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First off, I would like to thank Markco for getting me started in my quest for gold in the game of World of Warcraft….. Most of you know me as Alto from over at Alto’s Gold”ish” Advice - The Worst WoW Blog Ever! I am grateful to have this opportunity to have a guest post at JMTC. I am going to be talking about a spot that I have been farming now for some time, stumbling on it by complete accident.  Here’s the story:

I was questing in Hyjal some time back, and got completely bored of the content (second toon leveling there, already saw the new content, so not impressed anymore…).

I decided at that point to bust out the trusty fishing pole, and farm a few pools for the Volatile Fires (2-4 per pool). There are a few that spawn randomly here, so within a few minutes work (and a little luck), you can hit 500g quite quickly. (FYI-Don’t forget to use your find fish to assist in finding the pools of fish easier….)

So after farming up the pools (and waiting for the respawns), I decided to look for a few pockets to pick (for the Flame Scarred Junkboxes- and the slim chance of getting an epic drop),  I ended up right next door (where my cursor is sitting in the picture) in Ascendant’s Rise, finding  some ripe mobs that were in need of getting their pockets emptied by yours truly.

Twilight Subjugator (tauren, troll, and what seems to be a humanoid type) were all on the list. After picking them, I would smash the mob, and very quickly, as they have very low health for 81 mobs. To my surprise, they started to double spawn right on top of me. Literally…. The spawn rate was so fast that I could barely run through half of the town before respawns, if they didn’t already. They drop decent loot, around 1g per in cash, Embersilk Cloth (about 15% I gather), greens (around 5%- great for D/E’ing- not so much for AH sales anymore), and plenty of greys that vendor for 2-6g each.  To the left is an example of a loot that I obtained from one Twilight Subjugator.

After a few sets of these mobs, I come across another new pal in the area named Flame Ascendant, what bothered me was that he “has no pockets to pick”,  I took out my anger on him….

And what do I see upon looting this fish/ghost/burnt bodied mob? ( Screen shot below the Flame Ascendant picture )

Now, don’t think that you are going to get this every drop. Going by my count I have been seeing about a 5ish percent drop on the Volatile Fire, so it is a great addition to the farm GPH (gold per hour) in this location.

Now my best guess is that this spot will be nerfed (it seems within the past week that the drop rates on the cloth here has lowered significantly- yet it is still a great spot), but I advise you to check it out.  Since finding this spot, there have been many “in and out”, randomly picking up quest items on the tables scattered throughout the town, or the occasional herb/ore picker.  And lately it seems that others are finding out about this hotspot, due to the fact that I am seeing more and more folks sit and farm for an extended time (that is when you head back to your pools- after running this area earlier, I had the stopwatch set for 8 minutes- more or less depending on your server settings).

I hope you enjoyed the article! But don’t stop now.  C’mon over to my blog and continue reading my back posts. There is a little bit of gold”ish” advice for all!

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  1. Thanks for the tip. I think the drop rates have been lowered on the Vol Fire and Embersilk.

    Enjoy reading your blog, and nice to read this guest post.

  2. I have been using the Potion of Treasure Finding here and it makes a huge difference, adding around 600g per hour.

    Thanks again JMTC!

  3. Thanks for the advice! And a great follow up by Altolycus for using the Treasure Finding Potion.

    Id bet you could also increase your gold per hour if you had some gathering skills at this spot as well. Need to level up my gatherer a little more to get here.


  4. Great work on the guest post and follow through tip, Alto - and keep up the good work on your own blog too!

  5. As an Herb/Alch with a stack of treasure finding potions, I've made a crapton of gold at this spot over the last month... Now it's going to be camped to all hell... I'm very sad...

  6. It's so fun that sometimes people are afraid to lose their position. True playa finds their own niche even what. If spot A is camped go to spot B, if that is camped, go to vanilla Baron run dis everything and profit for a thousand when there are not enough supply in illusion dust market. Don't grow roots folk, check your AH what sells, if that's too hard think what leveling alt (new mains?) are going to pursue for. Leatherworking is one example where vanilla content farming is turning to be more lucrative than cata content!

    Do Not Grow Roots! Think Out Of Box! :D Happy hunting.

  7. @ Snakeoil,

    Great points. There are alot of folks out there that get frustrated when they see their farming spots out there on the blogs. You hit it when you said "Think outside the box". That is where the money is. Everything everywhere gets found out sooner or later by everyone, it's just a matter of when to sit it to the side, and revisit later on (like you mentioned with pre-Cata content).

    "You gotta revolve to evolve"

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