0-4,000g In Two Weeks Time

My goal of 5K in one month is now within reach, just reach out and grab it.
Post by Hackensack

Hello All.  I am brand new at this and I have never written an article like this before, however  I have been following this web site and other Warcraft-econ based websites for a couple of weeks and I wanted to share my story. Basically I went from 0 gold -4,500 gold in under two weeks (10 days) with no help whatsoever.  While my goal was to get 5,000 gold within one month I decided to write this now because I enjoyed 5 days off from work due to the Holiday and a snowstorm and now I have to catch up on a lot of things.

I picked up the trial version of WOW on  December 10th.  I had played it about a year ago and enjoyed the game but it consumed months of my time so I gave it up.  I remember never having more then 300-500 gold before buying my mount. This time around I wanted to focus on the economic side of the game.

I created a Troll Hunter with Mining/Eng and spent the early levels doing quests and finding copper nodes in Durotar and the Barrens. I read that small eggs sell well for the Christmas event so I was pleased to see that they dropped from the vultures in the barrens. (I don’t remember their exact name). I now know that the Blood elf Dragonhawks are one of the best sources.

I spent the first two days collecting Copper ore and gems and selling trash to vendors.  As I gathered up the ores I soon ran out of the little money I had and took my treasures to the AH. I now know that WOW trial accounts cannot sell on the AH. After buying the full version I started posting the eggs, copper bars, and clam meat from the Turtles in the Barrens.

The Small Eggs and the Gingerbread cookies were a gold bonanza. Ranging from 10g-50g for a stack of 5! Clam Meat was also huge at 50+g a stack. I was in the egg market early and earned a bundle.  But the market became very volatile very fast.  The copper bars on the other hand were a steady source of income at about 8-12 g a stack and I am still earning on them. 

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Cataclysm's Notched Cobalt War Axe!

" Hey there Markco! Leoricsbride here! How zit going? I've just finished leveling tailoring to 525 and I'm not working on enchanting. Of course it could have been 525 by December 7th but we haven't hit goldcap by spending without looking for deals right?

I remember that you wrote an article on how Notched Cobalt War Axes (http://www.wowhead.com/item=41243#disenchanting) were the best way to get greater cosmic essences (when cobalt bars were 20-25g a stack and greater cosmic essences 15-20g each)

I figured that I could search on wowhead for a Cataclysm equivalent. Unfortunately, my research failed. Wowhead is quite inaccurate at the moment but check this out:

Carnelian Spikes (http://www.wowhead.com/item=52492#disenchanting) :


30% 1-5 hypnotic dusts
1,6% 1-3 lesser celestial essence

I failed my math in high school but I think that it doesn't add up to 100%. In fact, the missing 68,4% missing seems to be 2-3 GREATER CELESTIAL ESSENCE.

Carnelian Spikes requires 3 Carnelian (20g each) and 3 Jeweler's setting (1,5g each) for a total of 64,5g per craft. If you count it (Hypnotic dust)((1+2+3+4+5)/5) x 20g x 30% + (Greater celestial essence) ((2+3)/2) x 80g x 70% you get a result of an average of 158g value per craft. 158g - 64,5g = 93,5g PROFIT per craft
(doing those calculations with my server's data. dust = 20g, essences = 80g, Carnelian =20g)

It is a great way to save money if you're buying your mats from the AH to level enchanting and also a great way to "craft, DE, and sell" to make money.

So, have I found the new Notched Cobalt War Axe? =D "


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Winter Veil Gold Tip

" I don't know if anyone has pointed this out already, but there is a fortune to be made in Holiday pets. Jingling Bell, Red and Green Helper, and Snowman kit are all being dumped on the market this weekend and the undercutting brings these pets to very low prices. I've been buying them at anything under 100g, as they typically go for 300+ over the course of the year. Half my stock I bought at 40-50g, which is going to yield a nice turnaround over the course of 2011. Also, Preserved Holy sells well!

Just thought I'd pass it along, as your advice has made me almost 40,000 gold in the last couple weeks. " - Matt

Thank you for the tip Matt, this is an excellent way to make gold down the road, and shows your how inflation and supply vs demand works. Right now, there is a high supply, but a very, very low demand for these pets, as people will be getting them from the gifts, they will most likely simply use their own pets instead of going to the auction house. The pets are selling anywhere from 30-100g, and come 6 months down the road, during mid summer the pets will fetch 300-400g, like you said.

An excellent tip here guys, I suggest you buy as many as you can under 50g, and store for a later time to sell.

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Cataclysm Engineering Gold Guide

Many people say, engineering is just a "fun" profession, it doesn't really make me gold. Well, they're wrong, engineering has made me thousands upon thousands of gold, as a matter of fact, it was one of my most profitable professions during Wrath of the Lich King, and now with cataclysm, the gold making options have become even better.

Within this post I will included ways t make gold with engineering, and trust me there are countless ways to make gold with this wonderful profession, hang in there, you're in for a long read!

Selling Pets
Selling pets is one of the best ways to make gold with engineering. As of recently blizzard has added two more engineering pets, once for each specialization, they are the De-Weaponized Mechanical Companion mechanical companion and the Personal World Destroyer. I have made a killing selling the Personal World Destroyer, I craft them at ~5-600g and they can sell upwards to 2-3k each.

If you can manage to snag yourself a lifelike mechanical toad schematic for cheap ( 1-2k or less ) learn it! I can sell these toads for 150g each, and they sell like hot cakes. I sell at least four or five pets a day, by simply selling this amount selling the pets has paid for the schematic and then some.

The Mechanical Yeti is also an excellent way to make gold with engineering, especially since the schematic is a little harder to obtain now, you need a reputation of revered ( correct me if I'm wrong ) to even start the quest, allowing you to control the market and set your own price for this pet.

Selling any of the other pets ( Pet Bombling, Lil' Smoky ) also make you some excellent gold, the materials are cheap and the pets can selling anywhere from 50-150g each, they do sell a little slower, but profit is profit!

Selling the New "Fish Feast"
Engineers now can make the new "fish feast" of cataclysm, it is called the Goblin Barbecue. Selling these at 75-100g per is great profit, especially if you're on a realm that raids constantly, they'll want the best buffs that they can acquire, and this is by far one of the easiest to get.

The Goblin Barbecue requires 2 Elementium Bars, 2 Toughened Flesh, and 2 Lavascale Fillets to craft. You can farm most of these mats to help reduce the costs and help increase the final ROI ( I recommend you farm the fish for the fillets )

Kaye Toogie - The Wormhole Ordeal
If you don't know about this now, go read up on it over at The Gnomish Coin. The way it works is, everytime you use your wormhole you have a chance to get the option "Underground", which takes you into a sewer where there is a vendor that sells rare engineering schematics. There are three total schematics, but one of them is what makes it all worth it, it is Schematic: Arcanite Dragonling. As of the shattering, this schematic is NO longer dropped by mobs and this is the only place to obtain it, I personally have sold two of them, each at 4,500g each. I use my wormhole whenever it's up, and I've gotten underground now three times, it's an easy way to make 3-5k within seconds.

