Teamspeak Meeting Recap & Recording 1/21/11

Last nights meeting was awesome. I did record the meeting last night for those who couldn't attend it, You can either listen to it via stream from 4shared stream, or you can download the .mp3 here at this link. I'm sorry about the quality, there we roughly 85 people in the server, and sometimes we had to take turns talking. Also there were a few times were I or other users tried to talk but they couldn't because it bugged out. I'll admit, I was a bit nervous at the start ( you can tell ) but it was quite nice once it got started.

I had loads of fun, thought Teamspeak is a little buggy ( I didn't get to say goodbye/end the meeting because my mic wasn't working at the end ). I will be hosting these meetings every Friday night. I will try to change up the times sometimes it will run late night ( 10-11PM EST ), while other times it will be the standard 7-8PM EST. I'm running a couple late night meetings so the people on the west coast can join in as well.

I will be starting a podcast with this, I will submit this to Itunes and Zune, it will be updated weekly. I think this can become a great resource to have in general. 

Any who, I hope you guys enjoy it, I recorded roughly 2 1/2 hours of the meeting, there is some great info in there, so check it out!

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  1. Because TeamSpeak is still in a BETA stage it's all about setting it up properly (hopefully a RC will have proper defaults). Go through the settings and turn some things on or off and it will be as good as bug-free. The most important thing to turn off is notifications when you're in a rather large channel. You can do that by going to the options (ALT+P), notifications tab and selecting the "sounds deactivated" sound pack at the left top.

  2. Erm can not dl .mp3 :(

  3. Arrrghh.. seems 4share has a traffic limit.

    I'll buy premium when I get the chance, for now I am uploading another copy of the meeting

  4. I would like to comment on the obsidium ore shuffle discussion, where its said you will profit it its 54g or lower per stack, just by selling to vendor. I object to this, and I claim its 53g the limit is, and that is if you sell all your cut greens and blues to vendor. I used 9g per green gem, and 3g 75s per blue gem as numbers in the formula below, and found out that you will break even as long as the Obsidium Ore prices is 2g 65s per ore, or 53g per stack.

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    I dont know if its ok to link here, but if it is, I have written a little post about it here;

  5. Glad it finally got recorded. I work friday nights with no internet access. Looking forward to it being sent to itunes for easier dl.

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