyone is distracted with their new talents, other classes new talents, glyphs, and whatever other changes we have yet to be made aware of, I think it's a great time to start the farm for the upcoming Pilgrim's Bounty. As you may or may not know, the last of the 4 recipes in the Pilgrim's Bounty chain allows you to get your cooking to 340.  If anyone hasn't had a chance to look there is a pigeon hole at 340-350 in the cooking profession. You need one of three materials to get to 350 or higher, namely, Talbuk Venison, Clefthoof Meat, or Warped Flesh. You can use one of the three materials to make Talbuk Steaks, Roasted Clefthoof, or Warp Burgers which put you at 350 allowing the ability to train Northrend cooking.

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Post 4.0.1: Mage Armor, Razzashi Hatchling and Polymorph Turtle

Before getting into Hatchlings and Turtles, let's talk about the one glyph that was craftable before 4.0.1 but can no longer be made by scribes. Sorry mages, but Glyph of Mage Armor is currently the best selling and highest price glyph on the auction house. The more of these that sell the more valuable they become, selling upwards of a thousand gold (according to emails I've received). This glorious gold making flip won't last forever however as Blizzard has stated that they are looking to add this glyph along with three others in the near future with a patch. Patches occur on tuesday, so the earliest a fix could happen to this glyph would be next week. Take advantage of the situation for this weekend and buy these babies out then relist for outrageous prices. See if you can't run a monopoly on them before anyone else gets the bright idea... or reads this post.

Let me paraphrase the ZG Breakdown blue post by picking out the three most important paragraphs:

Razzashi Hatchling
With the change to Zul'Gurub this non-combat pet will no longer be obtainable.

Tome of Polymorph: Turtle
This tome will continue to be available through other means.

[Future Plans]
Although we have no current plans to introduce new ways to obtain the Zul'Gurub mounts, pets, and the tribute mounts, they may return should we find a place where they fit in the future.

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The Three Big Lies of Auctioneering

Gather round everyone, Markco is going to share some wisdom with you which he has collected over the past few years. I’m going to try to make this lesson in economics as entertaining and useful as possible.

Instead of just spouting big words and catch phrases at you I’m actually going to explain what they mean and how they relate to your game play. After all is said and done you should not only understand opportunity cost but also the ins and outs of what your time is worth in game.

I’ll preface this by saying I’m no expert in professing economic terms and defining them as I've never taken a class in economics in my life. I am however an expert in developing methods that work and are practical. So if what I say doesn’t seem to perfectly match the status quo note that it’s done on purpose because that’s what works for me and will work for you. Being different is not a bad thing on the auction house.

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Get The Clothes Off Your Back - And the Beggars

Tristan Writes:
"Hey Markco,

I listen to Castaclysm, Call to Auction, read your blog and have bought the guide. Anyway while leveling and taking the "sell everything" approach I decided to put my starter clothes up on the AH... for about 10g a pop, and I can't believe it... They sold. I'm just amazed.

So yeah, I haven't seen this mentioned (I am a relatively new-comer) but I did see and have heard your quick ways to get gold on you're first visit to the AH... and yeah, that one was massive for me.

Anyway thanks for the site, and show's.

Keep up the good work!"

You may think that the strategy ends there... well I took it one step further >:-) ...

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Dirty Guide to Selling Eternals

JMTC and websites like MMO-Champion got you into quite a pickle by telling you to stockpile transmute mats for 4.0.1. Now I'm going to get you out of it. Here's how you sell off all those pesky eternals that you have collecting dust waiting to be transmuted into epic gems!

NOTE: I have left out the majority of armor and weapons you can craft from eternals because most players will be buying honor gear or using BOA items at this point in the game. Tanking gear is an exception to this.

If I missed any top sellers that you use please let me know in the comments or if you have tips for selling any of these items then please share your thoughts with the community here.