Farming Primal Air in Outlands

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Making Gold At Low Levels

I recently started a little project of my own. I decided to level a priest from 1-15 and see how much gold I could acquire. I only paid for 2 Deadmines runs, which costed me 20g total, and everything else was quested. Most, if not all of the questing was done in Westfall, as this is an awesome place to earn gold & level at the same time. By level 15 I had 187g in my bags, more than enough to suffice at level 15. Do keep in mind I did not use any professions while leveling, if I would of had , I would of made double the gold.

What Items Sold Best & Why
  • Wool Cloth & Linen Cloth, both of these cloths were one of my biggest source of income. Wool cloth goes for 6-7g per stack, I usually grabbed about 5-6 stacks per deadmines run.
  • "Of The Monkey" Gear, another great seller. Twinks are always looking for this type of gear, and they always have a high mark up.
  • Low Level Potions, I sold several for a couple gold pieces, almost everyone wants the low level health potions as they are always handy.
  • Boar Snouts, Flask of Oil, Okra, & Stringy Vulture Meat. These Items are used for a quest in Westfall. Not everyone has the patience to do quests that require things to drop, so they run to the auction house to see if there are any available.
  • Moss Agates, these are used for Jewelcrafting, they have a high mark up value due to how rare they can be.
  • Small Eggs, & Clam Meat. Both of these are low level cooking materials, they have a high mark up value. Easily farmed in Westfall.

Why these specific items sold

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GoblinSpot - An New WoW Blog/Forum

Welcome welcome welcome! A new site has launched and I'm very excited about it! The name of the site is GoblinSpot, it is a site related about World of Warcraft. It has blogs, forums, guide reviews, it has everything you need.

Even though it just launched, I suggest you guys go check it out, it has it's own forum so I predict that this will become a great resource to check upon once in a blue moon, like the Consortium forums and the JMTC forums.

Here is a little introduction and more information of the site from Scarf, the owner of the site:

It's good to finally get everything up and running because I've spent, quite literally, hundreds of hours coding it. I'm obviously not a professional web designer or anything, I just wanted to create site that allowed me to combine two of my favorite hobbies - WoW and coding!

What is the site all about?
I recognize that there are a ton of great WoW related blogs out there. At first, I was interested in creating another WoW-gold-related blog. After a while, though, I started thinking more and more about how I could contribute to the community. After all, I, just like everyone else, learned gold making strategies through blogs and forums. So I got to thinking and I decided to try to create a "platform" or "showcase" where many different blogs could be seen at once. This, in my opinion, will allow for ease of access for our newer prospects and veterans alike!

At the moment, my site will also feature Forums and a Gold Guide Review section. While not groundbreaking features, I hope that these will also aid in the effectiveness of my site.

My General Philosophy & Goal
I don't want to stop there... I'd like to borrow a paragraph from an email that I recently sent describing my site:

I am going to be very open ended about this project. My major goal is to have everyone who will be using my site DESIGN it. I will be open to any ideas that will provide new, cool, useful features to the users. (I have some solid ideas already, but at this time I'd like to keep them private). Basically, the only limiting factor here is the time it takes me to implement new features.

This is still, and will remain, my philosophy throughout the life of this project. If you have any suggestions at all, don't hesitate to email me (scarf@goblinspot.com) or post them in the Forums!

Final Thoughts
One last thought before sign off for the evening: I can't do this alone! I am in need of some people who are willing to help out in whatever way they can. This may include but not be limited to: creating and managing facebook/twitter pages, posting blogs, moderating forums, seeking out new blogs, etc. Again, if you feel that you have something to offer, please send me an email!

I wish you best of luck Scarf, I can see the website becoming huge due to the great features that you have! 

Bloggers, if you want, contact Scarf to get added to GoblinSpots Blogroll/Blog Feed!

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JMTC Guide: Vendor Items Edition

Lately I've been putting out a lot of "guide-ish" posts, the best place to farm whiptail, best skinning farming spot, even how to use my own personal user interface. Well today I'd like to make a guide-ish post on selling vendor bought item at the Auction House, let's start it shall we?

Enchanting Vellums
These can be bought from any enchanting vendor, they cost anywhere from 8s to 10s ( depending on your faction discount ). They can be bought in unlimited quantities, and they sell rather well. Enchanting vellums are made by scribes, and they're fairly cheap to make, but making them this way, it will cost you way more than 10 silver.

I personally buy them in stacks of 100, and post in lots of 5. They can be sold anywhere from 2g each, to 5g each. It's really good gold if you're starting out. Even if you already have tons of gold, extra profit can't hurt, can it?

Jeweler's Setting
This item is used to craft jewelcrafting ring and neck. Most people don't know that it's bought from a vendor and run over to the auction house. They cost 1g 90s ( after rep discount ), and can be sold anywhere from 10-25g per. It's a little riskier if you don't have much gold and are just starting out, but even if you manage to sell one at 25g, that's 1000% of a return on your initial investment.

Glyph Dusts

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Making A Fortune Off Mysterious Fortune Cards

Image credit: The Fortune Cookie Reader
Inscription has always been focused on glyphs, but with cataclysm blizzard decided to add a little extra flair to inscription, they decided to add a mini gambling game, mysterious fortune cards.

Mysterious fortune cards are craftable at 450 inscription, they require a single blackfallow ink and one parchment, the rough material cost for both of these items is about 20g, I've sold cards for as much as 250g/ea, and they sold quickly.

Cold, from Cold's Gold Factory has recently made three excellent tips on how to properly advertise your cards, Mysterious Fortune Cards Bait and Switch, and the post that started most of the hype, Cataclysm Item Preview: Fortune Cards & Fortune Cookies. There is a lot of good info contained within those three posts.

If you're serious about selling the cards, I suggest you go check out the posts above and learn how to properly market them, I've personally made about 15k in one day ( not all was profit, ~80% of it was ) and it was only in a matter of an hour or two of spamming in trade that you by using the cards, you had a chance at getting yourself a nice 5k.

One last thing before I let you go, don't get sucked in yourself. While the cards are promising, people have done the math, and the chances for you to use the cards and come out winning is low, it's like gambling, just at low risk, I don't want you guys growing a habit that isn't good now do I?

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Making Gold in Cataclysm - Carnival Jan 2nd!

