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This is you right now, spinning your gold making wheel. Cute, Determined and Comical, aren't you? As the wheel spins, you will continue to follow a very simple pattern running from site to site looking for that one gold making strategy which will make you untold thousands of gold in world of warcraft. With each strategy or tip you find which makes some gold or fails miserably, you simply return to running faster and longer on the hamster wheel to continue your search.

Stop. Running. Start. Learning.

There's a phrase in the internet marketing world which also applies to the wow niche called "push button marketing." What push button marketers do best is get your attention by writing eye catching titles such as "1500 gold per hour farming" or "Best Gold Tip in World of Warcraft," and then they play on your emotional reaction to get you to purchase something. They want you to spin that hamster wheel and keep coming back for more of their "new and best" tips which only leaves you hungry for more and never satiated. You're a thrill seeker looking for your next thrill. Since each new thrill does not remain the 'best' for very long, you abandon your current strategy at the first sign of a supposedly better one.

I don't want you to spin that hamster wheel any longer. I want you to step off and stop running for a moment to do a handful of things:

  • Stop to catch your breath.
  • Take an inventory of what characters you pocess, profession specific recipes you've aquiried, the level of your characters, your connections with guildmates/friends and anything else you can find on your account which could help you make gold.
  • Start with one strategy at a time, but build upon them. Multitask. Don't just make netherweave bags, but instead look into finding additional sources of income for your gold making portfolio. Can you move into glyphs? How about belt buckles?
  • Develop systems for a daily routine and how you approach selling each type of item on the auction house as well as buy the materials to support these business endeavors. Can you improve your selling and buying methods?
If you haven't noticed, the vast majority of my posts here at JMTC revolve around attracting the attention of thrill seekers such as yourself. However, unlike the push button marketers who rely on your emotional impulse to purchase their guides, I rely on your intelligence and reasoning. You know why? It's simple: if you haven't moved past the hamster wheel then 20k leveling will be nowhere near as useful as compared to if you were off the hamster wheel and thinking like an entrepeneur instead of a thrill seeker. I'm not implying that you have to buy my gold guide to be successful, as there are certainly a large number of additional resources around here you can try as well. Just remember to seek knowledge and to multitask properly.

So how bout it, want to take a step off the hamster wheel of gold tips or would you like me to install a stronger motor? Eventually you will burn out and either give up on making gold or decide to change your mentality. Up to you, but while I'm your host, care for a toilet paper cardboard roll?

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  1. Diversity is also key to weathering any storm that occurs in your market.

    If you don't know where to start looking for new markets, I would suggest start by looking in the market you are already in!

    Using your netherweave bag example, someone in this market could be selling the netherweave bags themselves, bolts of netherweave, and dumping extra netherweave cloth when the prices spike.

  2. I think that this is an important lesson to remember throughout the gold making process - even after you are making good amounts. Learning is a process that must not stop if you want to continue to make gold in WOW as the game constantly changes with time, patches, and expansions.

    When I first started focusing on gold making back in vanilla I focused on a reselling a few things that worked for me and made quite a bit. After a while though the money stopped coming in and I ended up spending quite a bit trying to control the market and ended up wasting quite a bit of gold and time on the effort.

    Now I make sure that every week I set aside some time to search for new ways to make gold. This can be anything to searching for a farming spot for a highly valuable item, trying a new add-on, market research, and looking at price trends. I recommend everyone does this so that as various methods lose profitability you have new gold making methods you can use to replace them.

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