Patch 4.0.6 - Buying Items With Justice & Honor Points

Blizzard recently told us of one change that is currently on the PTR, and that is:

  • The Honor Commodities and Justice Commodities Vendors now sell raw tradeskill materials. These are not intended to be a cost-effective source of these materials, but an option for players with lots of Justice or Honor Points who have already purchased all of the gear that interests them.
What does this mean? Could it be a way for Blizzard to control the prices on some markets? What items will be able to be bought via Honor and Justice Points? Could it be volatiles? Could it be cloth? Could it be Leather? Chaos orbs? Rare Gems?

This could be a HUGE gold making Opportunity, if you're one of the firsts to sell whatever Blizzard has in mind, you could make thousands upon thousands on gold in an hour or even less. I personally have 3800 Justice Points just waiting to spend ( my mage is already decked out in gear ). I'm thinking Blizzard with add another Frozo The Renowned type of vendor, only this time the currency that is being traded are Justice Points and Honor Points. Either way this little addition to the game will heavily affect the prices of the items that you will be able to obtain.

This is one of the biggest and most interesting change since Cataclysm has hit. I wonder what type of items blizzard is going to allow you to buy with Honor & Justice Points, What are your thoughts?

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  1. I would take advantage of this too,but my main still needs gear from the JP vendors lol.

  2. I'm surprised they did it this early but i'm not surprised they did it at all, it was obviously going to happen eventually.

  3. I'm not surprised that this is put in so early simply because there's a cap on a currency that people generate as a byproduct of doing other things and frankly don't need. Once I purchase the JP helmet for my main, I have no further use for my justice points that I'll accumulate while getting other bits of gear in heroics. I'm not the only one in that boat.
    I'm just curious as to what's going to be on it. If I could offer a suggestion, please put chaos orbs on it, thank you.

  4. No real suprise it's happening to me, I'd of guessed in a alter patch though.

    As for what it sells I can see it being; Chaos Orbs, Pristine hides & maybe Truegold.

  5. My main has been completely done with heroics for almost two weeks now, and with nothing to spend my JPs on they've simply been going to waste when I do the dailies. Most of the people in my guild have moved on to leveling and gearing up alts in between raids.

    The biggest problem here is that the Justice Point cap is a "de-motivator" for people who have already purchased all of the JP gear they need, giving some sort of outlet for spending them on gold-making will be nice. Especially considering daily quests give a pathetic amount of gold right now. This will be a godsend for a lot of people.

  6. Was on the PTR trying to click the guy yesterday when I posted this on warcraft corner but hes not active yet.

    The big thing is "what" is he going to sell, that and also the line from blizzard that says

    "These are not intended to be a cost-effective source of these materials."

    I can see it being a badge sink so to speak where the mats are so overpriced that one cap of 4k buys you one item.

  7. Are they not also making so you can buy the current gear that is valor points only with JP ie, bringing another tier in?

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