Hello everyone, it's Markco again and I'm preparing my next carnival for January 2nd! The topic will be "How are you making gold in Cataclysm?" and if you'd like to enter simply read the instructions for all the blogging carnivals here at JMTC. I hope to see a decent turn out of bloggers writing about this topic even if we are all so busy with the holidays.

If you aren't a blogger, how have YOU been making gold in cataclysm?

Merry Christmas to you and yours from both myself and Mageshadow here at JMTC.

Fishing For Volatile Fire

" A guildie told me about this great spot. In South Western Mount Hyjal in the Sulfuron Spire area there are "Pools of Fire" fishing pools that are full of Volatile Fires, and while you're at it the level 81 Elites in the area also drop the Volatiles. This is easily one of the fastest methods for aquiring the Volatile Fires. "
- Xalted

This is an excellent tip Xalted! After doing a little more research, it seems that you can also fish Volatile fires in Twilight highlands, but there aren't as many spots there. Thank you for sending this in!

El, from El's Extreme Anglin' has also done some research on fishing volatile fire from pools of fire.I suggest you check out the site if you're interested in fishing for volatile fires, as it has maps, spawn locations and a ton of more information!

Cataclysm Farming Spots Nerfed

Several key cataclysm farming spots have been severely nerfed, all of which have been talked about on this site (sometimes the day of the nerf!).

  • Volatile Fire Lava Pools in Hyjal
  • Bats in Deepholm
  • Crazed Engineers in Uldum

These were all sensational farming spots until they were nerfed, and you can bet your ebonsteel belt loops that blizzard will continue to nerf any farming spots that yield more than average results per hour.

How can you possibly make gold in an environment where farming is frowned upon? Perhaps now is the time to turn to the auction house...

Every single person reading this post has their own view point, their own playstyle and most importantly, their own gold making problems. The single most important failure of gold guides out there is that they do not understand this. They believe that writing a guide which solves the most generic and frequently occurring problems which auctioneers face will be successful. What's worse, they assume that your problems must be those of the generic and frequently seen kind.

Perhaps you have been upset with your inability to make gold. Maybe you are super frustrated as well. Case in point: I recently had an ongoing discussion with a buyer of 20k Leveling who was having a lot of trouble figuring out how to put the strategies within it to work. He mentioned that he didn't feel "smart enough" to apply the content of the guide but when I showed him some of the easier and surefire methods for making gold he said that he was beyond them. What he needed was a very unique solution for his particular problem. After some prodding I began to realize that his problem was a fear of using addons to make gold. I couldn't teach him to use them because of this fear, and he wanted a way to make gold without them and without farming. Due to this player's unique situation I decided to start developing a baby steps chapter for the guide, which will go into showing you how to make gold with very simple methods that slowly ramp up to the bigger stuff. I thought that I had already done this but apparently the step up from the earlier sections of auctioneering to the "Identify, Diversify and Automate" chapter was too big for some. By making a chapter which looks more like a series of homework assignments, I think that I can get those too timid to try the strategies some much needed help.

I was also recently asked for a spreadsheet of all profession crafted items and materials... so I spent 5 hours putting one together. You'll find it in chapter 9 - page 5 of the guide and it is down-loadable and I will be updating it frequently throughout cataclysm. Just enter the market value of the materials and the rest is done for you!

Unlike any other guide writer out there, I understand that your gold making quandary is unique. Yes I try to solve the most generic issues that every auctioneer has to face, but I also recognize the fact that you will need your own personal solution(s). Sometimes you can come up with this on your own thanks to the detailed concepts in the cataclysm gold guide, but every once in a while you will be that one unique snowflake who needs a new angle on the same problems that others have solved using the gold guide. That's the difference which 20k Leveling brings that no other guide comes close to providing.

Do you find that you are struggling to understand the concepts for auctioneering? What are you struggling with or did you struggle with at one point?

PS: Are you interested in selling 20kleveling? Even if you don't have a blog or website, you can make money spreading the word about 20kleveling and helping other auctioneers learn to play the ah with my guide's help. You can learn more at the affiliate area of 20kleveling.

Mageshadow's Personal User Interface

Twas all began with a simple e-mail, asking for my User Interface, and twas ended with one happy reader. I recently got an e-mail today.

" Wow love the minimalist UI. Any chance you share that? " - Joseph

To that I said sure thing bud! I responded as such:

" Sure =) I'll have to compile everything if you want it to look exactly like mine, otherwise, check out this link for more information about the UI Compilation itself.

I've attached some screenshots so you can compare it to the actual UI itself, see which one you like the most. "
- Mageshadow

Chicken is so ftw!
And then I later added:

" http://rapidshare.com/files/434284133/UI.rar

That's the link for my UI, when you install it, simply log in and type in /reflux switch bubuUI that should set everything in place.

For UIscaling type or paste in chat the following:
/console useUiScale 1
/console uiscale 0.75999999046326

That should bring everything to scale, if not, tweak it around some in the UI settings.

Best of luck,
Mageshadow "

Now, I'm not sure how many of you will like my UI, but I personally love it, It's clean, sharp, crisp and very organized, if you don't like it, I suggest you head over to Wowinterface and dig around their compilations sections, there are a ton of user interfaces, I'm sure you'll find one that you'll love.

Flipping Cataclysm Enchants

" First I want to thank you for putting up such a good website and sharing the great tips of making gold. There is one problem right now of which I need some advice. Players on my server now are leveling up their professions. A lot of enchanting scrolls are dumped in AH at very low price. What kind of scrolls would be profitalbe later? Would you shed some light on this topic? Thank you "
- Jing

" You hit the nail on the head and I was thinking the exact same thing! I am guessing that any of the enchants which give a base stat (stamina, strength, agility, intellect, spirit) will be worth the most later on. I'm buying everything under 25 gold at the moment. "
- Markco

What an excellent e-mail and response from Jing & Markco. Cataclysm has come and the storm has hit, and it's still going, people are leveling their professions and dumping cheap materials/products at the Auction house, more specifically, enchanting scrolls.

People are putting these up for 5-50g when they're really worth 5, or 10 times of that, why? They dumped 5-10k into the profession and they simply want whatever gold they can get back, so they post their scrolls at whatever price, giving us the gold makers, an excellent opportunity to make gold.

I suggest that you buy any cataclysm enchant that looks promising for under 50g, as after the levelers have finished leveling enchanting, the prices for these enchants will rise, and by a TON.

Get out there and buy those enchants! They won't last long!

Diversifying Saronite Ore

Most of you have a truckload of two ( ten in my case ) of saronite ore stashed away in a personal guild bank somewhere, right? Now you're probably asking yourself, what do I do with all of this ore?

Cataclysm has been out for two weeks, Lich King materials are starting to get some inflation in due to people not farming the materials so heavily, and I know most of you are just itching to sell your stockpile as soon as possible. I am going to tell you exactly what to do with all of that Saronite ore, how to properly diversify it to produce as much profit from it as possible.

