My Blogger Master Plan Has Failed

A Maniac Crazed with Power

When I first started blogging there really was no site out there that existed for the sole purpose of giving gold tips on a daily basis, every day, consistently and with great quality. It was sheer luck that I managed to fill this void and succeed in the first blogging expedition I had ever attempted. However, in my quest for power to become the number one blogger among gold blogs, as many goblins have documented in the past, I began using questionable strategies to boost my traffic and lower that of my non-existent competitors.

Doomed to Fail

It is for this reason that I blame myself when I look around these days and see dozens of wow gold sites popping up out of nowhere. Some of them have grown into really impressive communities, which again I blame myself for helping them to build these. Not to mention those damn blogging carnivals, those have turned unknown bloggers into renowned community members of the wow blogosphere sometimes overnight. Darn, my master plan was to suck those unknown blogs dry and steal their handful of subscribers for myself! Damn it, foiled again! And what's this, other blogs in the community are running their own carnivals or 'best of the month' conventions. Gah! Some even started their own podcasts, so Castaclysm was a failure as well it seems... What's next another gold forum? Ah shi...

In a last ditched effort to stifle bloggers everywhere I started accepting far more guest posts in order to steal more subscribers from those foolish enough to fall into my traps. But what's this... instead of stealing readers I ended up sharing my own with these blogs and making them grow even larger. "There must be some way... oh wait I know!", I thought, "I will start following these new bloggers on twitter and including them on my blog rolls. Then surely I will suck their memberships dry and increase the JMTC subscriber count to new records!" Alas, just as before I failed again at utilitarian, global dominance of the wow gold blogosphere.

After so many defeats and poorly constructed attempts at stifling my competition, I have come to the realization and admited to myself that my master plan has failed. For this reason I have withdrawn from the wow blogging community and instead of leaving behind an empty trail of wordpress and blogger wastelands, I leave you all with a rich community of budding bloggers and a pseudo think tank in the forum, social media and blog here. I even left you with a natural leader in Mageshadow to keep this blog going while I focus on the gold guide and my other blogs. What's more, I have helped to establish bloggers who think of their blogs as a business in order to improve both the quality of their sites and the longevity of their existance.

My master plan has failed, to your benefit.

Some goblins thought I did these things for the "google juice" but they will never know the real methods I used to boost my traffic on this site... unless of course they read The Traffic Blogger...

Thank you all for these past two plus years. I will post from time to time, but as you might have noticed, the daily posts from Markco are at an end and have been for almost two months. Believe it or not, I actually have a heavy sadness creeping over me as I type this farewell post. It has been difficult to send writing ideas to Mageshadow instead of writing them myself, and it has been especially hard to stop looking at my life experiences and finding ways to share them with this audience. You were there when I dropped 60 pounds in 6 months, when I learned to write "should have" instead of "should of," when I foolishly entered flame wars with other bloggers and when I made dozens of both grave mistakes and great accomplishments alike. There were also experiences you shared with me, like the two couples who married that originally met on JMTC or the over two million players and counting who we helped become better players through this site's community. I think we can all agree that it was more fun than we expected it would be. What's more, you have proven to me that with hard work and intelligent business decisions a person can create a business out of nothing and be successful. I still have much to learn, but you have helped me greatly with your support and encouragement. Thank you all.

Regarding you all, I am especially proud of the bloggers I have helped out in this community. They have taken to their blogs like fat kids on wedding cakes and although it's messy, they are doing a great job. There is currently more information on making gold in wow than ever before and I am happy to see that the systems I've put in place to nurture this environment will not degrade easily. Make your communities great fellow bloggers! It's a far greater reward than the money you will naturally make from helping people in your own community.

It was a good run ladies and gentlemen. I can't think of anything funny or catchy to say at this moment because I am overwhelmed by the reality of the moment... I have to somehow stop writing as I slowly realize that this is it... this is the last post I will write as a main contributor to JMTC... and I have this irresistible urge to type "and" no matter what my grammar ends up being like by the end. I've been putting off writing this for months but the time has finally come.

All good things must come to an end. Enjoy cataclysm, enjoy making gold and most importantly, enjoy life with your friends and family in this world... of warcraft.

And now for a link to my favorite post of all time, something I will never forget and it wasn't even written on this blog. Bigjimm, I have always felt bad that I didn't do a good enough job promoting you on this blog so here you go and congratulations on your marriage. That post you wrote came at a time when I felt like throwing in the towel. Boy am I glad that I didn't.


Q: Will you continue to manage JMTC and assist Mageshadow in SEO, content creation and growing the wow blogopsphere?
A: Yes. Consider me the manager and Mageshadow the voice.

