Making Gold with Obsidium Ore

If you haven't heard the buzz already ( it's all over my twitter account ) Obsidium Ore has been a great way to make gold with lately. I've been buying stacks for as cheap as 60g per, and turning an investment of 6,000g ( 100 stacks ) into 12, 14, and even 15,000g by prospecting this ore. It's insane the gold that there is to be made here, you just need to properly Identify, use and produce materials.

Identify the markets!
Identify which profitable markets you want to get into. Do you want to use the common gems to transmute them into rares and sell the rares at the AH once they're cut? Do you want to sell the common gems raw? Will that be worth it? Do you want to turn the common gems into rings and necks that once upon disenchanted will yield a 300% ROI? Identify the markets, do some research before hand.

Use the materials
After you've prospected the obsidium ore you'll want to use the materials properly. Use them accordingly to the research that you've done. I'll tell you exactly how I use my materials.

  • Carnelians get turned into Carnelian Spikes, I DE them for essences - GREAT profit!
  • Zephyrite & Nightstones get sold raw, especially when it's the day of the JC quest
  • Jaspers get turned into Jaspar Rings, I DE them for enchanting mats - sell the rare ( blue ) rings at 99-200g/ea
  • Alicites gets turned into jewelry as well, DE and sell the materials - I sell them raw if above 20g per
  • Hessonites get sold raw most of the time - can be turned into jewelry and DE'ed but not too profitable
The thing with disenchanting stuff is that you have to be careful NOT to flood the market, the materials move, but at a rather slow pace. The carnelian spikes alone pay for most if not all of the price of the ore, making the rest of the materials that are obtained from the ore pure profit.

Do keep in mind this is what I'm doing with my ore, you could transmute the gems into rare gems and cut & list those at the AH. Transmutations do require some herbs, but in the end, it's worth it. The more rare gem cuts you have, the better.

Selling gems raw isn't a bad idea either, I normally have 5 of each gem up, and they almost always sell, why? Because people are still leveling their jewelcrafting, and they need those gems to level up. I save the Nightstones and Zephyrite for when it's the JC daily, I've sold nightstones for as much as 80g ea  and Zephyrites at 35g/ea. It's great profit, especially since they need three gems for the daily instead of one.

I've pushed as much as 20k per day using this strategy, it did take a lot of time, but it was worth it. It's easy gold after all, will you be trying this out?

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  1. I've used this exact strategy too, one idea I had was to advertise in trade to swap the hessonites/alicites for jaspers as hessonite and alicite need 2 to make the JC item where jasper only needs 1 and they all DE on the same loot table.

    So far I've not had anyone willing to trade, but maybe someone else will.

  2. I made 25k yesterday doing the exact same thing. Obsidium has been under 70g per stack on my server this week. I sold about 10k in raw Nightstone alone.

  3. Been doing this for a few weeks now and it's very profitable.

  4. obsidium ore is up to 160g/stack on my server, elementium 100/120

  5. Only thing to watch is I would watch how many Jasper gems you de. They sell very well when they are needed for the jc daily

  6. Heya! Long time reader here, lovely to everyday hear about ur fantastic tips. I'm playing on Agamaggan PvP EU, and as fast as I saw this post I brought out all Obsidium Ore's for 60-95g per stack. Totally I invested 11 000G in ores. I really hope this will work! If someone else plays on my server, /W Dich. 85 tauren druid. Will come back after prospected and reply how it went!
    / Dich

  7. I'm up for stuff like this as I posted for Elementium Ore and my 24* hour Project but this looks way more profitable.

    Obsidium Ore is currently at around 90g a stack but I may still give it a whirl. Nev posted something about the drop rate at Auction House Addict, check it out.

    Nice post, thanks for the reminder as most people dont think about using the "lesser" ores anymore. Its all about Eternium, Eternium and Eternium :)

  8. Same process for me, save my Enchanter's been on an extended break and so I've saved up a few hundred greens and blues for my own Enchanter (still leveling him).

    Having a JC and an Alchemist is incredible. Haven't seen it lately, but a few weeks ago I was getting Transmute procs and seeing Shadowspirit Diamond x6! I've only got two meta cuts at the moment, but I move them constantly uncut as well for around the same prices.

    My markets don't seem to move as fast as in the article, maybe because I'm missing the enchanting step to help move product, but I've still managed to get 20k gold over the weekend with this process! Ore might jump up a bit in price now that high schools and colleges are back in session, but picking up tons on the weekend to fuel this process throughout the week is a good plan.

