Cataclysm Whelpling Farming Guide

Pets have always been a great money maker in world of warcraft, in fact they've been a huge part of my gold making ever since I've picked up engineering. I've since then expanded to all types of pets, from snowmans to oozes, and even whelps.

You read right, whelps. These little buggers have obscenely low drop rates from specific mobs around Azeroth, which can be taken for as a con or a pro. It's a con because, of course the drop rate is low that you'll spend a fair bit of time farming the mobs that drop them, but it's worth it because a single whelp can net your anywhere from 5-10,000g. You can become instantly rich overnight!

There are four total whelps, and in this post, I will cover all of them, where to farm them and such, do keep in mind that Blizzard made these pets a zone drop, for example The Tiny Crimson Whelp is a zone drop from Wetlands.

Azure Whelpling

This is the blue version of the four whelps. You used to be able to farm this whelp in Azshara, you cannot any more. You will need to head to Winterspring to farm for this pet. As of Cataclysm, the old mob that dropped this pet has been removed as Azshara is now a low level zone. The next best option is going to be killing Anguished Highbornes in Winterspring. The drop rate is roughly 1%

The map to the right shows the location of these mobs. These mobs also have a fairly decent chance to drop the enchanting formula, Icy Chill, which can sell anywhere from 100-200g at the Auction House.

You can also kill/farm any other mob in Winterspring( please correct me here ) to get a chance at this pet, I liked this spot because you also have a chance at the Icy Chill formula.

Dark Whelpling
This is the dark version of the four whelps. There are multiple zone where you can farm this little pet, either one will do fine, but Badlands seems like it has a little higher % to drop the pet.

You can head to Badlands and farm Scalding Whelplings, they are located at the very bottom of the map. The mobs are level 41-45 and are spaced out evenly, so it's ideal to farm here. I would personally grab an alt and grind out a couple levels here, knock out two birds with one stone. According to many wowhead comments, this is one of the easiest pets to grind here, and it's fairly enjoyable.

The other spot where you can farm this pet is Dustwallow Marsh. You will be killing mobs named Searing Whelps. I have also included a map to the left showing you exactly where the mobs is located. Please do note that there are mobs named Searing Hatchlings here as well, and while they do not have a chance to drop the pet, they do share the same spawn point as the Searing whelps. I suggest you kill both to improve your chances at obtaining this pet.

Last but not least, you can go farm this pet in wetlands, there are whelps named Ebon Whelps that have a fairly decent drop rate, from what I've read, they also have a decent shot to drop the Tiny Crimson Whelp, so you have a even higher chance here! Look below for a map!

This is also a Zone drop in either, Dustwallow Marsh, Badlands, and in rare cases, Wetlands as well.

Tiny Crimson Whelpling
This is the red version of  the four whelps, they are one of the harder whelps to obtain as of Cataclysm, due to having their top three mobs hat dropped this pet removed from the game. Blizzard added EbonWhelps instead of the old whelps. These new Ebon Whelps have a chance to drop both, Dark Whelplings, and Tiny Crimson Whelplings. This makes it harder to obtain the Tiny Crimson, as you might get a Dark whelp when you're really trying to obtain a Tiny Crimson One.

The map on the top right shows the location of these whelps, they are kind of spread out, and not really ideal for farming. The value for this pet has skyrocketed since Cataclysm, as it's much harder to obtain this pet. This pet is also a Zone drop from Wetlands.

Tiny Emerald Whelpling
This is the last of the four whelps and the best looking one in my opinion as he's colored green. As some of the whelps above, this pets top "farming mob" was removed with Cataclysm, and now there is only one mob left that has a good chance to drop this pet, and that is the Noxious Whelp located in Feralas. They are located at the top of Feralas, and they have a pretty decent spawn rate, view the map to the right for the exact location. 

This pet has and is now a Zone drop from Feralas, if you find a better spot to farm this whelp, please let me know!