Q: What will you do next with JMTC?
A: I have big plans for being on the cutting edge for developing programs that help the readers here succeed in all aspects of wow. Next on the chopping block is a coaching program which will provide income for the coaches and great information for those who are coaching. It won't be limited to gold making so that all players will have the opportunity to coach as well as be coached. Expect this to be a grass roots, startup style program where anyone can join as a coach or coached player and the participants can actually earn money helping out each other. I'll be working on having this coded and ready for use hopefully by next week. Start thinking about what topics you would be interested in coaching or being coached. (PvE, PvP, Class specific, Server specific, Gold making, Addon Use, Profession Specific, Etc).

Q: Is Castaclysm dead?
A: Yes. Thunderer got his new day job but Jhaman has quit wow. If the show continues we will probably change it significantly.

Q: Will you continue to update and support the gold guide?
A: Yes, consider the guide my new wow writing outlet with updates 1-2 times per week or when lots of changes are happening to the game. This means more content for blog readers who also have the guide. I also have big plans for updating the design of the guide itself for easier navigation and nicer looking graphics. Expect new additions in the form of videos and walkthroughs from other gold gurus as well. An hour of footage is planned for the TSM guide alone.

Q: Are you still going to play wow?
A: Yup. Still pvp'ing about once every two weeks as well for my conquest points. Still playing fail prot much to the chagrin of my teammates.

Q: Will you remain a part of the community on social media sites and the forums?
A: Yes, time permitting of course.

Q: So I still get great content, you just aren't writing 90% of it any more?
A: Bingo. Some might even consider this a blessing lol. I'm moving towards a management role in all my online endeavors. Change is good though, I have a track record of creating great things through change and this role swap will be no different. Over time I have come to the realization that coaching bloggers to become great is where my true strength lies, and that's where I'm headed next with my online endeavors.

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30 comments: on "My Blogger Master Plan Has Failed"

  1. 'Thanks for all the Fish '

    But Cheers for helping me to get my blog off the ground and building up my reader base .

    Good post really enjoyed reading


  2. Well I must say Marko thank you for all your time energy and effort in creating such a great website and community which has taught me 75% of everything I know about making gold. Best of luck with you future.

  3. this.. fkn.. sucks.. =( damn you marcko.. whyyyy T.T

  4. Holly SH%&$ your leaving!!!! This Blog alone made me start caring about blogs, about even started my own ,thing i never imagine i could ever ever EVER !!!! do.I only have to say thank you for this blog and good luck whit your life is was really fun to read this the past 2 years.The internet is a funny thing ,you never know the person behind the screen, but you always have the felling he is a friend you know all your life ,take care "unknown" person best of luck out there.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.
  6. Thank you for everything Markco, thank you for all the gold and pvp tips! Best of luck to you!

  7. Hey there Markco,

    I don't comment here, but I want you to know that your blog was the first WoW blog I ever read, and 20k leveling was the first product I ever marketed.

    I read your blog post and it seems like you're a very lucky man who managed to make some money in doing what you love. It's rewarding to slave away and shape something out of a passion, but it's even more rewarding to get to that point to where you don't have to put *quite* as much effort into it.

    I think that in the long run you will find that taking a management role is more profitable in way of allowing you both more free time and more time to focus on your gold guide.

    In the end, you have a great product and not enough people know about it. It's time to put a bigger foot forward and show everyone that you're a serious competitor! Leaving the blogosphere doesn't change how much you have given and have the potential to give to the community. I think this will only lead to more success in your future.

    Thanks a lot for your contributions!

    -anonymous WoW player, blogger, and affiliate

  8. Markco,

    I first came to JMTC to up my gold making game cause I was sick of being broke, and doing fricking dailies everyday just to get a gem I wanted. What I came back with was just not gold, but knowledge on how to play this gold game.

    Then when you approached me, and asked to do a guest post on my blog way back when, some people just saw you as trying to make a buck, but I saw you for what you really were a person trying to build a community.

    Over the months I took part in the Blogging Carnivals, not really to my benefit, but to be a part of this wonderful Community you built.

    This is really bittersweet, cause I know you'll go on to bigger, and better things but bitter cause the community has taken a hit today.

    Take care my friend, and always keep in touch, and let me know if there's anything I can do for you.


  9. Well,i certainly didn't expect to be waking up to a post like this. In the last 6 months,I've made more gold than i ever did in my entire 4 years of playing WoW using strategies and i'm sad to see you go.I'll continue to read this blog every day,though.Mageshadow has been doing a fantastic job so far.Good luck with your future endeavors.