  9. I'm puzzled as to why you're selling Alicite raw, Mageshadow - it sits right above the floor on my server. I wouldn't think that dusts and lesser essences are selling for a low price on your server if you're crafting-to-DE Jasper.

    Can you talk a bit more about that?

  10. I guess it depends on my server
    - For some reason Hessonites are rarely cheap enough to make into Jewelry. They sell raw pretty well.
    - Alicite on the other hand are. They never sell and are frequently near 10-15g

  11. It really depends on your market. For me, zephyrites are cut and vendored. As I'm speaking, I'm looking at a market price of 8g. Even on JC daily days it sells for just above 15g for some reason so after taking into account deposits and 5% cut, its still safer to cut and vendor. On the other, ore is ridiculously cheap (60 - 80g per stack) so I'm not exactly hurting.

    I don't see any of the rare gem transmutes EVER making money TBH. It's one of those things every alchemist knows how to do so any price differences will be quickly arbitraged, especially with DE mats setting a floor on the value of greens.

    Shadowspirits I can maybe see profitable but it's a pretty illiquid market and tend to whipsaw from highly profitable to a 50% loss literally overnight.

  12. I have been doing since month ...
    Made like 100k + gold on it .

    Now the rates of all uncommon gems have droped from 15-30g .

    Even nightstone sell for like 19g :O

    Obsidiom ore even sell like 50g0-60gstack / Elementium goes 70g stack

    I still buy them and ya profit is not so high as before but good enough

  13. Justkiddingmate said... January 10, 2011 at 1:17 PM

    I have done this for weeks and made about 100k+ on this alone, BUT right now the market is already collapsing.

    Whats the cause ? Lack of raiding makes the rare gems go for ~40g apart from inferno rubies, they still sell for around 80-90g.

    Problem I have with the JC daily gems is that apart from the first two weeks when I was the only one , now there are about 10 people constantly undercutting each other. The raw gems have a >> 1g + EACH << deposit cost, making me reluctant to just post 100+ like I did in the first weeks.

    Right now Im resorting to a diferent strategy, less profit, but less risk as well.

    Jaspers used for DE until I feel I have enough dust for a while ( around 300 dust I stop making rings )
    Carnelians used for DE ( around 200 essences I stop making weapons )

    The rest of the green gems I just make the few shadowspirit diamonds I need ( got the 4 or 5 cuts that actually move ).

    Rare gems, I cut only like 3 of each cut I have, but lately orange and green/yellow cuts move very slowly if at all and I sit with 40+ gems in my inventory. I just cut and vendorsell them to keep my inventory clean and keep the market moving ( if I stop buying ore then the ore market crashes in a few days... )

    So basicly it comes down to making enough of things that sell, the rest just vendorselling. I barely need to use transmutes for my rare gems because Im prospecting on a large scale that I get more than what I can get rid of.

    Vendorselling everything apart from the little you need gives less profit per stack, but overall more net profit and keeps the ore market higher.

  14. If you have an enchanter, I would recommend not selling Greater Celestial Essences. You can create Enchant Chest - Mighty Stats (that's +15 stats) for only 2 LESSER Essences. They sell briskly for 100-160G on my server. You get 2 or 3 Greater Essences from each Carnelian Spikes you DE... that's 3 or 4 scrolls or roughly 300 to 600G total produced by only 3 Carnelians!

  15. Ya I dont think this will work on my server(Greymane)... right now Obsidium Ore is going 100g per stack. At this price, makes profits really tight.

  16. I read this again, and I can't help but think that you got Alicite and Hessonite confused, Mageshadow.

  17. Ah you're right stede, I'll fix that, Alicites go for 9-10g on my server not even sure what was thinking when I wrote this, I'll fix it

  18. I've been getting Alicite for under vendor every day, as many as two stacks. The problem is, I only make around 2-5g on average per ring DE'd out of Alicite so I've just been stockpiling them, wondering what to do with them. Hate to vendor them unless it's a last resort. I'm also forced to stockpile Jasper and Carnelian since I accrue them far faster than the enchanting mats sell. So, instead of making money, my money hovers around 30k while I collect tremendous stockpiles of Hypnotic Dust, Alicite, Carnelian, Jasper, and Hessonite.

    Shrug. It's still technically profit.

  19. I´ve been doing it for quite a while when the ore is low on my server.
    I keep 2 stacks of nightstone at hand for when its the daily, since i can push the price as high as 149g pr gem, with steady sales for a few hours until the undercutting gets too severe.

