JMTC February Blogging Carnival Infomation

Hello everyone, it's Mageshadow here and I'm preparing my next JMTC blogging carnival for February 2nd! The topic will be "How would you make gold if you had limited play time?" and if you'd like to enter simply read the instructions for all the blogging carnivals here at JMTC. I hope to see a decent turn out of bloggers writing about this topic! You've only got a couple days until the next carnival!

If you aren't a blogger, do you have a good way to make with limited game time? If so, leave a comment below! 

P.S Follow me on twitter, I'll be tweeting great gold tips all weekend long!

4 comments: on "JMTC February Blogging Carnival Infomation"

  1. A little more warning before the actual carnival goes live would be helpful.

  2. Thatkindaorc said... January 28, 2011 at 6:07 PM

    JC/Alchemist. Log in, do your JC daily, cut & post whatever gems sold, repost expired/undercut, do whatever daily transmute is most profitable - 30 minutes or less and it's about as much profit as you can pack into a short daily routine. Transmute gems, cut them yourself, profit.

  3. Yeah some actual warning on the actual topic would be nice but tbh you already know that it's coming so i've reserved some time to create the post. I'll hope to roll it out today otherwise it's tomorrow.

  4. I'm really looking forward to this. Playtime is by far my greatest handicap, and I have been struggling for a while to make a few k a day while also trying to level up several toons (so I can cover more trades), but it takes sooo long (maybe not on played hours, but definitely on "real" weeks when I barely have a few hours for playing scattered around the week)!

    @Thatkindaorc: you know that raising tradeskills (and leveling a toon up to 75+ to meet the requirements) takes time, don't you? For those who already have these professions maxed out, it's the obvious path to take; but for other players, it's a matter of figuring out how much time will take to get started, how much profit would you be missing from other sources, and hence how long would it take before the effort pays off. And that's assuming a player who has 30 spare minutes a day (I do, but I also know some people who can only hope to login for a couple of hours over the weekend).

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