#1 Best Embersilk Farming Spot

People have been trying to figure out the best farming spot for Embersilk ever since Cataclysm has been out, I have found one of the best spots, thanks to the Consortium forums and Zerohour.

Farming this spot I manage to get a minimum of 200 cloth per hour, topping off at 260 cloth per hour. It really is a great farming spot as the mobs are in packs, hit like pansies and they have a high drop rate of cloth. Top it all off with a potion of treasure finding, you're golden.

The red path is where you will be farming, the mobs are the packs of Jaspertip Swarmer, also you can pull the bats, with the potion of treasure finding everything has a chance to drop the tiny treasure.

The way the potion of treasure finding works is, every mob you kill has a small chance to drop a tiny treasure, One tiny treasure can yield 3-12 cloth, gold, and sometimes volatiles. I find that the drop rate on the treasure is roughly about 5-6% per mob.

If you're not an alchemist, I suggest you go have the potion made for you, or check the Auction House for one, they currently run at around 100g per potion, but it will last you a full hour, spending that 100g will get paid back solely by the gold contained within the tiny treasures.

While farming here, you will also find that you will walk out with tons of greens and grey items, this is great, it's extra income. By farming here for an hours, I estimated I made roughly 2,500g. It's not bad, if you ask me, as the prices for ores and herbs are steadily declining.

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  1. Nice! Thanks jm2c, i'll try this one. I thought my troggs area in deepholm were good enough.

  2. SOunded like a good idea but after farming for about 30 min on the bats and swarmers not a single cloth has dropped also using a potion as well. Must have been nerfed

  3. And, if you are not Friendly with the Rock Elemental minibosses in Deepholm, you will get curbstomped.

  4. 100g for a Treasure Finding potion? Try 300g. Of course even at that price it's still worth it if you're farming continuously for the hour. :)

  5. When I see posts like this and the resulting 'not on my server' responses I wonder if anyone ever checks the veracity of the original post before it is put up on the site. I am not saying the original poster is lying but I know that time spent in the game is a fluid concept and 'one' hour may easily be three in reality.
    It would be a great service if some of these ideas were verified before posting - they could even be a separate class of 'Validated Tips'!

  6. This was hotfixed by the way, drop rate has been significantly reduced.

  7. What the above poster said, it got hotfixed. This was ollllld news as it was posted on MMOwned about 2-3 weeks ago.

  8. Must have been nerfed, because drop rate was terrible for me. Not to mention, PoTH are 200g on TB, and the last time I used one it only yielded me 5 Tiny Treasures...

  9. I got about 20 Bolts of Embersilk Cloth worth in 30 minutes - that's 1000g on my server. Seems fine to me.

  10. Another good spot is fishing in the shipwreck debris in Tol barad. After about 30 min I had enough cloth to make 19 bolts plus random herbs, volatile water, ore and heavy savage leather that I sold on the AH.

  11. i just pulled in apx 4k in cloth, greens (DEd) trash, JC patterns and treasures in exactly an hour...

    couldnt keep my bags clear enough.. had to hearth after an hour and clean shop

    holy shiiiiiite. thank you.

  12. just posted... then read comments.

    this wasn't hotfixed on my server. 300 cloth, 12 greens, maybe 15-20 treasure chests. 1 hour.. exact duration of the potion.

  13. Nerfed to the ground I say. Did it during one potion (1hour) and got 56 cloths including the ones in chests (total of 29 chests).

    155g in greys, 21 greens which I will DE so dont know value yet. 2.5 stacks flesh I will use for cooking later on.

    Killed spawnlings and pulled down every batpack i saw. I have far better spots regarding cloth/h than this.

    the elites drop at roughly 10-15% and pretty much a gold each
    and the other mobs all have 30k hp with a 3ish% to drop

  15. pop the potion go to chambre of the moon you will see elites fighting non elites...attack non elite first or it will disappear.
    elites have 5% chance to drop the treasure
    non elites about 2%
    both mobs drop silver and more embersilk

  16. In my experience this spot works as advertised. I put on a treasure finding potion (200g on my server atm), got 9 stacks of cloth, de greens, 2 volatile air, about 500g in grays and coin drops in an hour. Time was easy to measure since I farmed exactly for the duration of the potion.

  17. This spot worked very well for me today. Results like others. Popped a potion and all was good.

  18. If your faction holds Tol Barad and the undead or demon daily dungeon areas are open, then those are INSANE in terms of cloth/minute. The biggest issue is whether or not you can survive the constant constant respawns.

  19. Was working fine... Then bam! No more cloth or gray drops from them.

  20. They appear to have nerfed this. Cloth drops were close to the same but green/grey, and gold drops were EXTREMELY low compared to yesterday and I did this for 4 hours yesterday. Today made it almost not worth the effort.

  21. Yeah - got nerfed today - now it's not a good spot anymore.

  22. yep :( it's gone. sadly i could only handle 1 hour at a time before it was nerfed, without pulling my eyes out.

    thanks for the post though. i managed to level tailoring to 525 without buying a single cloth.

    now i gotta store up on cloth to buy all my patterns..
    ok... now that it's gone, where else can i farm cloth ?

  23. They nerfed this but fixed the lower end tailoring cloth drops I think. So all those 450 tailors should start to get more embersilk while leveling.

  24. Not sure about others but on Bronze Dragonflight the Jaspertip Swarmers now don't drop anything at all so obviously nerfed on this realm.

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