Eternal Air
Enchant Weapon Exceptional Agility
Armor Plated Combat Shotgun
Transmute Skyflare Diamond

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5 New Gold Blogs to Watch Out For in Cataclysm

I’m targeting two audiences with this post. The first is of course you and second are the bloggers throughout the gold blogging community who have appeared in the past six months or so and are looking for help in improving and/or growing their blogs. I’ll be outlining five blogs I predict will succeed in Cataclysm and then I’ll give advice for all blogs on how to expand their readership and keep things fun. If you are a subscriber to any of the social medias I participate in then you know that I love to constantly plug other valuable resources regardless of which site they come from. I'm a big fan of the idea that all ships rise with the tide or whatever that saying is.

I know that new blogs are a dangerous breed. Sure they may seem great but due in part to them being new you never know if the author is going to be in it for the long haul or just a flash in the pan. New blogs like Blinging Wow, le petit goblin and many others started off sensationally well and then just kind of tapered off. I hope those two come back btw, I really enjoyed their stuff.

Today I’m going to go through a list of blogs I am enjoying right now that I believe will be power houses of information in Cataclysm, well that’s if they stick around of course. I’m also going to give you (the person reading this, yeah YOU) each a quest today which will help not only yourselves but the gold blogging community as a whole. I want you to look at my blogroll for gold blogs, pick one you haven’t read that has a recent post (or one you have if you’re on top of your gold blog reading these days) and leave a comment. Not just any comment, engage the author in discussion by asking a question on the subject at hand or just asking a straight up question unrelated to the post. Maybe add your own two copper to the discussion with tips or pointers as well. The goal is to get you connected and engaged. You’ll keep the spark of writing fire alive in these new bloggers’ minds and you’ll also get great information coming to you every day. Subscriptions are the measurement of blogging success but comments are the currency used for judging the true worth of a blog. More commenting means more discussions and more discussions mean more blogger involvement and overall enjoyment by all parties involved. It’s a win, win.

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Patch 4.0: 31k Gold in Glyphs, Epic Gem Cooldown Fail and Addons

Epic Gem CD - WTF Blizzard

First off, I am so angry at blizzard for the Epic Gem Cooldown which doesn't even appear to be a bug anymore but instead all too intentional. After a blue post stating that cooldowns on epic gem transmutes would be removed it is asinine to then make it a 24 hour cooldown based on midnight server time. To clarify, currently when you transmute with an alchemist,  the cooldown is reset to midnight of the current day. Un-freaking-believeable blizzard. I have hundreds of emails (300+ yesterday) asking me why epic gem cooldown hasn't changed. You know what, I understand their anger and there's nothing I can do to help them except advise the selling off of your eternals and cutting raw/epic gems for as much gold as you can get for them at the moment. I made 31k gold from glyphs last night and I would have made another 60k if epic gems were working properly. I feel your collective pain as I watch epic gems of all colors rise a hundred gold in price. I am so sorry for those of you who, like me, put way too much gold into their transmute stockpile. We will be hard pressed to sell off our supplies before they are virtually worthless. The clock is ticking, get selling.

31k in a Night

So how did I make such an obscene amount of gold on Glyph-mas?

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Wow Professions - Excel Spreadsheet Guide

Written by Scantron of the JMTC Forums

Why use Excel?

Your gold making venture is a business, whether it is a small Mom and Pop operation that specializes in flipping Titansteel Bars on the weekends or a multi-factional, multi-professional corporation that keeps half a dozen Chinese gold farmers in the saronite business. What better way to organize yourself than Microsoft Excel, software of choice for small businesses everywhere? In this article I am going to assume that you have at least rudimentary Excel-fu. (If not the internet has many excellent tutorials to get you started).


Your sheets can be as complicated or simple as your heart desires. At a minimum, to use my techniques you need:
• Excel 2007 (I believe these instructions can also be followed for 2010)

• A list of your materials and their costs

• Formulas for the items you intend to craft

• A log of sales (date and price)
First let’s set up the materials list on Sheet1 of my spreadsheet. I need columns for material name and the maximum price I’ll pay for that item on my snatch list. That is all you NEED to have on this spreadsheet. However you can include a column for inventory. Personally I use my third column for the item type (as that is how I like to keep my list sorted), categories include “Elementals” like Eternal Fire and “Vendor” like Fine Thread. Now I’m going to populate this list with whatever items I purchase for crafting. The order doesn’t matter. I happen to keep my list organized but as long as the material is on the list once with a price in the column next to it, our formulas will work. For this example we are doing some Wrath blacksmithing, so I’ll populate my page with some bar and eternal prices.