Smelt it
Smelt the ores into bars, by doing so you're turning the ore into a 200% ROI, which is awesome in my opinion. You can sell the ore raw, but personally it's only going for 17-20/stack on my server, while the bars go for 45-55g per stack. Another way to go is to sell the bars to a vendor, I don't recommend this option as you're basically making back what you've spent, only do the price for saronite has crashed, which it should.

Transmute it
Make the ores into bars and then transmute it into titanium bars. While this isn't as big of a profit, use the bars to make items. The enchanting titanium rod is selling great due to the lack of titanium in the market. Make other titanium items if possible and sell them to levelers. If you cannot utilize the bars, sell them as is, they'll generally sell easily.

Prospect it

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JMTC is looking for you!

Bloggers, Bloggers, Bloggers, I'm hunting you down. I am looking for quality guest posts to be featured on the site. It can be about anything and everything, as long as it's good, I'll make sure it'll get featured on the site and that you're given proper credit for your work.

I am looking to feature at least one guest post per week on JMTC, what does this mean for you? It means that I'm going to start hunting every single one of you down and e-mail you, asking if you're open to write a guest post for JMTC. Now don't be scared, I don't carry any scary guns ( except an MP5K ), as long as you produce a well written post that is interesting and eye-catching, the post will make it onto the site. Expect an e-mail by the end of this week! Talk to all of you soon!

I'm also looking for you, more specifically, I'm looking for " Help me! " E-mails. I want you guys to write to Markco asking for help, and twice a week, I will personally sit down and take 30 minutes of my own personal time to write you a specific, unique post that will be tailored according to your professions and where you are.

I feel that by doing this, I can help people out personally, rather than simply posting gold tips on the blog everyday. I can help you make gold in ways you could of never imagined! I will become your personal gold guru for 30 minutes, helping you in any way possible make those thousands of gold you've always dreamed of.

I hope to hear from you guys soon!

#1 Best Savage Leather Farming Spot

Guest Post by Aeliel from Dreams of Iso'rath
The price of Savage Leather just won’t go down on my server – and I need to level leatherworking on my main. So I’ve been levelling my hunter, who has skinning as one profession. It’s something I’d been wanting to do anyway, considering all the pretty pets in Cataclysm (got myself a flaming turtle as soon as I hit 81; I might tell the story of the adventurous tame later), and if it saves me some gold all the better.

Doing 80-81 in Vashj’ir got me some leather, but just barely enough for 5 skillpoints. Argh. I switched to Hyjal at 81, mostly to get the aforementioned flaming turtle, and then did 81-82 there simply because I couldn’t be bothered switching back. At 82, I went to Deepholm.

Not much skinning in Deepholm, what with all the stone creatures, right? Yeah, that’s what I thought as well. I quested my way through almost the entirety of the zone, skinning the occasional dragonkin and getting more and more anxious to hit 83 so I could go skin my way through Uldum.

Then the Therazane quest chain led me to the upper left corner of Deepholm. Unskinnable flayers, rock, rock, more rock, and… what’s that? Bats? Let’s try and shoot them and see.

In red, we have the bat path. Here, Stone Bats fly all around the marked area in packs of 8-10. You shoot one, you pull the entire pack; they have 5368 health each, and I could 3-shot them even as a level 82-83 hunter. Each of them skins into one Savage Leather (no scraps at all that I could see in my brief, unscientific farming of 8 stacks of leather off them) and will also occasionally skin a Strange Bloated Stomach; they also have a chance of skinning into a Pristine Hide (I got one last night), although the droprate is so low since the nerf-hotfix that your best bet if you want Pristine Hides is to just skin lots and lots of leather and trade up using the vendors in Twilight Highlands.

The bats also drop Toughened Flesh. It doesn’t sell terribly well (just 2g each on my server) but it’s used to make the Goblin Barbecue, the Engineering-crafted basic feast of Cataclysm. (There’s a better version, providing 90 stamina / 90 something else, but it’s a reward from a guild achievement your guild is unlikely to obtain anytime soon unless you’re in <Fishing Addicts>.) I got 3 stacks of the stuff from just a brief period of farming and let’s just say that Alieth loves me very much right now considering how fast his guild chews through the barbecues.

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Cataclysm Volatile Farming Guide

Cataclysm is here, and so are the new "eternals". People have been asking, what are the best spots to farm Volatiles? If you don't have a gathering profession such as mining or herbalism, you're going to need ways to obtain volatiles without dropping huge amounts of gold at the auction house, I have found some of the best cataclysm volatile farming spots.

Volatile Fire
Volatile Fire Farming Spot

I have found this to be the best spot to farm Volatile Fire, there are pools of fire that can be fished here, as well as level 80-81 elite elementals that also drop volatile fire. You could also go visit Twilight Highlands, around the bastion twilight, there are mobs that drop volatile fire, and there are also a couple pools of fire that can be fished. 
Volatile Earth
Volatile Earth Farming Spot
Here you will be farming Volatile Earth, you will be killing elementals named Scalding Rock Elementals. They have a decent drop rate of Volatile Earth and another plus is that they're not spread too far apart. The respawn rate is fairly quick as well. These mobs are needed for a quest, so you might have a little competition while farming volatiles here. You can also farm volatile earth at The Black Breach located in Twilight Highlands.

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Auction House Server Database: The Undermine Journal

The Undermine Journal, have you heard of it? If not, I suggest you start using this awesome website right now. It's made me thousands upon thousands of gold in a matter of minutes.

What the site is, is basically a mobile Auction House. You can see the prices of items during the past two weeks, It will show you the prices of items on other servers, and it will even show you how often and at what time certain items are posted. This is an excellent resource that should be used daily, by everyone. Seeing that it's free, there is no reason not to be using this tool.

One of the best things about the site is that you're able to log in, and put notifications on items, so when they pop up at the Auction House, you get e-mailed instantly. This is an excellent way to watch out for those rare recipes. So far, I've been able to snag 20+ rare recipes all for under 500g total. Schematic: Arcane Bomb, Schematic Lifelike Mechanical Toad, Enchant Chest: Greater Stats, are some to name a few.

I will show you how to properly set up notifications so you can receive e-mail alerts.

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Cataclysm World First Documentary

I was recently approached by a group of guys & gals that are making a documentary about world firsts. I know this isn't very relevant about gold making but, I found it enjoyable and I thought that you guys will too. This is their trailer on the upcoming documentary about World of Warcraft, check it out!

