Selling Enchanting Pets Cross Faction

Enchanting is in a rough place right now, some scrolls are selling below cost ( except for +15 stats, well at least for me ). There is one thing that enchanting has going for it right now, the new enchanting pet.

If you don't know already, enchanters can now make enchanting pets. You need a skill of 525 to craft this said pet. To Acquire the formula you need to be level 84 and have access to the Twilight Highlands, it also costs 20 hypnotic dust to get the formula. All of these requirements are very nice as it creates a market that is great to control & profit from.

There is one for each faction, I.E. The Alliance has a different version than the horde. The Alliance version is named, Magic Lamp and requires the following materials to craft:

The Horde version is named Enchanter Lantern and requires the following materials to craft:
 Now you might be thinking, one Maelstorm Crystal? Those are kind of expensive! Especially now after Blizzard nerfed the best way to obtaining them. So what's the deal? The thing is, these pets are faction unique, so you can make one and send it to the horde/alliance side and sell it for double or triple of it's normal price. I can currently craft one pet for roughly 2,950g ( Alliance version ) if I send this pet horde side, I'm sure I can sell it anywhere from 7,000-9,000g easily.

What are your thoughts on cross faction trading?

Sorry about not posting the TSM Guide today, the crafting section is still being worked on, thus I cannot make/post the guide, I will tomorrow morning for sure.

8 comments: on "Selling Enchanting Pets Cross Faction"

  1. Silly question - how do you sell the lamp and lantern? I ask because I've been doing this very thing, but no one is buying them on my server. I've recently had to drop the price down to 5k a piece (I have one on each AH), but they still aren't selling. Any suggestions? I try to advertise on trade that they are there when I'm online, and I've had them up for over a week now, so I'm getting a little frustrated.

  2. @lady2beetle

    I think the idea is to sell the lamp to the opposing faction via the neutral auction house, not to your own faction via trade.

    selling your lamp to the opposite faction improves the exclusivity of the pet since it can't be crafted by 'native' enchanters.

  3. Alliance version is "naked"? =)

    Freudian slip there or what?

  4. Whoops... finger slipped, fixed it, thank you & Sinshroud:)

  5. I want the Naked Version and I bet it would sell much better

  6. I have sold a few pets so far but unfortunately not at huge gains. I've been posting alliance pet on ah and vice versa but I've hit a stump where there not moving any more. Any suggestions?

    I thought of maybe posting them on the neutral ah instead of opposing factions ah. Not sure though.

  7. I play horde on my enchanter mage. I made an enchanter lantern and ported to Stonard to sell the lantern on the Neutral AH in Booty Bay. I'm the ONLY one selling the item. I put it up for 6k, but cant sell it in a week now. Any suggestions? Maybe I should sell in Tanaris auction? If they're not the same lol

  8. sold for 5k on maelstrom horde, after week and a half

    thnx for the tip

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