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Patch 4.0 - Were You Prepared

Like every other patch day I'm sitting here tuesday morning muttering to myself...

... did I miss any markets?
... are my addons ready?
... could I have started purchasing sooner?
... did I craft everything I needed to?
... did I miss a patch note or information on any website?
... am I prepared?

It's patch 4.0 and for those of you who have been following this blog/forum for long enough know I've been spoon feeding you with exactly what you need to stockpile and what's going to happen once 4.0 is released. This post is for those of you who have been trying to prepare for this "glyph-mas" or in some cases "gem-mas" and now you're wondering if it was enough.

I'm going to tell you straight up that whatever amount of preparation you've made has not been enough. You may think that's a terrible thing, no actually it's an amazing thing. If one person could physically stockpile enough mats to take care of their whole server then that would mean some pretty heavy losses if a handful of other people did the same thing. Instead, patch 4.0 will create such high demand, low supply that everyone is going to be a winner regardless of how much they stockpiled. Let's go over what you could have stockpiled and maybe in the comments discuss how much you measured up against me, the auction house master... muhuhuhahahaha! /twirl long curly mustache

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Twas the Night Before Glyph-Mas

Whitewolf, an admin from the JMTC forums, sent me this PM and I felt that I had to share. It is so perfect for tonight lol as we prepare for glyph and gem -mas.

'Twas the night before Glyph-mas and at all auction houses
Competition was stirring, (those idiot louses.)
The posters were lined up in cities with care,
In the hopes that the new patch soon would be there.

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One Click Per Posting with Addons in Cataclysm

Why Was this Added

You can thank one of Just My Two Copper's forum admin Zerotorescue, myself and Basil from's Gold Capped. Zero came up with QA3's plugin (this link is to the newer version that you will want to download for posting/canceling in 4.0.1), I wrote an article on how to use it and Basil wrote about it in order to get Blue attention on the subject. Within a week there was a new PTR build that addressed the issue in code changes to the auction house commands all our favorite addons use to post items with. I'm not sure if I should celebrate or weep however.


Since you will need to have a confirmation for every posting (that’s a single item or a single stack) in Cataclysm, most of these addons will simply add a Yes/No box similar to what Snatch scan in auctioneer uses already. You’ll hit Batch Post and then have to click Yes for every posting. Boo, Markco sad panda who needs hugs now.

The Good

Players will no longer be able to become semi-bots who click once (after setting up their prices and restrictions through auctioneer, qa3 or a host of other addons) and then walk away from their PC’s while they post. They will also no longer be able to run the QA3 plugin to constantly post auctions as long as they have room in their bags to keep cancelling and putting up new postings.

The Bad

Bots will still be bots. Players who are cheating and botting could still very easily circumvent this change by running their addons like always but having a click command sent every second to the server at the location of the “Accept Post” button or whatever these addons end up using to address the click per posting issue in 4.0. Bots will still exist, only now players will no longer be able to automate their own postings in order to challenge botters. You will also no longer be able to leave your PC even if you are doing a single batch post of your inventory. Your time on the auction house has been increased proportionally to the number of items you post every day.

Some people seem to think that this change will "fix" the 30 pages of single items such as infinite dust we see posted today. It won't.

How can you benefit from this change?

You’re going to need to adapt to the circumstances. Focusing your efforts on particular markets and not spreading yourself out too thin. Depending on your time restraints you will need to change the amount of items you post and also avoid undercutting wars. I would also go so far as to say that the old undercutting wars of glyph sellers are over for the players who don’t bot. Consolidating your efforts and minimizing time spent posting are going to be essential skills in cataclysm. I’ll be happy to lend you a hand in this regard of course. In fact, right now you can start by learning to use the /getall command in auctioneer to increase scan speed. You can learn more about this in my 22 steps to using auctioneer correctly.

Tip Zero

Zero worked hard to get this addon out right away so please give him a donation (I am in no way affiliated with him) at the curse download page.

