JMTC Guide: Vendor Items Edition #2

Dalaran has come and gone, it is now a desert wasteland only seeing a couple handful of visitors at it's peak, instead of the hundreds upon hundreds of players the city used to maintain. What does this leave us with? An excellent gold making oppurtinity.

Dalaran has several shops & vendors that sell a wide variety of items, now that this city is rarely visited by players, the competition for these items has decreased, thus creating a way to net yourself a nice chuck of change. In this small guide I will cover the top items that can be bought from vendors and later resold at the AH for insane amounts of gold.

Dalaran Hats

There are two hats that can be sold for major profit. They are the violet hat, and the purple turban, they are both sold by a vendor named Charmeli Banaphash. The hats are a little expensive as you can see in the screenshot, but they can be sold upwards to 250g per hat. These items are vanity items, who doesn't want to look cool in a violet hat on their level 1 bank alt?

This one came up in Friday nights ventrilo meeting, a couple people said they've been making a killing selling these hats, as simply there is no competition and people are too lazy to get ported to Dalaran and then get another port back to a main city. No competition allows you to put these hats up at virtually any price ( I'd say under 500g for best results ).

Dalaran Bouquet & Flowers
A vendor named Aerith Primrose who is located right outside the violet hold, she sells flowers & bouquets. This is a very niche market. I rarely see these items posted at the AH because people simply don't know these exist. There are a total of 6 flowers/bouquets, ranging anywhere from 4 silver to 40g. I did a guest post over at Cold's Gold Factory on these bouquets way back then, I suggest you check it out.

All in all these flowers are an excellent way to boost your daily income. The risk is low as you can buy the flowers for as little as 4 silver. I can sell these flowers anywhere from 25-100g per.

Dalaran Pets
Last but not least we have the vendor pets sold by Breanni. There are three pets total, the Calico Cat, Albino Snake and the Obsidian Hatchling. They cost 40g per, but I can manage to sell them for 150-200g per pet, and they sell often.

This is probably the best way to make gold out of the three as pets are searched for more often than level 1 vanity items. I find that I can push a little more gold out of the hatchling than the other three, as people think that this hatchling is rare and they think buying one for 3-400g is steal.

That's all for now folks, I will be releasing more vendor guides like this, focusing on specific spots or areas that have good vendor items that AH for well. Don't forget to check out JMTC Guide: Vendor Items Edition #1

What are you waiting for? Get to Dalaran ASAP to buy these items and AH them for insane amounts of gold per hour!

9 comments: on "JMTC Guide: Vendor Items Edition #2"

  1. Sinshroud / Unholyshaman said... January 18, 2011 at 8:08 AM

    Nice list Mage, you should consider adding the Wine Glasses too, they still selling well for me ( - must be a Wind Trader to see, but you and Marcko should be able to)

  2. I will definitely try this out wend i get home, i tried to sell the Toys in toy Shop but didn't had any success.I know the existence of this Items you mentioned but really never tried to sell them, i will tell later how it went.

  3. Hmm, I hadn't thought of those. I have been making a killing off of the Waterlogged Recipes, since those reward 5 Dalaran Cooking Tokens, which impatient players want to get to obtain the Chef title faster. 350-375 gold each isn't bad.

    Since my alts are visiting Dalaran to do the quests for xp/rep anyways, it's a win/win.

  4. I'm interested to know how much of the profit made on unlimited supply vendor items is made from a few different factors in the sale.

    1) Players decide it's not worth the hassle to go to Dalaran themselves due to lack of easy access to portals or time required to get to Dalaran.

    2) Players want it now, Now, NOW!! and are willing to pay up to X gold to have it immediately.

    3) Ignorance of method to obtain.

    I don't mind playing to #1 or #2, but #3 irks me. Knowing that people are willing to pay more for the Obsidian Hatchling because it's named similarly to rare pets is very bait-and-switch. It's not the auctioneer's fault, but more Blizz's because they name these things this way and make 90% of them hard to get and 10% easy to get.

  5. @deathfromafar

    Limited and Unlimited supply items have always been and will always be a rather profitable and lucrative market. Most of them are in demand for profession completists or people needing them to level their professions with.

    I recently posted a guide about Outlands Limited Supply if anyone is interested :)

  6. I recently leveled a cook right past Northrend without doing a single Dalaran cooking daily or buying a single Dalaran recipe. This is easy with the new recipes Blizzard added for power levelers.

    As for Red Rose, if I never see another one again it'll be too soon. These can be pickpocketed from undead mobs, and I came up with hundreds of them when I did my first Insane in the Membrane grind. Took me months to move them, at 1-2g each.

  7. Funny how many people I saw attempt this today, all without success. To each their own.

  8. Okay has anybody tried the new vendors for bags? The bags sell for 10-14g including a 14 slot bag and proffesion bags, meaning people who do not know about this vendor (in all main cities aswell)
    these can sell for 20-100g depending on the current market

    Also have you tried farming the
    Tome of polymorph- Turtle
    U can fish it up while fishing, I guess it can be anywhere but Told barad seems the main place for people to get it, I dont know if it drops from Northerend pools and such meaning while farming the turtle you can get the tomb, they sell for up to 5000g on my server (for one)

  9. The Bouquets & Flowers are also available on a vendor by the Herbalism trainer in the major cities. Just don't tell anyone ... shhhhhhh!

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