  10. Yikes! I was not expecting this. Thanks for the kudos and the link, Markco. And thanks for the Wedding congratulations. (Ms. Jimm sends her love.) I didn't think a comment could fit everything I wanted to say, so I wrote a post. Check it out:

    GL amigo. We'll miss you.


  11. You have a great community and a good deal going on here. Thanks to you and the great minds on your forum for helping me go from having 2k gold MAX to MAKING at least 2k a day.

  12. Thank you for all your time and effort markco, The Community you have built here is an amazing one.

    Best of luck with the role swap, you obviously enjoy what you do, so keep doing it, we'll still be here.


  13. I thought, you'll be the last guy to stop blogging on the topic.

    Thanks for everything for the great community, I still believe you are a business person to the core, But we traders got lots of hate mail anyway, don't we?

    The forum is the greatest artifact from JM2C, and then a tie on the blogging carnivals and the podcast.
    I understand there are always other RL concerns and opportunities than blogging alone. You already did (and will do) a great job on these area.

    We'll hope you'll have a even greater success on the next challenge.

    Thanks for everything, mate....

  14. Thanks Markco, as if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be banking gold on a daily basis, or I wouldn't have had the gusto to start my blog. You have been a great help in getting it going, and I appreciate it everyday! My comment was too long, so I posted a farewell on my page dedicated to you.

    Your Bud,

    ALTOs Gold"ish" Advice- The Worst WoW Blog Ever!

  15. So you don't have another blog somewhere in which you'll be posting more often, right? I don't want to be left out of your awesome posts!

  16. Thanks for everything over the years Markco. It was a good run!

  17. As someone who love(d) prot pvp and gold making I will really miss these posts of yours Marcko.

    I especially miss the podcasts, which you may think were a failure but they were without doubt the only ones I really looked forward to listening to about WoW.

    Thank you for all your time and effort invested and I wish you all the best in your future ventures.

  18. Thank you for everything you've done Markco! Before I took part in your Blogging carnivals and you included me in your 'blogs to look out for in Cataclysm' post, I was basically a blogger ghost, I posted lots, but no one was seeing it!

    You're awesome and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors!
    I will miss reading your posts here and miss listening to you on Castaclysm! It was one of my favorites so I hope you do start it up again someday!

    Miss Mediocre <3

  19. Justkiddingmate said... January 28, 2011 at 2:10 PM

    What about call to auction , will it continue ? I find it a fun and entertaining show to listen to and sometimes usefull and crazy strategies.

  20. Sad to see you go but i think our new Trade Prince Mageshadow will continue doing great!

    till next time !

    xoxo anaalius

  21. I just wanted to say thank you for your contribution to the WOW gold-making blogosphere and for supporting other new and upcoming bloggers in the communtiy.

    Best of luck in all your future endeavors:)

  22. I feel like I've been a newbie here, only starting to read about making gold in WoW last November, but I would have been much more active had I known how short a time I'd have with the master at my beckon call! Thank you so much, Marcko, and may Mageshadow continue to do a fine job upholding your amazing website and community. I did not realize you were a part of Castaclysm, so I shall pull up the archives and bring myself up to date! I would be really sad if Call to Auction was through, and have been jonesing for it for a month now! Please keep the guide updated, I don't check it nearly as often as I ought, and please keep rocking that prot war!

  23. Thank you for all the Hard work you have put into the blogging community over the years Marko and Thanks for being the inspiration for me to start making decent coin on the AH. Best of luck in all you do from now on.

  24. And by golly, I was determined to spell your name correctly this time, and I've still failed!

  25. This is the real measure of success, not money or fame, but rather the comments and emails when it's time to move on.

    Thank you all very much and yes a call to auction is being recorded Sunday or Monday!

  26. Damn. I've really enjoyed listening to your podcasts, Markco. I hope you guys can come back to Castaclysm someday. Glad Call To auction will keep the sexy voiced Markco.


  27. Sorry to see you go. You've been a great influence on the community and definitely not a failure. Best of luck in all of your future endeavors.

  28. Love the sarcasm in this post (it was sarcasm right?). You've always been pretty open that you wanted to create a place for people that wanted to make gold while at the same time trying to sell your gold guide. I think you chose the right path as I'm sure you've sold many more of them due to your credibility. Giving 100% to anything over a two year period so it is a good time to move on. Thanks for everything you have created. I'd be surprised if there was a single person at the gold cap didn't use at least one of your tips. Your legacy will live on for a long time.

  29. You'll always be the king of goblins to me :P

  30. Take care, Markco. When I first stumbled upon your blog I had ideas on how to make gold but no actual direction. Reading your tips each day helped others and myself to find our footing onto the right path. Thank you for guiding us with your clever insights into gold-making.

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