Raiding From The Heart - Charity In Game Event

Quick notice to everyone out there who would like to support a great cause by raiding from the heart with the Big Bear Butt Blogger.

If you have ever done an in game event like the one we did for call to auction you will know just how much fun these things can be. Go read up on raiding from the heart and work your schedule so that you can be online October 16th at 12:15 pm server time on the kael'thas-US. Pink shirts will be provided for all attendees.

If you'd like to donate to American Heart Association directly you can do so here at a special page that was created for Raiding From The Heart. You can also buy shirts to help raise money.

Cataclysm Profession Break Down

Hello JMTC! I am Miss Mediocre, an average gamer and avid blogger! I was very glad to see that Markco was accepting guest posts about upcoming changes in Cataclysm, as I just recently won myself a Beta Key! I decided to focus my guest post on professions, as I have not yet recognized any
real Cataclysm gold making strategies in my beta travels.

One major improvement they've made in Cataclysm regarding professions is that you can now level from 1-525 in any of the major cities, which means no more irritating trips to Outland and Dalaran for anything above skill level 300! Also, in your profession window there is a new filter that you can check called "has skill up" which is handy for leveling as it will show you only things that you can craft that could result in a skill point.

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Patch 4.0 Epic Gem Cooldown Guide Monday

If you want to know the inside scoop as to what's going to happen to the epic gem market for the 5 days following patch 4.0's release then sign up for my newsletter! On monday morning at 8:00 AM you'll get an email detailing exactly what's going to happen the following 5 days on your server. You'll also learn how to take advantage of the changes in epic gems, eternals and another item you probably aren't expecting to sell that's going to be rise in price after the patch.

While you wait for that email on monday, be sure to stockpile rare gems (uncut) and eternals to prepare for patch 4.0's epic gem selling spree. Don't just focus on red gems either and be sure to get whatever gem cuts you can in the meantime by prospecting cheap titanium ore for the titanium powder (if it is cheap on your server).

This does not count as today's post, please read The Consortium on investing in Cataclysm.

The Consortium on Investing for Cataclysm

Hello everyone! This is Sterling from The Consortium. I was offered the opportunity to post a guest blog here, so here I am. I'm certainly humbled by this, and hope not to disappoint. I'll be touching on a few hot topics here today (no, not Lady Gaga), including some fresh stockpiling advice and saucy beta coverage. Hopefully this can set some gears in motion over in the forums as well.

But first, a big thanks to Markco for making this happen. Markco understands the work involved in developing a website, and has been helping me out with site and community development in the past week. This is a man of class folks, a man of class!

If you haven't heard about
The Consortium, we're a community very similar to JMTC. We focus on gold-making, and everything else that this may encompass. We were founded in February 2010, by Alaera of Twisting Nether US. Our site is 100% free and mostly public. We have a small forum reserved for distinguished members - we call them Wind Traders. Wind Trader status is earned on an application or invitation basis only. If you'd like to join their ranks, head over to our application page.

Our forums have a few fancy nick-nacks, including WoWHead tooltips, thread ratings, achievements, awards and reputation. The site is constantly being developed, and we love hearing suggestions from our users. If you have a suggestion for the site, just ask, we're listening!

So go ahead and
register on our forums and introduce yourself. We welcome everyone with open arms!

But anyway, let's talk business. Straight face time.Your browser may not support display of this image.

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Reader Appreciation Week

Cataclysm Preparation Links

ZG Farming Guide
4 Ways to Make Gold with 4.0.1
Prepare for Cataclysm

From September 2010 - Was I right?
"Make 1 Million Gold in Cataclysm"
Tip #1
Tip #2
Tip #3
Tip #4
Tip #5

Sneak Peak for Next Week

I am very excited about some of the articles coming out next week. I have compiled for your reading pleasure some outstanding guest posts on cataclysm and excel, an article on the three big lies of auctioneering, recent addon changes to auctioneer and QA3, responses to Markco's Strategies Don't Work and I'll end the week with a post on Gold Blogs in cataclysm aimed at helping both the readers and writers of this community. Now is as good a time as ever to subscribe to the JMTC feed reader or to my newsletter.