Please do keep in mind that all of these whelps are and have now become Zone wide drops ( according to a couple people in the JMTC IRC ). This guide simply shows you the best spots in my opinion to farm these whelps, there might be better spots within these Zones, but like I said, I found these to be fairly good farming spots. Best of luck to any of you going for these whelps!

If you do find a better spot to farm these whelps, leave a comment below!

16 comments: on "Cataclysm Whelpling Farming Guide"

  1. I was exploiting the savage leather bug on the sharks in menethil harbor when the tiny crimson dropped... i was so stoked :)

  2. Great guide. Thanks for the maps. I didn't see it noted in the text, but Winterspring is L50-55, Badlands is L41-45, Dustwallow and Feralas are L35-40 and Wetlands is L25-30.

    I concur that this would be a nice way to level an alt or two--coupled with some gathering profession to round out experience could be a fast few levels here.

  3. Pretty decent spawn rate of tiny emerald whelpling? Well not on my server then. They go for over 25k and rarely drop. Been farming it for 24 hours now (in hours, not days) and no drop at all...

  4. Why again is it better to farm these than flip them?

    But beyond that, this states a few times that they are zone drops, which is inconsistent with then telling us what mobs we have to farm to get them. Which is it? According to Wowhead, they are not zone drops, but there are multiple other options for farming these guys than what are presented here. The other options may well have better drop rates, and are certainly good to know in case of competition.

    Farming whelps... good suggestion, maybe, but you can get better guidance from 10s on wowhead. The information here is both inaccurate and incomplete.

  5. Chad, actually most of the info right now on wowhead is incorrect, it STILL says that the OLD mobs drop these whelps, if you actually click on the mobs that drop them and go to the comment section you will find 80% of them have been REMOVED from the game.

    Not trying to be an ass here, but this guide is the exact opposite of "incomplete" In fact it took me a while to write this post, as I actually had to do a lot of digging around.

    And yes, I asked on the JMTC IRC and several people told me that the whelps are zone drops, read the first Anonymous post, it states he got a whelp from farming crocs in the water right outside of Menethil harbor

  6. Spent 20 minutes killing the Noxious Whelps are Marcko's location and confirm that they drop Tiny Emerald ones... :)

    I got lucky I guess!

  7. Just out of interest, how much should I realistically be looking to sell this for? (Tiny Emerald one.) I'm on Aszune EU and haven't really got the faintest ...

    Cheers for any help!

  8. Bryn, there is one at my AH right now for 8,000g.


  9. Thanks mate, I've put mine up on my AH for that amount too (before your comment) ... but most people on my realm seem clueless when it comes to items like this... they just type 'lol' back when I quote a price...

  10. Sure, they're zone drops, but some mobs are faster spawning and/or easier to kill than others. Are you going to kill every mob in the zone, or concentrate in one area?

  11. @Bryn

    Ignore the lol'ers; there are pet collectors on every realm who know what rare pets are worth. Just be patient with such endeavours as selling pets and eventually you can laugh back at the ignorant players - when you suddenly find yourself 5-10k richer. :)

    For AH campers, flipping is easier. Good luck farming any of these. RNG is RNG. ;)

  12. While doing the repeatable reputation quests for the Wintersabre Trainers, I got 2 of the Azure Whelplings, from Winterfll Ursa's in 1 hour. The RNG was in my favour that day. 2 birds(or whelplings) with one stone.

  13. Been farming the Tiny Emerald Whelping off Noxious Whelps for 11 hours straight still no drop...

  14. This guide helped me out a lot. The information is accurate, and as with any farming for specific drops, it all comes down to luck.

    I got the Dark and Emerald Whelplings in less than an hour. The Azure took much longer, and still farming for the Crimson.

  15. The droprate of the azure whelpling isn't roughly 1%
    it's roughly 0.01%

  16. Keep in mind if your farming these with a high level toon to stick to the higher level mobs as they will drop better "junk" to sell.

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