Bag Supply & Demand In Cataclysm

Literally can't keep up with the number of bags selling.  People who say this doesn't work are crazy and just don't believe you can get rich 6g at a time. On my server, I am still at this minute buying up netherweave at 3.80 a stack and selling them at 9.8~ each faster than I can get the cloth over to my tailor and back to my banker.  Same is going for frostweave bags as well.  Have been buying frostweave  at less than 8g a stack for past 6 weeks meaning bags were roughly 34g for me and have sold dozens today in the 70-80g range.  Even the cloth on the AH now at 10g a stack turns a nice profit.  Only thing not moving is the abyssals but I think I'll just cut them loose for 100g and take a slight loss to make sure I don't get stuck with them.

Guide member & big fan,

Excellent tip Brandon! I too have run out of stock, I had enough cloth for 800 bags and I'm completely dry, and so is everyone else. The market is empty as of right no on my server, there is 0 cloth and bags at the Auction house, so those who have stock will be making heaps upon heaps of gold!

As far as frostweave bags go, they too are completely dry, I tried to buy some for my worgen alt, and there were none. Start making these guys! You can make huge profits from them, buy those cheap abyss crystals and shatter them for dust if you have an enchanter.

JMTC IRC Meeting 12/17/10

I just wanted to remind you guys about tonight's JMTC IRC meeting, it will be happening tonight at 7PM Eastern Time Zone, more information about the JMTC IRC can be found over at the JMTC Forums.

To join the IRC, simply click on this link and it will open up a new tab using a website called quakenet. You type in your username and you're connected, furthermore if you're more experienced with the IRC, you can buy/download a IRC clients such as mIRC, and join us that way, the information for the IRC can be found at the JMTC Forums.

I hope to see you all there tonight at 7pm Eastern Time Zone, we'll talk about everything and anything, from how you guys are making gold, to how you think I'm doing managing JMTC, I want your thoughts, ideas, secret farming spots, and such.

With all that said, I hope to see you all there!
P.S. Don't forget to follow me on twitter! @Mageshadow

Twilight Highlands Profession Trainers: Vendor Gold Tip

Well I finally hit level 85 on Markco and am in the process of leveling blacksmithing and enchanting to full in the Twilight Highlands. To my surprise when I visited the vendors there I found an awesome gold making strategy... (see youtube video and subscribe for more updates!). [Note: The vendors have been hotfixed as of this posting to sell the items featured more frequently. This will cause a drop in prices but you should still be able to sell them for double the vendor price at the very least.]

I'll be looking to add more detailed walkthroughs in my gold guide for these particular professions and once I am finished I'll move on to leveling the next character and the next. Perhaps you would like to inform me of which characters you personally would like to see brought to 84 first?  You can choose from the following who are currently at 75-80 each:

Engineer / Miner
Tailor / Leatherworker
Skinner / Miner
Alchemist / Herbalist

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Cataclysm Dreamcloth Cooldown & Crafting

Are you using your Dreamcloth cooldown? Wait what's Dreamcloth? You don't know about it? What! Dreamcloth is the new cataclysm special cloth that can be made by using one of every volatile, it's somewhat costly to make depending on the volatile, but it is very profitable if you use the dreamcloth to craft epic tailoring gear

Do you know that, right now, you can spend about 2,000g on making all 5 pieces of Dreamcloth for the week and craft an epic ilvl 359 tailoring piece that can sell for 10,000g+? No?

How does this work?
There are five different ways to make Dreamcloth. Each piece requires 30 of one volatile and can only be crafted once per week, there are 5 different Dreamcloth cooldowns, one for every volatile. Patterns cost 1 piece of Dreamcloth to buy, and 4 to craft.

If you were to buy every single volatile off the Auction House you could still make a nice profit ( ~500% ROI ) but you could also go out and farm your volatiles. Some are easier to farm than others, but you could also use the Alchemy transmutes to make those volatiles that are hard to get and costs a bit at the auction house *cough* Volatile Air

Where is the cloth vendor located?

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Flipping Enchanting Materials

" Hi, Like you might have noticed, Large Prismatic shards sell pretty well because of the Mongoose enchant requiring 10 of them and here's a trick I found to get some really cheap and sell them for good profit.

Nexus crystals are currently selling out for 50 silver each on my server, Large prismatic shards are going at 7-8g each. As an enchanter there's something called Nexus Transformation that transforms 1 nexus crystal in 1 small prismatic shard and there something called Large Prismatic shard that combines 3 small prismatic shards in 1 Large Prismatic shard. In fact, I consistently make 5.5g per shards and I sell about 20-25 per day. "

Excellent tip Maxime! This is also a way to lower the costs for the mongoose enchant material cost, and increasing your profit margins on it as well.

The Nexus Transformation recipe is taught by many trainers around Azeroth, you should already have if your enchanting is 300+, if not check your trainer! The Prismatic Shard formula can be bought from Egomis in Exodar if you're alliance, or Lyna in Silvermoon City if you're horde. You can also pick up the formula from Madame Ruby in Shattrah.

Crafting Cataclysm Tailoring Pvp Sets

Today pvp starts, arena starts up, rated battlegrounds start, and what is the first thing people will want? Pvp gear. Not only this, but people are starting to ding 85, and they're trying to get their item level up, so they buy any and all gear that will give them those last 9-10 points required to get into heroics. Tailoring has a great set that is excellent to craft and sell, the return on investment is insane, you'll spend 2-2.5k and sell a whole set for 5-6k.

Great! where do I start?
Firstly, you need to go get all of the patterns for the emberfire set from the vendor, you will already have 5 of the 8 patterns taught by your trainer if you've leveled tailoring to 525. The vendor is located in twilight highlands and you're going to need 24 bolts of embersilk to obtain the last 3 pieces of the set. Refer to the map below to locate the vendor, please do note, that you HAVE to be 84 and you MUST do a couple quests before you can see the vendors.

What materials are required for a whole set?

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JMTC IRC Meeting

Well it's been two weeks since I've been at JMTC, I've been having a blast writing up posts, managing your comments, talking to you guys whenever possible, and now I want to really get a hold of you guys and shake you down and ask, what do you think? Do you like it so far? I also want to get any ideas that you have, ask you what have you been doing to make gold? I want your ideas and suggestions, what can I improve on?

I will be holding a JMTC IRC meeting, on Friday, December 17, at 7PM Eastern Time Zone. If you don't know what the IRC is, it's basically a chat room where you can talk to people in real time, you can join the IRC by simply having a tab open in your browser. The information for the JMTC IRC can be found here. You can drop by and talk to me, ask me questions, ask me for suggestions and such, but more importantly, I want your feedback on how you think JMTC has been during the past two weeks. I want you to be a critic, rate me, tell me what on your mind and such.

I welcome anyone and everyone to come, this can become a huge hit, we can hold a meeting every Friday and bounce ideas off each other on ways to make gold, talk about speculation and such. I want this to become big. If everything goes well, we can move onto ventrilo meetings every week or every two weeks, and we can record that and make it a podcast for those who can't attend.