Reader Appreciation Week

This past week I posted numerous emails and comments from JMTC community members (that's YOU) and
 enjoyed getting the chance to publish more of your content than ever before.

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Blacksmithing Income Down? Try Felsteel

Written by Kammler of Nesingwary US

Blacksmithing income down? 

You’re not alone

There are many ways to earn good income as a blacksmith, and armor from high end patterns has always sold well. But if you aren’t an endgame raider with access to those rare 264s, or if you do have some really unique patterns and have noticed sales dropping off as Cataclysm comes closer, you are most likely looking for a steady income source. Let’s face it—the market has become depressed because more and more players are hoarding their gold and waiting to see what comes in the XPack. On my server, I have seen my Eternal Belt Buckles sales stagnate as more players learn to craft them. And Primordial Saronite? Forgeddaboutit—on my server, its going as low as 400g, down from 1,200g or more. Wouldn’t it be great to have a solid 350g to 500g crafted armor item that was somehow protected from market fluctuations?

Tanks will love this set as they level in the 70s

                As tanks level up they always want to find the best gear they can, but certain levels are very important as new dungeons open up. As tanks hit L68 and can go to Northrend for the first time, many find that their Outland gear isn’t quite up to the new challenges in Utgarde Keep (at L68), The Nexus (at L69) and Azjol-Nerub (at L70). Having (most likely) wiped a few times, visits to the AH are usually the result. There are some good items there but the ones that really stand out are the gemmable items. Anything with blue sockets is great. 

                Faith in Felsteel is a great item set for any L70 tank.  Comprised of 3 items—gloves, helm and legs—the set offers a total 3484 armor and +93 stamina. Alone, this is pretty good gear, but add to it the 4 blue sockets, 3 red sockets and one yellow socket and this gear becomes excellent. Tanks can stack stamina or gem according to the 4/3/1 format and also get +4 hit, +4 dodge and +3 parry, as well as the 3 item set bonus of +25 strength. As a leveling tank, my toon wore this gear for several levels as the other drops I saw just didn’t outweigh the benefits of this set.

But wait…..there’s a catch

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Unusual Druid Gold Strategy in Moonglade


"I'm not sure if this works anymore but on my old server back in Burning Crusade I discovered druids have a unique bonus to gold making schemes.  I used this to supplement daily farming for my epic flying back then (sadly about six other people discovered it too and drove my price from 30-50g a pop to a tenth of that).  The recipe for Runed Arcanite Rod is sold only in limited quantities in Moonglade.  I would just teleport to Moonglade, check for the recipe, then take a leisurely flight to Thunderbluff (or Darnassas) and post it on the auction house.

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Librams in Cataclysm

EDIT: Sigh I'm an old timer when it comes to Wow and sometimes I miss changes to the old content, such as librams in this case. Please read the entire article and the warning at the end as I probably screwed up royally with this tip. I am inches away from just deleting this post and putting something else in its place. Hopefully this will at least have some value in getting you thinking about how the game will change with regards to librams, helm enchanting and the insane title. I've published another post today in order to compensate for this blunder of epic proportions.

Reader emails are perhaps the best part about running this blog. Especially when I receive pro tips from players who are thinking outside the box like Dave here. He took a look at BOA helms and cloaks which are coming out in cataclysm and asked himself: "What would twinks and levelers use to enchant these new items?"

Here is Dave's email along with a link for where you can learn more:

"I didn't see this covered anywhere but the only way I can think of to enchant a BoA helm like the ones being introduced in cataclysm is with librams. Might be smart to pick a few handfuls of rapidity and focus. I could see the others jumping in prices as well but I don't think they'd be worth the bank space. Thanks for writing a terrific blog!


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How to Use Bean Counter in Auctioneer

I've been emailed quite a bit recently with questions about auctioneer's handy little tool: Bean Counter. Today's post is meant to be an answer to the what, why and how questions asked about Bean Counter.

What is Bean Counter?

Every time you sell items or more importantly fail to sell items in world of warcraft, Bean Counter is there to track the transactions. It is a part of Auctioneer and the last tab on your auction house user interface if you have the addon installed.

Why Use Bean Counter?

