The best fishing spot in Cataclysm? The desert of course!

Guest Post by Wes from Capped By Cata

 The best fishing spot in Cataclysm?  The desert of course!

One of the most underrated money making skills right now is undoubtedly fishing.  There are a couple reasons for this.  For the most part, fishing is a love it or hate it skill.  There isn’t much of a middle ground.  For some, fishing is a bore that they will never be interested in.  For others, it’s a nice way to pass the time while playing WoW.  Relaxation of sorts.  Combine this with the fact there is so much new content to be focused on, many have forgotten totally about fishing.  But not me.

    I have fished since day one of Cataclysm.  Missing realm first by about 10 minutes.  But that is neither hear nor there.  The point is, fishing has received a lot of changes that have made things more exciting. If all of the new changes aren’t enough, then maybe finding out the right way to go about fishing will help.

    To make the very most of this expedition you need two skills*.

    * 500 Mining - 475 is the minimum, but 500 to make the most of rich veins
    * 1 Fishing - That’s not a typo.  Just go to the trainer and learn fishing.
    * *Epic Flying and 100 Fishing skill make things easier, but are not necessary.

Here is how the process works.  Head to Uldum.  Turn on Find Minerals and Find Fish (100 Fishing Skill needed for this. If you don’t have 100, don’t worry about it.  That’s why I made the map.) Head to the North Western most part where there is an oasis.  Here you’ll want to saddle up and get to fishing.  What you’re looking for are “Blackbelly Mudfish Schools”. I have found them to be the most populated in the circled parts of the map.  These are “Sweetspots” if you will.  Usually two to three pools clustered together with little to no competition.  You can pull anywhere from 3-5 fish out of each pool. The best thing about fishing from the pools are that you’re guaranteed to never catch any junk no matter what level you are.  So you won’t be wasting any time, just fishing for profit.   Fish the nodes until you have exhausted them.  Then mount up and get ready to mine.

The mining spots circled are two of the very best “Sweetspots” in Uldum.  These are spots where you can usually find anywhere from 2-5 nodes clustered together.  If you hit them at the right time, you can snatch up as much as two stacks of Elementium from these two spots alone.  After you have exhausted those, return to the oasis and more fishing pools should have re-spawned and by ripe for the picking.

    From that point forward the process is simply rinse and repeat.  Your results may very depending on how many people are mining on your server.  That’s the only tricky part, as I’m certain no one will be competing for you fishing nodes.  Now, I know what your thinking.  What does the money look like?  Good question.  Here is a breakdown:

On a perfect 10 minute cycle with all “Sweetspots” up.  (This is the spawn time I have seen. Your results may vary as I think they are zone population dependent.) I’ve been able to average one stack of Blackbelly Mudfish and a stack and a half of Elementium ore.  Currently on my server Blackbelly Mudfish are going for just a hair over 100g a stack and Elementium Ore has leveled out at about 100g a stack.  So my average ten minute take is 250g.  Now spawn rates are not always perfect and you won’t always get those “sweetspots” but in a perfect scenario you could be talking about 1500g an hour.

The key here is using fishing to subsidise your income.  While mining may be your main money maker, adding fishing to the mix will allow you to make the most out of your time.  Instead of flying around the zone following that one Alliance Paladin or Horde Deathknight wait in the middle of the “sweetspots” and fish your bags full of money.

I look forward to seeing you in the desert. Maybe even on a horse...with no name. (Horrible pun)

9 comments: on "The best fishing spot in Cataclysm? The desert of course!"

  1. Isn't tracking fish a random daily reward from Shatt or did they change that?

  2. Make sure to have the Mysterious Camel Figurine in your _NPCscan or use a target macro for it while in Uldum. You might score yourself a sweet camel mount or 25g vendor trash if you see one!

  3. While that is rather amazing I would argue that Gloop's cave is a better fishing spot (when you hit it correctly) 6-8 albino cavefish pools spawn in a very small area. Albino cavefish are currently selling on my server for 75g per 8. Couple that with the obsidium and elementium nodes and you have big money. Not attempting to begin a 'mine is better than your arguement' just providing an alternative change of scenery while fishing your riches.

  4. track fish is learned from a book that drops out of chests from junk fishing nodes in old world

  5. Thanks for sharing!

    Great post about combining efforts and skills to maximize your profits.


  6. Hey, nice post i used this. First for the find fish ability you need the weathered journal to teach you that ability. I got this from fishing the debris near coilfang resorvoir in zangarmarsh. Took me about 2 minutes opening the trunks and chests. Too bad that the mudfish sell for basically nothing :P. Thanks!

  7. the way fishing works currently makes these pools the best place to fish in this zone primarily because no one goes there.

    like herbalism and mining you'll only ever get a certain amount of nodes, spawning at set places, in a zone. If no one is fishing (herbing / mining) in a specific area what you'll find is that all the nodes become populated over time, and all the others in areas that are being farmed appear to not be - because the zone cap has been hit.

    for a fisher the areas you marked are only good when there's alot of people fishing in other parts of the zone.. if everyone starts going there it'll be just as bad as anywhere due to RNG. :-)

    as someone that's not completed this zones quests yet what i do find is certain parts of these pools are phased, so it can be a bit of a pain.

    as for fishing for profit, my personal tip is to stick to fish that count towards +90 stat food, or more specifically the gigantique fish feast - guilds that have the recipe (from fishing 10,000 fish from pools) are, for all intents and purposes done with fishing and just want the raid buffs - big guilds with deep pockets.

    On my realm these fish go for 7-12g each.

  8. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that some of the ore nodes in the "sweet spot" respawn in very precise amounts of time? Everyone I talk to tells me I am wrong and it's all random, but I have spent the last few days timing some and there is a 4 cluster in particular on the west end of the sweet spot that if you mine it, you can time it almost to the second and return exactly when they will respawn. I suspect there is more like this, but I only focused on timing this particular cluster over the last few days. I'm just wondering though, has it always been like this and I've been too lame to notice, or is this a specific cata thing, or only specific to a handful of precise nodes in Uldum only?

  9. Overall, a nice tip for combining professions, however, do note the following two annoyances : (1) The "randomly in and out of combat" Uldum bug will often prevent you from casting fishing, (2) Both fishing and ore nodes can be phased out so they disappear when you approach them (when I tried this I had completed all zone quests, don't know if maybe this isn't the issue if you haven't quested in Uldum).

    As for the fish themselves, I find it best to cook them for +90 stamina and +90 dodge/parry foods, they sell more than the raw fish (about 23-24g per stack of 5 on my server). You can also count on getting some volatile water out of the pools for extra profit.

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