I will be reminding you guys all throughout the week, I really want everyone to be here. See you there!

#1 Best Cataclysm Whiptail Farming Spot

This post is part of Cold's Gold Blogging Carnival

If you haven't heard already, many people have made 20, 30, and in some cases 50k purely from selling Cataclysm herbs and ores. I've personally made 25k in the pas two days with casual farming, and this is herbalism alone. 

I farm some specific herbs, especially since Deepholm and Twilight Highlands have been nerfed. I have resorted to farming Whiptail, and Azsahara's Veil. Both currently go for 3-400g per stack, and they're both extremely easy and plentyful to farm.

Below is the best route that I have been using over the past week to make 25k with minimal time spent farming herbs. I can go here, farm for 10 minutes and have 4-5 stacks of herbs without even trying, I've even farmed while watching my favorite TV show, Dexter! It's that easy!

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Cataclysm Weapon Enchant - Agility 1H/2H

Blizzard has recently nerfed the way to acquire essence of air, and in turn, the couple enchants that use it have skyrocketed in price.

The drop rate has gone from a decent 20% chance to drop, to a extremely low 1.5-2%, people have killed 200+ mobs and have walked out with only two essence of airs, it's that bad. What does this mean? The pricing for these two enchants has now skyrocketed as the demand is there, but the supply isn't.

I suggest you pick up any cheap essence of air. I also suggest buying any enchants that drop under 200g, as later on when the supply dies down ( if it hasn't already ) you'll be able to sell these for nearly double their price that you bought the enchant at.

There is currently no alternative way to farm essence of airs, so this market is looking to stay nice and high. This allows price gouging to an extend, which can be good or bad depending on how you look at it. Personally, I have been selling them for about 495g per enchant, which is still fairly cheap.

If you're not an enchanter, you could also attempt to flip the essence of airs to enchanters. Before the nerf I was able to acquire them for 10g each and sometimes less, now I'm willing to pay 30-40 per essence of air. If you manage to pick up some for cheap, list them for 5-600% and see how it goes, most likely they'll sell.

Short on Gold? Try These Free Cataclysm Gold Forums

"Whats up Marko, Mageshadow
I have been playing WOW since 2006.  I raid, I am a kingslayer, I have 3 80s (main = rogue), I really enjoy the game, but I am always BROKE.
I find the AH overwelming and I minored in freaking Economics in college.. I understand all of the theories of buying low and selling high for profit however I never seem to make the right decisions on what to buy at what time during the week.
I have been reading your blogs for about a month or so now and find them interesting yet I have not been able to appy any content to actually make money.
Basically I kick butt at being a DPS machine but I am terrible at making profit.
If you could could you recommend just 1 item to either look for on the AH to flip or farm for profit that would be wonderful.  Hopefully both?  I have Jewelcrafting, Alch, Herb, and Mining as professions on my 2 80s that I play the most.  Echo Isles server.
Thanks gentlemen.

Wigglesworth (80 Rogue)
Thiirteen (80 Shaman)
Synnr (80 DK)"

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Markco's Guide to Making Gold in Cataclysm ... with WOTLK!

On a hunch I posted all of my wrath of the lich king meta gems on the second day of cataclysm. They all sold. ALL OF THEM. Especially the chaotic skyflares (dps meta gem) which were rolling out at 97 gold a pop. Speaking of wotlk jewelcrafting items for sale, uncut epic gems are selling to all those players trying to get easy skill ups as well.

Other "old" world items have been doing sensationally well such as your standard set of glyphs which people left to buying until the last minute. Makes me wish I had sold LESS during glyphmas because I have never seen so many glyphs going for 200 gold EVER. The first glyphmas was great but lacked the sense of urgency that this one has in the buyer base.

Speaking of inscription, have you been selling all your snowfall inks to scribes trying to get some easy skill ups from darkmoon faire cards? I sure have!

That's the selling end... what about the buying end? Well I've been purchasing dirt cheap abyss crystals and converting them into dust/essences to sell to levelers.

I have only leveled Markco to 82, after which I realized that leveling and crafting just isn't worth the time at the moment. You're better off getting your farming time in and selling as much as possible. How you sell is important as well, because I'm seeing a lot of people forgetting their Markco-vian economics course already.

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Tips for Auctioneer Resale Scan

Guest Post From Zoxy Of Trading With Zoxy

Here is an awesome guest post from Zoxy on how to use Auctioneer Resale to make profits out of close to nothing. There is some excellent information here, readers beware!

Auctioneer Resale

Well so I had recently come back to wow and I wanted to start getting some gold as I had never
really had more then I had needed , I had done a lot of trading in previous games but never wow .

So I started to reading the web and came across a post on JMTC doing a review of auctioneer
called Auctioneer Review : Easy gold . So I have been using auctioneer since I started playing wow
but just using it to post my items I gathered post dungeons or crafting .

So I read the comments and one said : I received a tell in game a few days ago from a player who used my system combined with auctioneer to go from 100 gold to 6000 gold in two weeks. Now that's
encouraging :)

Ok so is this going to be possible ? So I decided to try it out and blog about it .
So to start I decided to set some rules .
− I could only use the resale function or manual searches
− I Couldn’t use trade chat

What I had to start with :

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New Best In Slot BOA Cloak Enchant

If you haven't heard the news already, Cataclysm is nearing and it brings two new types of heirlooms, head and cloak. Now, you can't really enchant the head slot items, but you can enchant cloaks. It just so happens that recently, an old world enchant got completely changed, and I'm 100% sure blizzard did it so you can put it on your BOA cloak.

So what's the deal? What's the change? How do I obtain it? What enchant is it? 

The Gnomish Coin ( me ) did a post about this enchant becoming best in slot for cloaks recently that pretty much sums it up pretty good.

The Enchant & Change

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Cataclysm Wow First Level 85: 12/7/2010

Athene has achieved level 85 on a warlock and apparently is planning to release a video on how he did it. Having listened to the stream he posted on youtube I can tell you exactly how he did it:

Possibility #1:

A group, possibly 4-10 people, killed mobs  for athene after he tagged them (probably the pygmys that are close together and respawn super fast which I saw on a different video). That's it, 6 hours of pure grinding on mobs which only got easier as athene leveled and his dots ticked for more damage.

Possibility #2:

A group, possibly 2-4 people, healed athene while he killed mobs. Because he is a warlock, he could never run out of mana and thus he was both unkillable and incapable of running out of mana.

I expect that blizzard may create a nerf where healing has a similar detrement to XP gains as dps from another player on the mobs you have tagged, or they may simply ignore this because it has been a part of the game since vanilla and is not considered an exploit.

So what's the take away for gold makers from what athene did?