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What Mageweave Farming Teaches Us About the Auction House

This week I will be trending towards publishing reader emails and what can I say you guys send me more valuable information than I know what to do with! After all, JMTC is a community and without you guys I'm just blowing hot air. I'm sure some of you would say I'm doing that anyway but hey I can't please everyone. Often I just can't find the time to add all the emails I get (I literally have over a hundred emailed tips not yet incorporated into the blog) and so I tend to only include the time sensitive ones. This week however I felt it was long overdue to have a sort of reader appreciation period where I published mostly your ideas that you have taken the time to share with me. Thank you very much for your emails, comments, etc.

Here's an excellent tip about farming one of my favorite buy low, sell normal markets. Read the farming spot first and then I'll show you how to flip 'em with just the auction house. I'll also explain what you can learn from Adrian's experience.

 "Hi Markco,

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Recipe Run

I want you to take the following suggested gold strategy and apply it to any major city. Going for a "Recipe Run" is where you go to every vendor you can find who has limited sale items and buy them out. In terms of gold per hour there really is nothing better for a low level toon to do besides maybe play with resale and vendor scans in auctioneer.

One of the first things I'll be doing when cataclysm launches is performing a recipe run in each of the major cities. You would be absolutely shocked by the kinds of vendor items people are willing to buy but the real meal tickets are the limited quantity items which people either weren't able to get due to it being on cooldown or just didn't know where to look.

Here is what our stealthy rogue friend "Iownedyou" had to say on his own recipe runs in game:

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Blogging Carnival - Favorite Niche Market

The wow gold carnival for October is finally here! Sit back, relax and enjoy the epic pwnsauce that is this month's collection of articles which I've gathered from around the blogosphere. These bloggers will bravely attempt to answer the question: "What's your favorite niche gold strategy?" Let's see how the following ten blogs tackled this topic and please be sure to comment on the posts. Pass the kodo kabobs please, hungry orc over here! For links to past and upcoming carnivals, as well as how you can join, click here.

Miss Mediocre

I couldn’t think of a good niche gold making strategy that was worth posting about when I first read the topic for Markco’s October Gold Blogging Carnival, but then I remembered the “Love Is In The Air” events from earlier this year! I had just come back to WoW after a 6 month break and was starting out on a new server. I had already finished the Love Is In The Air achievements on my main character the year before, but was still interested in figuring out the changes they had made to how the event worked for this year. I noticed that it had become similar to a few of the other world events in the way that you collect and turn in event specific items for prizes, like with Brewfest Coins and Lunar Festival Coins. [Read More...]

Nerf Faids

Most everyone has their fingers in the gold-making pies that are inscription and jewelcrafting. While the profits they turn are great, there’s also a lot of profit to be found in smaller niche markets in the game.  I didn’t set out to look for a niche market, I more or less stumbled upon one in other in-game pursuits. The result? [Read More...]

Mana Obscura

Over the last few days I’ve been hit hard from firesales. People are converting the last few badges they have to gems or Primordial Saronite to sell for whatever they can. Prices (and profits) on most materials are plunging as supply far outstrips demand.

Craftables are also a source of anxiety. Get it right and you’re in the money. Get it wrong and you’ve wasted time, effort and materials on something that won’t sell. And right now, it feels like most markets are seizing up. While the smart players are cleaning out their bucket lists and putting down plans, there’s a lot of “wait and see” stagnation.

Right now, the real growth area for me is in barking. By that I don’t mean barking at the moon, I mean having a little advert for my crafting skills that I can paste in the trade channel when I’m not doing anything. Depending on the time of day, it can net me a few hundred gold an hour of pure profit. There are some great secrets to barking that I’ve learned in order to get the best results. [Read More...]