    Jaspers and zephyrites i usually keep 2 stacks up too, for when they are daily. Pricefixing isnt nearly as good on these but its still worth it to have some readily at hand.

    Rest of the Jaspers are made into rings for de, blue rings i can sell faily fast at 99 - 149g pr ring.
    Alicite are pretty low on my server. De´ing them is roughly breakeven, with a small profit, but the kicker are the blue items. These I sell with almost no competition at 299, so they make up for the otherwise low margin.
    Spikes are de´ed to great profit.
    I also use some of them for transmutes to keep my jewelcrafting business going on the infernos. I can pick them up raw for around 100g pr gem, and pricewise its roughly the same to make them with transmute, but with a transmute spec you have the added bonus of the procs. On average i get 2 procs pr 20 transmutes, so might as well save myself the 10 % of the raw gems, since im swimming in gems anyway :-)

    Just yesterday i picked up 119 stacks at 73g pr stack (average is 80-90g on my server)
    Since cata launched i spent 55k on a vial of the sands, spend 100k+ on gifts and levelling professions for guildies, friends and myself, and still managed to go up 100k+ in cash, and this abovementioned procedure is BY FAR the biggest contributor.

    Tnx for the tips in the comments, I´ll definitely have a look at the Enchant Chest - Mighty Stats and the Shadowspirits

  20. I bought 300 stacks of ore for 55 - 60 per stack depending on the seller last night. The price per stack of ore is dropping real fast. I make caranline spikes as mageshadow mentioned in his post and all other enchanting de able items. He also mentioned about the transmutes which is a great way to make gold, specially if you are ina big pve or pvp server like i m (Cho'gall). Profits per red 40 strenth 40 intel cuts are huge. i soild 20 for 125g per. Blue tanking gem cuts also brings in good profit. Purple gems for frost dks are selling very well (20 strenth + 20 hit) specially now that many dks went frost. Healing meta, dps castor meta and mele meta are the best sellers in our server. I went from 200 k to 180k in 2 hrs because of all the ores i have bought, but i m certain that with the enchanting mats and selling enchants i can bring this up. So far, jasper is the cheapest gem which still gives enchanting mats. Profits are to be made everywhere.

    Thnaks to mageshadow and Marcko for making this website so helpfull. I personally rate this site as the #1 site. Cheers all

  21. I have not been fortunate enough to be able to afford cat just yet so I am stuck at 80th level on my toons but did discover through a gamble of buying a few stacks of the new ores to flip, took a shot with my JC to see if I could prospect any of the new ores without having the expansion or additional training and found out I could prospect Obsidium ore.
    I have been selling the green gems like crazy the blue gems are not that high in value on my server.

    Currently I am getting ore at around 60 a stack and making about 200-300 percent profit on them, I know my luck will not hold out long on this but I am milking it for everything it is worth for the time being.

  22. I've had a lot of trouble with gem liquidity- I seem to get craploads, and in spite of deing some, i end up with way more than i can sell- have about 30 stacks of assorted colors atm (not red). Any tips?

  23. I had a similar strategy to this but sometimes I'd grab a few of the uncommon gems and turn into metas on my transmute specced alchemist.

    The main reason I like to do this is to have different markets to explore. So when someone else comes into the AH putting 200 stacks of essences I don't have to buy them out, I can just make my money somewhere else.

  24. Finally got to where I could powerlevel my JC to attempt this strategy.

    Spent 3,750g on 47 stacks of ore. Set my threshold at 80g per stack. The list price of the 3 rare rings that procc'd plus the DE values of mats from the Jasper Rings and Carnelian Spikes covers my investment.

    Frankly, the Hypnotic Dust and GCE markets have been so competitive that I was afraid of losing out but I think I'm ok.

    With my investment covered, I now have 2 Emerald Topaz, 2 Inferno Ruby, 2 Ocean Sapphire, 3 Dream Emerald and a Demonseye PLUS 59 Hessonite, 48 Alicite, 35 Zephyrite and 50 Nightstone left over. Whatever I can get for these, cut or raw (haven't decided yet) will be pure profit.

    I'm estimating profits at 8k to 10k.

    If this holds up, this strategy will easily be the best gold earner for me to date, both in terms of pure gold earned and ROI. Even if I'm off by half its still a great opportunity.

  25. I recommend right now using some of the carnelians for transmuting them into Inferno Rubies if you have an alchemist because with the new patch demand for those will be going up so it's easier to make money. Also with the new meta gems being implemented with the new patch, it wouldn't be a bad idea to start using some of your gems to make shadowspirit diamonds.

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