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Are You Prepared For Cataclysm?

This article was brought to you by The Warcraft Journal Magazine

The third World of Warcraft expansion, Cataclysm brings about many new features including guild leveling, races, class/race combinations and much more. Players of all types are excited to experience these  and the rest of what Cataclysm has to offer. However, most people know that the main focus of the expansion is leveling. Goblins and Worgen will be leveling alongside the Tauren paladins and  Human hunters. In addition, level 80's will be advancing their characters to level 85 and professions will need to reach their max level again. Everyone wants to level as fast as possible and players will be seeking out ways to speed up the process as much as possible with things like food, heirlooms and other stat boosting items.

Even before the release of Cataclysm, players will be searching the Auction House for items that will help them to level faster. Those looking to make gold can supply these players with the items they need and make a profit doing so. High level players normally have quite a bit of gold. They will be spending it on their low level alts as well as on their mains so that they can reach level 85 as soon as possible.

Pre-Cataclysm Preparation
This section is for sellable items that players will be purchasing in preparation for Cataclysm leveling. Things such as food, bags, potions and other similar items.

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Recent Change - Recipe: Savory Deviate Delight

“ I’ve recently have gotten an influx of e-mails on how the Recipe: Savory Deviate Delight, and Elixir of Giant Growth’s drop rates have been buffed, read below.

Don't know whether you were aware, but the recipe for Savory Deviate Delight has become a fairly common drop in the NEW Barrens since the Shattering. I've picked up two of the recipe within an hour of questing through the zone, and already managed to sell one for 800G (a nice bit of capital for me since I'm playing on a new server with no personal resources.)

Your readers might want to know that if they've been marking up these recipes on the AH extravagantly, or if they find the recipe while playing a new alt, the time to sell is NOW!

Also, I've really enjoyed reading your site since I heard about it on the Incredible Podcast. Great job!

Dankhops (hey, it's a beer reference), Destromath US, Troll Druid “

You are correct Dankhops, The recipe drop rate has been buffed according to many sources, it appears to be a bug, and it may get hot fixed, but don’t quote me on that, it’s pure speculation. I’m going to snag roughly 10 of them, under 100g and hope that it indeed is a bug and it will be hot fixed. Thanks for the tip!

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Cataclysm World First Level 85 (With 48 Hour Live Stream)

Giving the Gift of Mobility, One Level at a Time

On December 6th, the First Annual Wowmarathon.com Video Game Marathon will attempt to become the world’s first level 85 character. We will be playing for 48 hours straight, hosting various contests, and information about our journey. We will also be helping to raise money for Free Wheelchair Mission.

Visitors are encouraged to come watch a team of dedicated gamers race through the new expansion for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. Visitors will also be encouraged to donate money through the site to Free Wheelchair Mission, a nonprofit organization that provides a low-cost wheelchair, free of charge, to people with disabilities living in developing countries.

We have set up various levels of donations to help entertain and encourage donations for our viewers. We will have various contests throughout the marathon, and plenty of free gifts for our viewers, that will be sent out to the winners at the conclusion of the marathon at no charge to them. We will be streaming live, and interacting with the community via Facebook, Twitter, e-mail and our online live stream chat.

For more information, go to http://www.wowmarathon.com
December 6th, 2010 @ 9 AM PST

In service since 2001, Free Wheelchair Mission has sent over 500,000 specially-designed wheelchairs around the world, providing the gift of mobility free of charge to people with disabilities in 77 developing countries. For just $59.20, a wheelchair can be manufactured, shipped and distributed…changing a life, forever. To learn more, please go to www.freewheelchairmission.org.

Cataclysm Gold Making For All Skill Levels

The past few years have been a wonderfully rewarding experience as I've worked tirelessly on more projects related to this site than I can count. I've spoken with so many of you and had the opportunity to answer thousands of questions you've all been willing to ask me over twitter, facebook, youtube, JMTC, the forums, podcast comments or just plain email. Over time I have compiled my solutions to all your gold making problems into the extensive 20k Leveling gold guide. It's probably the only guide on the market that can truly claim to be written by an expert in the field. I mean really, who else out there among guide writers can claim to have maintained the attention of thousands upon thousands of auctioneers through blogging and other social media activities? It's one thing to claim you're the best, it's another to live it and actually improve people's game play experience on a daily basis.

I'm getting the word out right now that tomorrow Cataclysm will be released and not surprisingly the price for the 20kleveling gold guide is going to shift from $37 ($33 with the promo code JMTC) to $47. Considering the fact that all updates are free and have been throughout WOTLK, this is a small price to pay for the incredible information value that just keeps building upon itself for this guide throughout cataclysm and beyond.

I don't want to take up any more of your valuable time. If you do want to try out my guide well then right now is the time to buy before the price goes up. I've been warning about this price increase for some time and many of you made the choice to buy already, but for those of you who haven't yet I'd like to give you this one last opportunity for a cheaper guide.

If you are already a gold guide owner and would like to see additions in any area of the guide all you have to do is email me and I'll have it added pronto.

If you are a blogger or writer and would like to promote 20kleveling then all you have to do is go to the affiliate area to learn more. Feel free to email me with questions should you have any.

Good luck and have fun in cataclysm everyone!

PS: If you are convinced that this guide is a scam or some kind of marketing trick, I implore you to read through the testimonials written by real people who are probably reading this post with you as well. Also look through the forums or any other site I run here and see the impact I've had on real players. The silent support of so many thousands of readers should speak volumes to the quality of the content provided by both this site and 20kleveling.com.

The Wave Theory In Cataclysm

Guest post from Xeroaze at The Tipped Copper
What we have here is a wave. This wave represents the large amount of new players/toons that arrive and progress through the world of warcraft. The theory that I created is that the wave of new toons will progress through different stages of farming roughly at the same time. This ends up creating a shortage and a surplus of mats throughout the level stages. In my example i am using the leather market.

Now lets say that the price for all leather before cataclysm's release is 10g per stack. After cataclysm's release the surge of new players/toons or "wave" creates a surplus of light leather because of all the farming and this lowers the price, I have shown this as "C" in the example. So the current prices would be Light Leather 5g // Heavy Leather 12g // Borean Leather 11g. As the wave "players" move through the world then get into different types of leather, the sudden fall out of light leather creates a shortage which then raises the price and you will see i show this as "A" in the example. The prices are now Light Leather 25g // Heavy Leather 10g // Borean Leather 9g .

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Netherweave Bags In Cataclysm

Let’s fast forward 4 Days Until Cataclysm … Cataclysm hits. People go roll worgen and goblin, people level new alts, what is the first thing they will need? Bags. What is the cheapest bag to craft, yet sells well and has a nice markup? Netherweave bags.