Prospecting? That’s right, more specifically gems prospected for skill level 1-300. Jewelcrafting is big business, it has been since it’s inception in the Burning Crusade expansion. The problem with Jewelcrafting has always been the rather steep start up cost. But there is hope for those who are not blessed with alts, patience, or even common sense. You, the opportunistic Jeweler. [Read More...]
Follow the Gold Road

I’ve said before that my playtime is limited and so when I log in I want to use that time to my best advantage, i.e. to make the most gold per hour I can.  For me, this generally involves logging my enchanting toon first and restocking, cancelling and reposting, followed by my jewelcrafter doing the same. If I have time I’ll pop on to my glyph posters and replenish the AH and then, if miraculously I’ve still got some time left then I’ll log on my actual scribe, do the research, restock, make some vellums for the enchanter and try and get rid of some of the excess Snowfall Inks.  When I’ve got a real chunk of time available (say once a week) I’ll do some milling and crafting inks and might up my glyph stockpile by say 2 of each – I’m aiming to have a full stack of each come 4.0.

As such – any strategy that requires me to move out of my ‘comfort zone’ of the AH, Mailbox, the Bank and the Inscription Supplies vendors is unlikely to see much testing from me and the little experience I do have with some of them haven’t turned out to be as profitable a use of my time as my standard routine, although many of them are fantastic for say, starting out on a new server or if you’re in a position with a low capital outlay.  Saying that, if you have more time on your hands then that sort of strategy can be a lovely supplement to your main sources of income. [Read More...]

Cold's Gold Factory

Well my favorite niche market is selling Rich Purple Silk Shirts.  Why?  This pattern is super rare, as it is a random Vanilla drop.  It is so rare that wowhead doesn't even register any of the mobs that drop it at any rate higher than 0.0%.  Wowhead also shows the average buyout price to be 1255g.  Good thing I found this one for 40g on the auction house.  Excellent investment as I have sold tons of these for anywhere from 10-25g each.  I am the only one who ever lists these Horde side, so I have absolutely zero competition and the cost to produce them is ridiculously low as the Horde auction house is swamped with Silk Cloth.  I snatch all silk cloth under 1g per stack, but often I get mass quantities for under 50s a stack.  So the return on investment is insane. [Read More...]
European Games Radar
  • Hardly anyone else does it
  • It can be done by low levels
  • The materials gained by it will always be needed by other players
  • It's scalable (wait till you have more grime-encrusted objects before visiting Gnomeragan)
  • You can set your own proit/hour by changing the price on your snatch list (higher gold/hour settings will take longer to be fufiled) [Read More...]
Wow Consultant

Anxiety Symptons: Fear of impending doom, you feel as though something extremely bad is going to happen but you are not sure what. You may also feel as though your world is coming to an end. Well it turns out I do know exactly what is going to happen – Patch 4.0 and the removal of Armor Penetration as stat in World of Wacraft and the end of my favorite ‘Niche’ gold making strategy. I feel you’re pain Melee combatants – trust me as a level 1 toon that sits around in Stormwind all day, I do feel your pain. You see, there’s this one enchant that I sell all the time that nobody else my server even bothers to sell. Do you know which one I’m talking about? [Read More...]
Acadia's Gold
When I first started playing wow the economy was quite different. It was a difficult task saving up to be able to get a riding mount at 40. All of my friends were grinding and toiling to save up the money, and I was looking for ways to save up myself. I was enamoured with WOW and all that you could do besides leveling. I took small pleasures in Fishing and Cooking all sorts of foods. I stumbled upon a recepie for Savory Deviate Delights and learned it without thinking about it.[Read More...]
Capped by Cata

Recipe: Philosopher's Stone is used in leveling up Alchemy and is a major component in transmuting. So it's something that every alchemist has to have and most are too lazy to go get. It's located in Tanaris. It's a long flight and some folks aren't friendly with the goblins so it makes things even better for those enterprising entrepreneurs like ourselves. The cost for the pattern is a mere 80 silver.[Read More...]

Carnival Tomorrow and Reader Appreciation Week

October Carnival Tomorrow

There are seven articles so far for this month's carnival, "What's your favorite niche gold strategy?" Any blogs with a post which covers their author's favorite niche gold strategy just have to send me a link and it will get featured on the carnival with a short summary written by me. If you do not have a blog you can also recommend posts to me for the carnival. It's an amazing way to get traffic as the carnivals have proven to be a big favorite among readers here. If you get me a link within the next 23 hours I will try to have it posted on my site for tomorrow.

4.0 Gold Tip

Here's a tip in case 4.0 is released next week:

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