Sorry Auction House Junkies

Hey guys and girls, I know I said I wouldn't be a major contributor for JMTC anymore, but I just couldn't help myself with another post! I'll make myself more scarce in the future though for those haters of my style haha. Thank you to all the commenters on my farewell post, I appreciate them greatly.

Ok, so I have to first off apologize to Cold from Cold's Gold Factory and Wes from Capped by Cata. I'm about to overwhelm their awesome podcast which they've worked so hard on to put together. They are going to get more fan mail, more comments and more listeners than they know what to deal with.

Sometimes I feel like I am standing over a cannon with a lit fuse and it's just a matter of deciding who to aim at with regards to directing this audience towards a worthwhile website or resource. Especially when that link deals with a free auction house resource. I love this job haha.

Here I go, I'm taking aim at...

KABOOM! Go now, you 10,000+ readers, and listen to the episodes they have out so far, what you'll find is a surprisingly refreshing and happy-go-lucky look at the auction house. To me, this is kind of like a combination of Castaclysm and Call to Auction: A silly, fun, informative time focused on making gold and geared towards your average player. What I love most about the podcast is the seriously useful information, and the flow is just right. They aren't bouncing around from topic to topic, but rather they stay focused on particular subjects each episode and sometimes they come up with ingenious new ways to sell the same old stuff. For example, I love Cold's method of buying the 5k gold mysterious fortune cards for 5.5k from winners so they have even more incentive to buy his cards.

If you want even more listeners, Cold and Wes, more than I'm sending anyway, message wow insider and get them to feature you on their weekly podcast roundup.

For the comments, what do you think of their episodes so far? Don't forget to give them feedback as well at their podcast's homepage or on the episodes themselves. For a feed of this podcast, go here.

5 comments: on "Sorry Auction House Junkies"

  1. Thanks for opening my eyes to this wonderful podcast.

  2. Is it just me... or does there Itunes feed not work? I try to download there Podcasts and it states they are 8Kb files and finish in seconds :(

  3. It worked purfectly for me. I'm on a Macbook pro, so not sure if that makes a different, but I was able to download and play both episodes they have on their.

    Btw, I would like to say, it is a very informative and entertaining podcast if you are in the AH/gold making business.

    If you enjoyed Call to Auction podcast like I did, then you will like this podcast.

    2 Thumbs up!

  4. Awesome podcast. 8 episodes so far and tons of awesome information. Especially if you're stuck and work and need a wow fix and some good ideas on how to make some gold.

  5. I prefer Power Word: Gold, organised and casual.

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