Now you might be thinking, well… those are 16 slotters why in the world would people buy those? Wouldn’t they want 20 slot bags? The thing with 20 slot bags, is that their material cost makes them way more expensive and harder to sell to new and upcoming characters. Currently I can craft a netherweave bag for roughly 3-4g, including the thread, a 20 slot bag costs me about 30-40g to craft, and they sell for a little above that.  I'd rather craft something for cheap and yield the same amount of profit, if not more, than something that is expensive and harder to sell. Netherweave bags also sell is larger quantities than Frostweave bags, in my opinion, as their price is low and it is more affordable to the low levels.

If you're going to seriously sell bags in Cataclysm, you're going to need to know on how to build and maintain a wall. This is going to be extremely important in securing yourself profits, while keeping the competition out of the market.

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Populate Your Cataclysm Snatch List Beforehand

Hi Markco,

I discovered a nice trick that will help the serious gold chasers out there for the first few days of Cataclysm.

Taking your advice from the traffic blogger site I made a post on my blog then posted a condensed version on your forum ( http://20kleveling.com/JMTCforum/viewforum.php?f=47 ) with a link to my blog for a more in depth look.  Really loving that site, thanks for the content you are putting out.

How this tip works is that since most of the cataclysm files were patched in the live game with 4.0.3a we can use the wowhead/mmo-champ database item links in game.  I used these links to populate my snatch list with ores, herbs, skins, and enchanting materials to be snatched up from people who post under what the market will bear in that first few weeks.

With this tip you don't have to wait for the items to show up on the AH to get them on your snatch list.  I took screenshots of the process and incorporated them into a more in depth how-to on my blog http://server5th.blogspot.com/

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Cataclysm Gathering Professions Will Make You Thousands

Many people don’t know this but, during the first few weeks of a new expansion the new ores and herbs go for insane prices, especially when you have people going or trying to get that Realm First! Feat of Strength.

A gathering profession can make you thousands upon thousands of gold, especially if you are one of the first people to get those materials out on the market. We can compare the stats from the previous expansion, and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about….

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Cataclysm Cooking Daily - Sell the Meats!

Credit: Wowhead
Here we are, post shattering, pre-cataclysm. People are going nuts trying to find ways to exploit ways to get the new Cataclysm meats, fishes, ores, herbs, leathers and such, but I have a way that you can obtain Cataclysm meat before Cataclysm hits, no exploit required!

As many of you know, the cataclysm cooking dailies are out, and they can be done by anyone, even your level 10 alts ( It is level 10 )! You earn 1 cooking daily token per day, per toon. You can turn in two of the tokens in for a crate of tasty meat. At the current moment you can earn up to 5 crates of meat every 2 days per server. There are huge profits to be made here!

The dailies take 5 minutes to complete, some even take less, the gold per hour here is insane if you manage to sell the meat inside of the crates at inflated prices. So far I've personally made about a 900g profit from four crates of tasty meat over the course of a week, think about how much gold you'd be making if you got 5 crates every two days!

Where is the quest located?
The quest is located by the Stormwind stockades if you're alliance,while the horde quest is to your left as you enter "The Drag", in Orgrimmar. There are a number of different quests, Kaliope has made a wonderful post regarding some of the cooking dailies, it outlines some of them, and tells you what to do. The quests are rather simple to do and take little to no effort.

Go out there and do those dailies before Cataclysm hits! You've only got a couple days!

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Top 5 Items to Stock up for Cataclysm

Stockpiling, oh how I love thee. Cataclysm is only a few days away, and if you haven’t started already, there is still a chance for you to make thousands upon thousands of gold.

I will list several items that are worth saving, or stockpiling for Cataclysm.

This is a great item to stockpile. Currently, the prices are extremely low, so this is a low risk investment. Snatch up every type of eternal, especially if their prices are extremely low, as come Cataclysm, there will be a demand for those who are leveling through professions.

Look at the past two expansions, prices for essences and primals have always bottomed out at the end of the expansion, and then 6-12 months later, their prices rose, and dramatically. Investing in eternals when they’re so cheap is so low risk that no matter what you do, you’re always going to get all of your initial income back.

What you want are items that are low risk investment, but yield a high return, eternals are exactly this. They’re extremely cheap currently due to the expansion coming to a close. People are dumping their stock because they think that the Wrath of The Lich King materials will become obsolete. The thing they don’t know is that they’re still going to be needed by people, for leveling professions, and making LK Materials.

If you do happen to get burned, you can look at Markco's quick and dirty guide on selling eternals.

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What's Your Cataclysm Gold Strategy?

Pass the twinkies, beer and arctic fur coasters, it's time for the Wow Gold Blogging Carnival! Come one come all, Markco the gold guru with the most commonly misspelled name of all warcraft legends has gathered together quite a collection of wow gold articles from across the Azerothean blogosphere! We have everyone from gold aficionados to common players all mixed together into a smorgasbord of information. Pass the popcorn and enjoy the vast range of topics and cataclysm gold lovin' goodness. Feedback is greatly appreciated and be sure to comment on articles you enjoyed reading. Also let the author know that you found their link via my site to promote collaboration among bloggers. That's the goal of a blogging carnival after all, besides providing excellent content.

Be sure to check out past carnivals and give feedback in the comments on what you'd like the next carnival to be about. If you are a gold blogger and looking for additional ways to generate traffic for your site between carnivals then take a look at Traffic Blogger.

And now, I present to you for your reading pleasure, 23 Posts answering the question...

"What's your cataclysm gold strategy?"

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JMTC Shattered: Cataclysm Content Manager

Hello Just My Two Copper! I, Mageshadow, will be your new content manager, and all I can say is that I'm extremely excited to work with such a wonderful audience.

As some of you know, I have been writing at The Gnomish Coin for the past couple months, and I’ve enjoyed every second of it, from the comments, the atmosphere, to even the small community of readers that I have. I enjoy blogging, it’s become more than a hobby now, it’s become something that I love. It gives me a way to help others, which is also something that I love to do. I’m a person that loves giving, anything that I have I’d be willing to give to those in need, sharing my thoughts and ideas with other people is a great way for me to give.

Me being the new Content Manager doesn't mean Markco is going completely away, he'll still be here posting and working, I will simply be helping out with content management.


I will provide a little background about myself. I’m an 18 year old, male that just completely loves gaming. I’ve been playing games since I’ve been six, It all started with the Super Nintendo, Contra and Super Mario World. man those were the days, you'd invite everyone over to your house to come play and it was extremely fun. I slowly moved on from there, the PlayStation one, the Xbox, PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, PS3, PSP, Nintendo DS, Etc. I’ve played almost all consoles now, except the Wii. I don't really enjoy offline games, or single player games, I'm more of a online guy, I love how every game can be extremely different than the last, and how you meet different people every single game.

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