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I've made so much gold by making cheap Darkmoon Faire decks. How you ask? It's actually really simple, simpler than you think.

I've made a total of 4 decks, three of them being Volcano Decks, and one Hurricane Deck. They've all been made for under 10,000g, with the lowest being 8300g. I make them for cheap and sell them for high. Out of the four decks that I've made, I've sold the three of them for a combined total of 69,000g, do keep in mind that I did keep/use one of the Volcano Deck on my mage, thus cutting down on profit tremendously. By selling the three left over decks, I gained a total profit of 42,500g.

How does it work?
I told you it was simple didn't I? Well, It is. I buy the cards off the Auction House. I check the AH twice everyday for cheap cards and I check both factions. I've managed to get cards as cheap as 700g by doing so. Once I have a full deck completed, I make it and sell it in trade chat.

I've built decks for as cheap as 8300g ( 1037g per card ) and I've sold them for 22, 23.5, and 24k. It's so easy, it just requires about 10,000g and some patience. Patience being the keyword, The few decks that I've built have taken me about a week to get. Why? Because I'm waiting for the right price to buy the cards that I need. Some cards might take longer to obtain than others, but you simply need to have patience.

Try it out guys, slowly build a deck of your own ( DON'T Pick the earthquake deck - It sells horrible ) for cheap, once you've got the deck complete, sell it for a profit. It's easy, simply & a very effective method of making gold.

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  1. hi. i would like to add to this post. another trick to darkmoonfaire cards is not only to know when to buy, but to know when to sell. on my server, the tsunami card sells for about 30k on average. hurricane strength version sells for about 22-25k. when all the people are turning in decks and selling during dmf, i turn in decks and WAIT. 1 week after dmf is gone, price for tsunami went up 37k. hurricane went up 29k. 2 weeks in, no cards are left. not for another few weeks. so when do i sell? i sell when there's none left. i've sold my tsunami card for 50k and my hurricane card is still in the ah sitting at 45k. ive gotten offers to trade my card for a hurricane deck + a good deal of gold. way to turn valuable items even more valuable

    - ahcamper

  2. People on your server must be downright retarded to sell so low. I've NEVER ever seen the price of the 8 cards get cheaper than any of the final decks.

  3. same here. I've attempted the same strategy but my server is too small and the AH ppl too savy. I have never found any card cheaper than 2000 g. With the EarthQk deck selling @ 16k. Wave cards never sell for less than 3000 g, and tsunami deck sells for 25+ k. I know there is a group of ppl that trade cards, but I refuse to help my competition. I have channel most of my other proffessions gains on the decks but I am starting to see results. Basil made a post about it in wow and i'm 100% on it. You need to have make some 4-5 decks yourself, but then, for every deck I've sold and converted to materials (16k to material, rest is profit. why? just my numbers), I can usually complete at least two and have plenty of leftovers to keep my pace. I think I'm almost in the 3 decks built per deck sold.

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