Mining for gold in Molten Core

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I simply love Molten Core, this place is and has been one of the best places to make gold, from ingots to enchanting patterns, and even level 60 BOE gear, this place is a gold mine, you simply need a pick axe and you'll be mining your own gold!

Where do I start?
Firstly, Molten Core is a 40 man level 60 raid, it's easily soloable by most classes at 85, especially now that everyone has 100k+ HP. The instance is located inside of the Blackrock Caverns, and in order to get in without going through Blackrock Depths, you will need to be attuned. getting attuned is a process that takes 5 minutes if you follow this simple youtube video.

Why is this place a "gold mine"?
For one, this place has many items that fetch top dollar, ingots being one, 2 rare enchanting formulas, then we have rep items that drop constantly and also sell for decent amounts of gold. One drop of a rare item can score you anywhere from 2500-5000g, and the best part is, this place is cake to solo at 85, it was even cake to solo at 80, it's so much easier to do it now.

What are these rare drops?
For one, there is a boss inside of Molten Core that has a chance to drop a Sulfuron Ingot. This ingot is used to make the epic hammer, Sulfuron Hammer, which is used to craft the legendary mace, Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros. You can either sell the ingot raw, it fetches a price of anywhere from 1,000g to 2,500g, or you can turn the ingot in for the plans of the Sulfuron Hammer. I've sold the plans countless of times for 4,000g each, it's a really easy way to make gold.

Next, we have the two rare enchanting formulas, Enchant Weapon: Healing Power & Enchant Weapon: Spell Power. Both of these have a 1% chance to drop off the bosses, I've ran this place 7 times, and I've seen these enchants drop four times. I've sold them before at 4,500, 5,000, and 5,500g. It's easy gold if you manage to get one of these to drop, as tons of enchanters are willing to pay top dollar for these two enchants, they are the best BOA enchants available in game.

Then we have rare BOE patterns that also sell pretty good, I'll name a few patterns, they are, Schematic: Biznicks 247x128 Accurascope ( BOP - Sell the scopes ), Schematic: Core Marksman Rifle ( BOP Sell the Epic Rifle ), Plans: Elemental Sharpening Stone ( BOP - Sell the stones ), Pattern: Core Armor Kit ( BOP - Sell the Kits ), Pattern: Bottomless Bag ( BOE ), Pattern: Core Felcloth Bag ( BOE ), Recipe: Major Rejuvenation Potion ( BOE ) and last but not least, Schematic: Force Reactive Disk ( BOP - Sell the Epic Shield ).

Do keep in mind, some of those recipes are BOP, but several of them aren't. The patterns are BOP, but the items that are crafted are BOE, so for example, the Force Reactive Disk Shield will cost little to craft, and can be posted at the AH with zero competition whatsoever, allowing you to profit off it greatly.

Finally, you have the reputation items of the Thorium Brotherhood, they are Blood of the Mountain, Lava Core & Fiery Core. Any of these items can go for 50-250g at the AH, and they drop rather often, with the exception of the Blood of the Mountain.

If you're an enchanter, you can DE the BOP epics that drop from the bosses, they provide a good supply of Nexus Crystals, which can be turned into small prismatic shards through Nexus Transformation.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a pickaxe, and go mining for gold in Molten Core!

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  1. Might be wrong, but since Nexus Crystals usually run around 50s each on most servers I've seen, I'd rather just sell the epics than DE them. Especially the weapons.

  2. Hello
    Maybe I´m yust blind, but I don´t see a link to a video.
    Can you post the URL please?

    Greetings from Germany


  3. Great post Mageshadow!
    I would add that if those who find Enchant Weapon: Healing Power and/or Enchant Weapon: Spell Power should consider learning the recipes, since the enchantment itself tend to sell very well! Just check if you have too much "Scroll of Enchant Weapon : Healing/Spell Power" on the AH, and if you see they're few and selling at a good price, learn it yourself.
    Being an old-world enchantment you don't even need a maxed out enchanter, so those who are still new to the game and don't have lots of alts can make some profit from it!

    You probably wanted to say " it was even cake to solo at 80", not "85" ^_^

  4. The video isn't showing up

  5. I believe your assessment of the value of Molten Core as a gold resource is colored by end wotlk era sales. Thorium brotherhood faction is gained at a rate of 1000 rep PER quest in Searing Gorge now, making significant rep gains possible in the time it would take to clear MC solo just once. Also the drop rate on enchantment recipes has been increased to a very high percentage since patch 3.3 and the 1% wowhead data is skewed by pre patch input. The ingot, still exceptionally rare, is an excellent seller (in any form) being used for guild achievements. However, from a gold per hour perspective, just simple herbing still outpaces this as of early Jan 2011. I would agree that end wotlk era this was a good side business, but I'd have to give it a pass in Cata. Perhaps as side profit from something you were doing for the fun of it, but as a gold making strategy it seems past it's prime.

  6. I soloed the place several times and the ignots dropped like candy from a pinata but i sold them all to a vendor because i thought they were just junk..............i'm kicking myself right now.

  7. Don't forget about the Dark Iron Ore veins that spawn inside Molten Core.

    These are still valuable to crafters working on Thorium Brotherhood Rep for the patterns, especially the enchants.

  8. Fixed the video, sorry about that one.

  9. Great article...though I agree for the most part that some of the items have lost their value over the last two months, it really depends on the realm.

    I run the AH on multiple realms and while on most of the Nexus Crystals are very cheap and have a lot of competition, on some realms they go for a few gold each still. This may be due to the age of the realm as well.

    The enchants, Spell Power and Healing, are great. They can also be used to enchant Heirloom gear I believe so if you don't know it yet it may be more valuable to learn and sell the enchants on the AH. The enchantment goes for 100G+ on my main realm and sells often.

    I think its important to know that the concept should apply for not only the Molten Core raid but for any lower level instances. Most Herioc BC content can be soloed know as well at 85 and may be worth a little bit more than MC is.

  10. Can't get into MC after getting attuned. Keeps telling me "Normal difficulty is not avail. for MC" no matter what I set it to...

  11. Keep getting the "normal difficulty is not avail. for MC" message and it won't zone me in no matter what I set it to - tried heroic 10 and 25 man as well. Nothing. Am I supposed to find someone to group with?

  12. You need to be in a raid group to enter MC

  13. You're underselling Blood of the Mountain. It's very rare and it's needed in making Sulfuron Hammers. They sell for 750-1000g on both servers I play on.

  14. Never did Mc so if i even get gold doeing excelent thnajd for the tips ,and BTW this page is a god send all the tips for making gold are pricelesses thnaks :)

  15. Blood of the Mountain is worth 2000g on my server. They sell quickly at that price, so I'm sure you could charge more than that.

  16. I'm just wondering if this is now soloable by mages. With no self-healing ability, it is always a fight against the clock when you do oldschool bosses.

    I would only really solo MC with my mage to finish off the rep - items (that are unlikely to turn any form of profit on my realm) would just be a "bonus".

    Already have the spellpower enchant - may well be time to try selling the scrolls on the AH if I can ever get my hands on Golden Pearls. ;)

  17. ^^ It is soloable by mages, at least up to Domo. I run it as a frost mage. The trash in there is a joke, and most of the bosses dont hit hard enough to get through 2x Ice Barrier, etc... before death. Garr can be tough with the adds. Judicious use of IV, TW and MI is important. When I dont have time for everyone, I sleaze to Luci, Geh, Shaz and Golemagg (the snake bosses have 50g+ on them plus loots and Golemagg drops the ingot).

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