Cataclysm Enchanting Gold Tip

Small tip on top of today's post guys, and it's for the enchanters out there. I know cataclysm enchants are selling for below cost right now with only a couple enchants actually being sold for a profit.

Take a look at the +15 stats enchant to chest. It requires 2 lesser celestial essence to craft and sells for 150-200g per. It's an awesome enchant to sell as it's the second best enchant for the chest for almost everyone, the best being +20 to chest, which requires an absurd amount of materials to craft. I've been DE'ing tons of Jewelcrafting materials, and this is an awesome way to get rid of those extra essences that you can't sell.

Also, check out the Hurricane enchants. This does cost a little more to craft, costing 6 heavenly shards & 6 volatile air, but I can manage to sell these enchants around 1,100g per. I'm currently making 4-500g per enchant and they're selling like hotcakes. 

That's all for today folks! Make sure to check out the new Trade Skill Manager Addon posted below!

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  1. Funny, those are exactly the two enchants I made for myself when I didn't want to empty the AH of Maelstrom Crystals to make the top-end ones (and I would have had to empty the AH to do it).

  2. Funny how hurricane isn't selling at all here (only 40g above mats cost) and the heartsong and 2h weap agility sell quicker then you can craft them with 500g+ profits. It all depends on your server. Do a little research and there's always an item you can make crazy profits on.

  3. Mighty Agility (+130 agi to 2-hand) has been a consistent seller for me too. I've sold a few Avalanche, but I haven't touched Hurricane because the mats and the sell price are right at about equal. I should look into the +15 stats again, thanks!

  4. I wish I was on your server. Mighty Stats to chest is always flooded but I usually manage to sell them for about 90g each which is still decent profit. But Hurricane only goes for about 500g.

  5. Guess it varies server to server, +15 stats on my server goes for 40g and hurricane goes for 350g. People here have no idea how to sell so just sell retardedly cheap.

  6. Stats to chest sells for like 35g on my server, hurricane mats cost as much as the enchant. My server tends to have terrible people that play the AH.

    Half the time people are selling everything for less then cost to make.

  7. @Brett and Anonymous#1: to all of us, at times it seems that way. But if you spend a little time researching, you are sure to find things that turn a profit, no matter how badly other things turn out to be.

    For instance, see if there is a way to get cheaper mats. Or choose to put up enchants that do sell at above material cost (make a spreadsheet, or download one). Or step outside of enchanting for a bit and sell some vanity items, resell snatched/underpriced items, or just play a toon you haven't played in a while and take a break from the frustration of undercutting wars. :)

    There are always options out there. Limiting yourself to a market that seems entirely retarded isn't good for anyone.

  8. Enchant chest major health is a great seller on my server i craft 4 daily and all sell for over 100g each and cost 1 g to craft.

  9. Mighty Agility could be a great seller on my realm if not for the screwed up/backward requirements: (great quote from

    "What's equally amusing is, that rod which you need 500 enchanting to use, requires 515 to make.

    You need 515 enchanting to make a rod that requires 500 to do an enchantment that requires 470.

    Whoever coded this stuff was drunk."

    Too bad my enchanter is quite a ways from 84 and Twilight Highlands. Hopefully Blizz corrects this flaw. :)

  10. @Anonymous#3 I feel the same way. Trying to find time to get my enchanter to 84 so I can get that rod recipe and those final five points!

    With regard to the post: it just goes to show that all realms are different. The chest enchant goes for 40-50g on my realm, and there are always at least two pages of it.

    If you prospect / craft / DE for the lesser celestials it will cost you around 25g; to buy them it is around 30g. It's really not much profit, especially considering how much competition there is.

    But overall enchanting can be good. Just find that niche market and hold your breath in the hopes that there are people out there who want what you have to offer. And make sure that you are indeed flexible! The enchants mentioned in the post are not a good money-maker on a lot of realms (Hurricane currently shows a loss from crafting to selling); but there are always other options!

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