Selling Vanity Alchemy Items

There are multiple alchemy items that sell well when they're shown off. They range from elixirs that make you grow, to oils that turn you into stone and freeze you. These items are great to sell especially if you use them on yourself to attract other's attention to yourself.

I'm going to be listing the top three alchemy vanity items that not only are cheap to craft, but they also sell extremely well if advertised correctly.

Elixir of Giant Growth
This is the first of the three vanity items. This elixir is not trained, it is taught by a recipe. With the recent release of Cataclysm, Blizzard decided to buff the recipes drop rate for this, you can now find it for extremely cheap under 10g at most Auction Houses.

To craft one Elixir of Giant Growth, you will need 1 earthroot, and 1deviate fish and of course, one crystal vial. The material cost for creating one elixir is about 90 silver. I can sell these elixirs roughly at 10g per, sometimes more depending on the competition.

This elixir makes you a little bigger than what you normal, and that catches people's attention. By simply putting a small ad in trade chat you'll boost your sales substantially. The add I find that works well is:

" Want to become a little bigger? Try out [Elixir of Giant Growth] found at your nearest auction house! "

Deepstone Oil
This is the second of alchemy vanity items. This elixir is trained. You do need Cataclysm in order to craft this oil. What this oil do is freeze you in place, no matter what you're doing.

The great this about this oil is that you have a chance to craft 1-2 every time. To craft one Deepstone Oil you need one Albino Cavefish. These are a little hard to obtain, you can only fish them in Deepholm, you'd be better off buying them if you don't want to farm them. Currently one Albino Cavefish goes for 9g on my server, while one Deepstone Oil sells for 19g.

Another awesome thing about this oil is that it's needed to craft the Vial of Sands, which is the new Chopper of Cataclysm. You need 8 total.

I find that grabbing a rare mount ( such as the Vial of Sands Drake ) and pairing this oil up with the elixir of giant growth works extremely well. Sometimes I don't even advertise I simply sit still and people ask me... how are you frozen? What's that Oil? This Oil is such a great seller, I can barely keep them in stock at times.

Potion Of Illusion
I simply love this potion. It's a great eye catcher when used properly, pair it up once again with the Elixir of Giant Growth. This potion turn you into someone else, no matter what they look like. I've had a couple people use this while I was under the Sandstone Drake Transformation and it actually turns them into the dragon itself, except you can't fly in it ( /mountspecial works though ).

It works exceptionally well if you bark in trade, a simple ad such as:

" Want to be someone else for a little while? Wish you had the Sandstone Drake? [Potion of Illusion] Can help, found at your nearest Auction House! "

To craft one potion of illusion, three volatile life, and one Azsharas Veil are required. You also have the chance to craft 2 when you're simply trying to craft a single potion. I sell these potions at roughly 35g per, more when there is no competition.

This is only a small sample of the many vanity items that are crafted with alchemy, one that I was going to do on Ethereal Oil, & Pygmy Oil, but I decided not to. Do keep in mind that the more you advertise in trade, the higher your sales are going to be. I post an ad or two while I'm crafting, DE'ing, Prospecting & Milling.

5 comments: on "Selling Vanity Alchemy Items"

  1. Haven't tried the "use and advertise" route yet. The Albino Cavefish are wicked cheap, Oils sell for around 4g, and the Potion of Illusion and Giant Growth never seem to sell.

    Nice tips, well written post.
    Wish my server was more like yours.

  2. I too absolutely love the Potion of Illusion. It is one of my favorite alchemy potions to craft because it is so much fun listening to the reactions of other players who don't know about this potion or its effects. I recently wrote a post on my blog complete with several screenshots showing some of the various effects, including "copying" any other character in the game. Yes you can even copy a Horde player. That really freaks them out. LOL! If you'd like to see some screen shots and read more about the potion's many cool effects, check out my post and see how much fun using this potion can really be. I just wish its effects lasted longer than 2 minutes!

  3. Hey thanks for the post. I have been trying to get all the professions leveled up. I was actually working on Alchemy when this came across and I was getting into the 500's on it. I then saw the oil and illusion potions come across and decided to give them a try.

    I made about ten illusion potions and within a manner of moments the potions were sold for around $30 gold. I sold them in stacks of one.

    So I immediately went and made ten more and put them out there. I was the only one making them.

    I wont flood the market so I can keep the market up, but it was awesome tip...thanks

  4. Some of us don't have the time to advertise in trade and then deal with people face to face. But advertising is good to do while you are crafting. Perhaps pointing people in the right direction (the auction house) is enough to bolster interest and boost sales!

    I found that Pygmy Oil never sold and it was pretty useless for anything else. However, I like the idea of selling vanity items, and think there is a niche market if you can spare the time to delve into it alongside other gold-making ventures.

  5. I have the same success as pointed out in this post. A problem on my server however, is trade chat QQrs. I'll advertise in trade chat "Transform into a NE or Worgen! [Potion of Illusion} now on the AH!! Get them quick!"

    And then I get a string of:

    - Probably way over priced too
    - Yeah, it's way overpriced
    - etc

    So alchemists aren't allowed to make money? Ugh. Trade Chat trolls piss me off - but I still make money.

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