New Cataclysm Engineering Market

There is a new Cataclysm Engineer Market, do you know what it is? Any idea? Cogwheels.

You read right, cogwheels. I got this idea from the ventrilo meeting that I held last friday night, we were throwing ideas out on how to make gold, and one user ( I wish I could remember who ) threw this idea out:

  1. Buy Obsidium Ore/Bars off the AH
  2. Turn them the Bars into as many Handful of Obsidium Bolts as possible
  3. Head to Twilight Highlands and turn the bolts in for Cogwheels. 

There are a total of three cogwheels that can be bought by using this method, there are more than 3 cogwheels in game, but they require harder to obtain/craft materials and some of them aren't really worth it. The three cogwheels that you can obtain by buying them with obsidium bolts are:

  • Quick Cogwheel - +208 Haste
  • Smooth Cogwheel - +208 Crit
  • Subtle Cogwheel - +208 Dodge

Using this method you're turning 20-40g into something that Frank Natalecan be sold upwards of 400g. The great things about selling these cogwheels is that engineers don't only need one, they need two different cogwheels for their helm. This means you'll be selling the cogwheels in pairs instead of singles.

The vendor are located in Twilight Highlands, Frank Natale sells them for the alliance while Zim Bamzabble sells them for the horde.

Thank you very much to the user who brought this up during the last JMTC Ventrilo Meeting.

13 comments: on "New Cataclysm Engineering Market"

  1. But this cogwheels are materials you need to make a helm or are they like gems that you socked in the Armour ?

  2. They are like gems. Did someone already sold them on the AH?

  3. They go into the goggles like gems.

    I tried this with a crit cogwheel since I didn't look and realize they are unique so bought two. Tried to sell it on AH for a week with no luck. Like to see if any has had any luck.

  4. But can't they only be used by engineers? Which on my server is a super limited market.

  5. Or you can buy the cheap toolboxes people are making for skillups and trade those for the +hit cogwheel.

  6. I've been doing this since day one, and I sold more ealier than I do now. The cogs still move, but slowly and there is competition.

    The cogwheels on my server have come down to about 50% of there initial selling point.

  7. I don't get it.

    What is the point in crafting something only an engineer can craft and sell this to other engineers?

    It's like trying to sell leg armors for leatherworkers or bars for miners.

    I can only think of lazyness, but... Are people that lazy?

  8. @anon, yes, yes they are. Same concept on BOE vendor recipes/pets

  9. Thanks for the mention mageshadow I hope this tip helps ppl and to answer are ppl that lazy? Seems yes they are. I've been selling cogwheels for 200g+ and moving about 10-12 per week

  10. On my realm this idea has been used to death, and I was glad to sell the last couple of gems for 20g each a couple of weeks ago. They sell really slow on my realm, and too many thought of this.

  11. Now that we can easily admit that every engineer is 525 and that only the +208 haste may be useful for some class in raid (dont know about the dodge but crit is the crappiest stat for everybody), I don't think that it is a market which we can rely on to make huge profit...

    You can't invest a lot of money on it.

    I think the engineer pets were, are and will be the only market for ebgineers.

  12. Crit is actually pretty good for resto shaman.

    Cogs are done to death on my server as well. Greener pastures elsewhere, worked well for a while though.

  13. Checked wowhead, the gem is unique equip - i dont think u can equip 2

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